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Oprah & Gayle Heat Things Up

9/11/2006 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey nearly fainted from the Mississippi heat on a visit to her hometown last week.

With temperatures hovering near 90 degrees with 80 percent humidity, Oprah had to sit down and apply a cold compress to keep from passing out.

Oprah and her best gal pal, Gayle King, were in the talk show Queen's birthplace of Kosciusko to dedicate a state-of-art Boys & Girls Club, which Winfrey funded.

This is the most heated we've seen Ms. Oprah since the whole James Frey debacle back in January.


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Ok. Being from MS, first off, you do NOT wear long sleeves in August in Mississippi. You will roast and die. 2nd off, you should not wear black pants as that attracts the heat. Come on Oprah... get with the program. 90 something degrees here is cool. We were having a cool front.....

2929 days ago

get a life people    

damn no wonder look how she is dressed...i live in the south...she has to many clothes on for this heat

2929 days ago



2929 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Which one's the husband, which one the wife?

2929 days ago


Looks like Gail wants to Tail

Bend over HARPO.............There she blowwwwwwwwwwwsss

2929 days ago


OH, No you didn't

Looks like gail is saying this to Opi after she passed gas

brown nose .......again


2929 days ago


Oprah, give Gayle your hairstylist's phone number! Her hair is a hot, crispy mess ... ALWAYS! Get a style or buy a dayum wig.

2929 days ago


Steve ... where exactly is the trailer park you live in ... ?

2929 days ago


The middle America white folk ain't ready for a gay Oprah!

2929 days ago

stephen s    

Dear Gayle- Pleeeeeezzzzz, Pleeeeezzzzzzz GO Away. Go far, far away!

2929 days ago

My Beagle    

Re: Oprah and her friend, my gosh dont you all have better things to write than nasty things, I applaud Ohrah for her success, and she has good Friends. They stand by her, support her,even through all the nasty things that are said about them. Lets look at more important things in this world like the war, poverty, sexual abuse of children and stop speculating on sexual preferences of media stars, newscasters etc.

2920 days ago

J. McKimmy    

STOP PICKING ON OPRAH! I wouldn't have known what to wear in that MS God awful heat either. Nor would I want to have been there! I guess you don't remember all the wonderful wishes Oprah has made come true and her fight against child molesters! You're just jealous Rednecks and should be ashamed of yourself. Now slink back to your trailer park and watch something you MIGHT understand! Ashley McKimmy

2920 days ago


She's from there and doesn't know how hot it gets?! She's (allegedly) an intelligent women (even if she isn't from there) she should understand the type of weather there that time of year.
How sad, how pathetic...can't even pump gas...and she thinks she has the pulse of the people, america, women etc.....Oprah, I understand why you never pump gas...YOU ARE ALREADY FULL OF IT !!

2920 days ago

Cynthia Robinson    

It's amazing how American's can turn on you at the drop of a hat. Personally, I don't think Oprah is gay, but who cares. This is the same woman that has helped so many people, black, white, gays, etc. The same woman that you can't get in to her show without a waiting list and lets not mention her "favorite things show." Finally, the same woman that every writer would love to have their book endorsed by Oprah.

Personally, I think she is a Saint in many ways, all the power and money she's out there helping people around the world.

The bottom line is, this society is all about color and that she isa Black woman.

Oprah, keep on keeping on and if you and Gayle are the best of friends, God Bless.

2920 days ago


I do not think that Oprah is gay, Stedman, yes. All I know is that if the only thing people should worry about is if Oprah is gay or not, something is seriously wrong in this country. Think about impeaching Bush, he's the big worry.

2920 days ago
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