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Getting Diet Help?

9/11/2006 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The endless speculation over Nicole Richie's conspicuous lack of weight continues unabated. But if the photographic evidence is any indication, the "Simple Life"-er is, as she told the world last week, trying to do something about it, as she visited a clinic whose founding doctor specializes in dietary health.

Richie was spotted walking into the DeOrio Wellness Medical Center in Santa Monica on Friday, hoisting a massive white bag to her face to shield herself. The holistically-focused DeOrio clinic bills itself as a facility that helps patients "renew and unleash the inherent vitality found in each person and ... achieve the proper balance of mind, body, and spirit." Given this rather broad portfolio, Richie could've had an appointment for just about anything, and DeOrio staff were not available to confirm Richie's visit or the reason for it.

However, clinic founder Keith DeOrio, MD, is the author of 2000's "The New Millennium Diet Revolution," a book that suggests a variety of strategies to achieve better dietary health, including drinking a half-gallon of fruit juice every day. Another Los Angeles doctor tells TMZ that DeOrio is known for his expertise in helping patients with weight issues, whether on the over or under side of the equation.


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She hangs out with Mischa Barton, remember? It's coke, people! Hard to gain weight when you've got a drug problem.

2966 days ago


Nicole ... get the help you need, sweetie. You are a beautiful person. I have teenagers who are obsessed with their bodies and the pressure to "be thin" is a problem with several people ... not just you. People notice you because you are in the limelight. Don't worry about the haters ... they will always be here. God Bless you ... and Good Luck.

2965 days ago


Victoria, are you Nicole's personal physician? Put down the National Enquirer and Star Magazine! Is any one on this blog intimate with Nicole and her family? Unless you're a fly on her walls at night ... you have no idea what you're talking about.

2965 days ago


Why hasn't her father or mother (biological or adopted) actually stepped in here and put her in hospital? She is a textbook case of anorexia, and is going to die pretty quickly at this rate. Do something, someone! Now! Before more impressionable teenagers look at Nicole and think this body image is ok to emulate.

2965 days ago


i'll admit im glad nicole is getting help. i hope the best for her. even though im more of a paris fan. b/c paris is prettier and healthier. i still think nicole is cool and i hope she gets some help.

2965 days ago


Yes, Nicole Ritchie is back snorting coke.

2965 days ago


She looks like my 80 year old grandmother in that picture. Holy crap! Totally not hot.

2965 days ago


Thank you #19 Holly, there's one less idiot in the world.

2965 days ago


She looks like Monty Burns nowadays - eww.

2965 days ago


Gastric bypass surgery will leave a scar on Nicole Ritchie's body, the girl is snorting coke!

2965 days ago


Why is it that you have to be so thin in Hollywood!!!!
Wake up America!!!! We are the most Obese country in the world it really sickens me when rich girls wont eat just give all your money away to the hungry then.

Because I know I am going to eat very well if I had thier money!!!!

2965 days ago


someone force feed that bitch a sammich.

life must be hard when you're only rich due to your adopted father and have absolutely nothing to contribute to the world whatsoever. certain celebrities should die for the simple sake of the horrible role they're playing in our society. as if we need to screw our children up anymore than they already are.

2965 days ago

Sara Rummell    

I know when she starred in the first Simple Life I thought "Well, she definately doesn't look like Paris, she's a LITTLE chubby", then the second season "Okay, she saw herself on t.v. and realized she was a LITTLE chubby, the third season "Whoa, slow down girl", and by the fourth "Dear god lady, what is wrong with your body?!" I think she probably got compared to Paris alot, and while I don't like defending stupid crap celebrities do, that's probably hard to deal with. She did the usual smoke-more-than-you-eat diet, when she did eat it was more than likely some health-guru diet that calls for only ingesting a shitload of vitamins that you wash down with a gallon of prune juice to get them back out as soon as possible. Now her liver's probably on the fritz and she's seeking out all-natural ways of regrowing it so she doesn't have to be beg people to give her theirs. Then again maybe she did have gastric bypass. Maybe she does snort coke. Maybe she IS bulemic. Either way, her and her dad have said no way, and they won't go back on that. We won't know, because if she passes away suddenly the coroner will say it was nerves.

2965 days ago

duh...totally !    

she NEEDS to admit what is going on w/ her .... like someone else said...she almost looked chubby when we first came to know her from the Simple she is horribly thin...looks like walking DEATH...does not take a genious to think it's drugs or bulimia !

Her family and friends need to get her some help! She is dying right before their eyes!

2965 days ago


How much does someone have to pay another person to tell them to EAT A CHEESEBURGER!!

2965 days ago
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