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Britney's Down-Low Delivery -- New Details

9/12/2006 3:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has reportedly given birth to her second child, a boy, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. While there hasn't been an official confirmation from her camp, numerous sources are offering up information as to how the happy occasion went down.
Britney's Down-Low delivery?
According to a source, Brit checked in to the hospital under an assumed name -- using the first name Pebbles -- last evening. The baby was delivered by Cesarean section at shortly after 2:00 a.m., weighed in at 6 lbs. 11 oz and was 19 inches long.

Our source indicates she deliberately led everyone to believe it was a girl but always knew she was having a boy.


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Land Shark    

Although I'm holding my official congrats until I see an official birth announcement from her publicist, I hope she's doing OK. And I wish she hadn't had her kids so close together, because it really takes the attention away from the 1st baby, who deserves the time to be his parents' only baby for a while.

2940 days ago

Sick of him    

yeah, this baby is wayyy better off . she made all the mistakes she could with Sean. Practice makes perfect.

Happy B-day!!!

Now, Brittney...please get in shape and get back in spotlight.

I miss youu

2940 days ago


she didnt give birth she had it removed. duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh her kids are satan j/k

2940 days ago


DO YOU think Brit will return to high school and finish 9th grade???? (It's not a joke; she didn't finish 9th grade.) Does she think her "career" is a substitute for an education? Anyway, she's just an old and haggard soft-porn has-been who's lost her figure and will never get it back again. Jump ahead three years: Brit divorced and remarried to another white/trailer trash good-in-the-sack guy. Brit posing in Playboy to try to jumpstart her dead career. Brit's kids being raised by nannies. Brit cutting a country western CD ("I'm getting back to my roots!") Brit recovering from a sitcom ("The show lets me be me!") canceled after 4 episodes. Brit divorcing trailer park trash guy #2. Brit hosting a charity telethon to "raise awareness" (and do anything to jumpstart a dead career.) Brit doing the talk show circuit to reveal why she entered a rehab institute for Overeaters Anon. Brit doing commercials for Jenny Craig. Brit starring in a remake of The Hindenberg; however, in this version, she's the blimp. Brit has another kid but doesn't remember who the father. ("Oh ya, now I remember him"). Brit hosting a talk show ("It let's me be me!") Brit receovering from a canceled talk show. Brit posing once again for Playboy ("It let's me be me!") Brit writing a children's book (She thought she was "writing" an adult book. Oops!) Brit finding religion and "atoning for her past." Brit cutting a gospel CD ("It let's me be me!") Brit hosting a religious talk show ("It let's..." - ah, you get the idea) Brit caught in scandel with a fundamentalist religious leader. ("But, but, he let me be me!") Brit hawking a screenplay that would star herself ("And, and..Madonna! Everyone says we're so alike!") Brit being a grandmother at 40. Brit getting a facelift at 40. ("My doctor let me be me!") Brit on a MTV "Where Are They Now? episode. Brit making a Thighmaster commercial. Brit in a supporting role on a Lifetime made-for-TV movie. Brit... (Like Elvis and Michael Jackson, they let you be you. Unfortunately. Jump ahead 20 years. Brit discovered working in a Texas Starbucks. (They let me be me at Starbucks!)

2940 days ago

The Las Vegas Wedding Chapel    

Britney's new baby born on 911? It sounds like the apocolypse! At the very least he'll know what to call to get ahold of child protection services.

2940 days ago


britney is so big she aint never gonna be little,she should posed nude little not huge as a cow

2940 days ago


Contgratulations, Britney & Kevin!

2940 days ago


well i hope this baby accomplishes what brit wants is kevins attention and less partying, or how many oooops will it take. come on brit save yourself and those poor babies. k fed is a white bobby brown

2940 days ago


Britney will lose weight just fine.

Why all the mean comments? Can't you all be happy for her?

Looking perfect all the time is not all that's important in life.

2940 days ago

not too young to know    

i can really care less what she does with her life, but i think it's really messed up to have kids if you don't have time to be responsible. and even though keeping up with her carreer must be hard i think that the everyday moms who work a full time plus over time and don't even make $2,000 a month should be the ones getting all the attention. After all if we make an honest mistake, social services would be hauling away our kids in one minute, but that doesn't seem to apply to moms with money. No offense britt, but if you wanna have kids then you should want to make time for them and for yourself.

2940 days ago


Why does everyone keep making these comments about how big Britney is? She's been pregnant for goodness sake! One right after the yea she's gonna be bigger duh! People get over it already...she can always lose the weight

2940 days ago

sweet pea    

Good for them! It's nobody's business and personally, I think Sean is a doll and I hope that this baby will turn out just as cute (I have no doubt that he will). My personal concern is that the media will really never leave her alone now and she will never have a chance to have a "normal" day with her children. People need to stop being so damn nosy and worry more about themselves then celebrities! Get a life!!!

2940 days ago


WWWWWould you people just stop!!!! JUST STOP!!! BRITNEY can't help it if her parents were brother and sister Like I mean you're so, so.... It's not her fault that she was born in the South, so stop blaming her for being uneducated. It's so unfair. Just give her a CHANCE!!!! Before she's knocked up again she'll be advising the President on his Southeast Asian economic plans based on supply-sided post-Milton Friedman theory. C'mon everyone. Just leave her alone. She's probably not had any so she just can't think, ah...straight, ya, think straight. Just give her some time and she'll be presenting a paper on post-Kennedy military- complex warnings and their effects upon present-day Mideast American economic redevelopment.

You guys are like, so mean It's not fair, like c'mon. Brit I've always admired you and luv you and Kev, so you just keep going and you'll be 165lbs. in no time.

2940 days ago


JUST STOP... YOU GUYS!!!!! C'MON. IT's NOT FAIR!!! How would you feel if you just had a baby and it wasn't even the same race as your husband. Huh? SO, JUST STOP IT ALRIGHT!!!!

2940 days ago


LIKE, UH... ALRIGHT!!! JUST STOP IT. LIKE DO YOU DO ANYTHING? HUH? just becuz you's so unhapy that youz gotta pik on sumone bigger than U is so mean SO JUST STOP

2940 days ago
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