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Anna Nicole To Hire Private Pathologist

9/15/2006 12:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole to hire a private pathologistNASSAU, Bahamas (AP) -- Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer has been authorized to bring in a private pathologist to perform a second autopsy on her son, the head coroner in the Bahamas said Friday.

The reality TV star and former Playboy playmate found her 20-year-old son Daniel Wayne Smith unresponsive Sept. 10 in her hospital room, three days after she gave birth to a daughter. She called for help but doctors were unable to revive him.

The Bahamas coroner's office has termed Daniel Smith's death to be "suspicious." The term, however, meant the cause was not
immediately apparent and did not necessarily imply foul play, head coroner Linda Virgill said Thursday.

The family's pathologist will arrive from the United States on Saturday and will perform the autopsy on Sunday, Virgill said. She said Smith's family requested it but did not specify which of her relatives did so. "It is nothing unusual for families to want their own pathologist to confirm or look for something that may have been overlooked" in the autopsy by the coroner's office, Virgill said. The results of the official autopsy, which was done Tuesday, have not been released. Virgill said a toxicology test would be completed next week.

A jury inquest, which could lead to the filing of criminal charges, is scheduled to begin Oct. 23. Witnesses including Smith, hospital staff and others who saw her son the night of his death were expected to be summoned. Police who were called to the Nassau hospital did not find anything in Smith's room to suggest a crime had been committed or evidence of drugs, authorities said.

Smith supports the decision to launch an inquest, according to her Bahamian attorney, Michael Scott. "She fully wants this process to take place and she wishes the public to not jump to conclusions and to wait for the conclusion of the proceedings," Scott said Thursday.

Smith, who went to the Bahamas during her pregnancy to avoid media scrutiny, was unable to grant interviews, Scott said. "She's resting. She's obviously devastated," he said. "It's going to take a long time to heal. She's in seclusion and she wants
some privacy."

Police believe Daniel Smith arrived in the Bahamas on Sept. 9 and went directly to Doctors Hospital, a private facility in a stretch of downtown Nassau lined with small office buildings. He spent the night in a room with his mother and one of her attorneys, Howard K. Stern, and was seen tending to his mother and newborn half-sister.

On the morning of Sept. 10, the 38-year-old TV star noticed her son had stopped breathing and called for help, Scott has said. Hospital staff unsuccessfully tried CPR and other measures to revive him.

When police arrived, the body was on one of two beds in a room packed with doctors, other hospital staff, Anna Nicole Smith and
Stern, said Reginald Ferguson, assistant commissioner for the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Daniel Smith was the son of Anna Nicole and Bill Smith, who married in 1985 and divorced two years later. The son had small
roles in her movies "Skyscraper" and "To the Limit." He also appeared several times on the E! reality series "The Anna Nicole

The identity of the father of Smith's daughter has not been released. Anna Nicole Smith married Texas oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II in 1994, when she was 26 and he was 89. He died the following year. She then feuded with Marshall's son, Pierce Marshall, over her
entitlement to the tycoon's estate before Pierce Marshall died in June at age 67.

An initial judgment of $474 million in her favor was eventually reduced to nothing, although in May the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Smith could continue to pursue her claim in federal courts in California, despite a Texas state court ruling that Marshall's youngest son was the sole heir.

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God Bless Anna and her family.

2929 days ago

the wife    

Hopefully this can bring her some closure of sorts...I think the worst thing would be not knowing what your kid died of...Hopefully she won't have to torture herself over the matter and they can give her a definite answer.....

2929 days ago


Has anyone thought about where her new baby is and if SHE is being taken care of while her mother is an emotional wreck? Nothing at all has been said about the precious new life that is in the hands of someone obviously so emotionally unstable.

2929 days ago


It took coroner's eight months to figure out how my mom died so hopefully they can expedite the process for Anna Nicole. Also, no one has mentioned her daughter here?
Who is taking care of this child? Does she have a name? Anna needs to focus on the needs of her youngest child and let the authorities take care of the rest.

2929 days ago


"The family's pathologist "?
Do they keep one on retainer?

2929 days ago

Charisma Rules    

I seriously hope the autopsy does NOT show the cause of death to be an overdose of antidepressants or other legal or illegal drugs combined with alcohol, but considering he has grown up with an emotionally unstable, drug-abusing, alcohol-abusing mother in an environment that showed him that as a normal way-of-life, it would not be too surprising.

I agree with Missy's comments and concerns about the welfare of the newborn baby girl, under the care of such an unstable mother.

2929 days ago

Miss Jenny    

I am concerned about her new baby also. I hope someone is able to tend to her right now. I feel so terrible for Anna, she does not deserve this. I don't think she has too many close friends, since we always see her with Howard and Daniel. Her and her son have been through a lot together and this will leave permanent damage. She may not be capable of fully recovering from this. I hope she gets her answers soon so she can focus on her new little girl.

2929 days ago


Give us a break, Missy, #3. The baby probably has a nanny.... probably more than one nanny. And other news reports have mentioned that there are family and friends there.

2929 days ago


'missy' how could you so cold hearted? emotional wreck? so emotionally unstable? what the hell is wrong with you? She found HER SON dead, let her grieve, for gods sake

2929 days ago


OK I've been afraid to say anything since everyone is so passionate on this subject. But I've been worrying about that baby since day 1. This is a huge upheaval in this poor little girl’s life at a time when consistency is very important for her to feel safe and bonded. Any new mom will tell you how important those first few month are between a mother and child. I certainly hope they don’t keep her to “sedated”, as hard as this might be, she needs to snap out of it and realize a very important part of her life, a small child that depends on her, is not gone. I hope she can find the strength.

Cleo 8 months and waiting.....................

2929 days ago


Well little Missy, with all that has happened to Anna, do you really think no one is taking care of her newborn. Do you think Ana is up and breastfeeding and saying well I'll just deal with his death later. Obviously you have never lost anyone because you called her an emotional wreck. Her heart is broken. Her emotional state right now needs to be guarded as well. I'm sure one part of her wants to die also but she can't just lay down and die, she has another life that God gave to her to love. Please everyone just pray for Ana and everyone around her.
I 'm sure Ana has a nanny right now or someone professional to help her. Hopefully she will reach out and not isolate herself because of her grief. Hurtful comments that I have read from other articles do not help her. Personaly, I'am worried about Ana. Someone needs to be around her 24/7 right now. If she read some of the hurtful comments I have read, she might just give up. I hope not.

2929 days ago


Ok here's the "scoop" I am a friend of Kimmy (Anna's assistant) and she told me that Howard IS the father of the new baby and the baby girls name is Hannah Stern. Anna is sedated and keeps asking for Daniel, she said, "it is so sad" and Anna hasn't touched Hannah since Daniel died and thank God Howard is there to take care of her (the baby, not Anna) He is blaming Anna for all that has happened and will come forward soon with his own story. He talked to Larry King and they are working it out.

2929 days ago


I cant beleive how nasty some people can be....this woman woke up to find her son...dead...I am sure that if there was any problem with the baby....the media would eat it right up....Just because a new baby is born, it dosent mean another child should be less important...especially if he has just died...

2929 days ago


bullsh*t harry!! like we believe what you just posted lol!

2929 days ago


According to Celebrity Baby Blog, the newborn's name is Hannah. No other word though. And I'm sure she has someone to help her watch over the baby. Hopefully this won't cause any kind of emotional scarring on poor Hannah.

2929 days ago
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