Is It Really A Simple Life?

8/25/2006 5:15 AM PDT

Is It Really a Simple Life?

Will Paris and Nicole work together in the fifth season of "The Simple Life"?

Zoey, you can thank your heavenly E! Entertainment stars that another season of "The Simple Life" will be gracing our presence. But this season will prove more dramatic than last as Paris and Nicole (shown here from the earlier seasons on FOX) will not be filmed separately, like season four, forcing the two to work together.

The president and CEO of the E! Entertainment network says that while he can't predict if the ladies will have made up or not by then, he realizes that he needs to give the people "what they want." And what they want is a confrontation! For now, we'll have to wait and see. Filming hasn't begun for the latest season, but we'll let you know when it does.

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When will Charlize Theron come out with another one of her fantastic movies?

Joan, Charlize will be seen in the movie "The Ice at the Bottom of the World" in December of '07. After that, her next, and quite possibly most anticipated movie, will be the sequel to "The Italian Job" -- "The Brazilian Job" in which she teams up once more with Mark Wahlberg, Seth Green and Mos Def. In this flick, the team travels down to Rio de Janeiro for their next scam. Production has started for this film, however the Oscar winner has not yet started filming.

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What is going on with Jennifer Lopez?

Elena, JLo will star opposite Antonio Banderas in the onscreen thriller "Bordertown." This movie is based around an American journalist (Lopez) who travels to Mexico to investigate the murders of factory women throughout the country. While she finds herself gaining their trust, she also finds herself in a world of danger. Expect this out October 20 of this year.

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Did Alicia Silverstone retire?

No, no, no, Daniela -- Alicia Silverstone isn't through with her acting career, but is has been a little wobbly as of late. She was cast in "Pink Collar," a comedic pilot that was centered around the relationships between females in the workplace. The would-be series was looking to get picked up by ABC, however they chose to pass. "Stormbreaker," her latest film role, isn't off to a great start either -- it hasn't been received well in the U.K., which could cause some problems here in the U.S. for its October 6 release.

Hopefully a reasonable role will arise soon for our "Clueless" star.

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Did Heidi from "The Hills" get back together with her ex Jordan?

Sam, it seems as if Heidi knew what she was doing when she broke it off with Jordan Eubanks, because it seems as though they've remained separated from one another since. After nearly eight months together as one, Heidi Montag -- Lauren Conrad's "Hills" roommate -- decided to call the relationship quits. Recently, Lauren ended things with Jason Wahler after choosing summer love over a Paris internship.

Together, Heidi and Lauren seem to be managing their boy-less life perfectly well and with the help of each other. And that's what friends are for!

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