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Anna Nicole's Son -- Fatal Drug Combo?

9/19/2006 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel and Anna Nicole SmithFor the first time, an official in the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son has gone on the record, stating that drugs may have killed Daniel Smith.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, a pathologist and former coroner who was hired by Anna Nicole and signed Daniel's death certificate, tells TMZ, "It could be a drug-related death of an accidental nature."

An official connected with the investigation, who wished to remain anonymous, told TMZ that the drugs in question "were prescription, not illegal." The source added that Daniel had "a combination" of anti-depressants and other prescriptions in his system.

"It could be a drug-related death of an accidental nature."

Dr. Wecht, however, bitterly disagrees with the Coroner of the Bahamas who claims the cause of death has been established to a certainty.

Dr. Wecht says he and another pathologist, Dr. Golinda Raju, both have determined that Daniel's cause of death is unknown, pending the final toxicology report. In sharp contrast, Coroner Linda Virgill tells TMZ, "I stand firm that the cause of death is known."

Dr. Wecht went after Virgill, telling TMZ, "Do you want to believe the two pathologists or a non-physician. I don't know what she's talking about." He reiterated, "I'm telling you I don't know the cause of death. I don't know." Dr. Wecht, who was clearly upset over Virgill's comments, peppered his comments to TMZ with expletives.

Virgill would not reveal the specific cause of death, though she insists it was firmly established last week. She did, however, tell TMZ, "The toxicology report is very important here," buttressing Dr. Wecht's comments that Daniel's death may have been drug-related.


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He "bitterly" disagrees? Seriously, cut the drama down a notch!

2934 days ago


Whatever the cause of his death I don't believe the media or anyone else should be adding to Ms. Smith's ordeal. She just lost her beloved first born only a few days after having her second child. No matter the cause of the death it most certainly is devastating to her and her family. Unless and until a specific cause of death is determined speculations should be kept out of the media and the family's privacy at this troubling time should be respected.

God bless you and your family, Ms. Smith.

2934 days ago

The kid's on anti depressant pills and then he dies. Gee...SUCH a mystery.

2934 days ago


I don't know what's more amazng here. The story or the fact TMZ found a way to use "buttressing" in this article.

2934 days ago



2934 days ago


Maybe 'train wreck' anna will figure out a way to sell the coroners report just like she did her last photo's of her son!! You people begging for symapthy for her really need to find a clue and hold on tight. She will, and has, sold everything dear to her for a buck!!!

2934 days ago


So sorry for the entire Smith family especially for Anna Nicole & to her new baby for never getting the chance to know her big brother. It's nothing but a terrible shame & I hope he rests in peace.

2934 days ago


Anna, my heart goes out to you. I lost my son in 97 from a freak accident and I know what you're going through and how you feel. God Bless you!

2934 days ago



2934 days ago


What goes around, comes around. She was a bad person to begin with. She married that little old man that could have been her grandfather and left him at the alter to party. She had her own money from Playboy and that as not enough, she had to take his family fortune that belonged to his children. She shoudl have been the one to be taken away not her son.

2934 days ago


I wish that this Country we live in was something I could still be proud of. How sick is our society when we publisize and exploit the death of a 20 year old young man for entertainment?? The truth that everyone needs to realize is that this is none of anyone's business. A mother has lost her child no matter what the circumstances are that surround his death, and a sweet and innocent baby girl will never know the joy of playing with her big brother. This is tragic enough without the media.....Please give this mother some respect and leave her to grieve in peace without feeling she need's to defend the way her child died. As for Anna Nicole, from one mother to another I just want to send out my most sincere condolences to her and her newborn, I wish them all the health and love in the world.

2934 days ago


Drug addicts (even ex drug addicts) should never be “sedated”, unless they are having major surgery. I hope the father of her baby shows up to rescue the little girl. She needs to be away from this turmoil and in a stable environment. Anna will never know with all the drugs she on, again. She may have forgotten her baby already. Memory loss is common with addicts.

2934 days ago

M Turner    

No matter what you think of Smith, her son will not have the opportunity to make the same choices good or bad. He did not deserve to die and no person deserves to lose a child. Shame on those people who are heartless enough to suggest such.

2934 days ago


Beautiful sentiment #12

Maybe you could send it to Anna and she'll explain why she SOLD the PICS of her son to the TABLOIDS for $500K if she so badly wants solitude in these trying times??? I feel sorry for the kid, but nothing for her...

2934 days ago

Wanda Michelle    

Wow sosad, i hope people that you run across in life show you much more compassion than what I believe you feel and if you ever lose a child, I hope you are never judged. Peace!

2934 days ago
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