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Anna Nicole's Son -- Fatal Drug Combo?

9/19/2006 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel and Anna Nicole SmithFor the first time, an official in the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son has gone on the record, stating that drugs may have killed Daniel Smith.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, a pathologist and former coroner who was hired by Anna Nicole and signed Daniel's death certificate, tells TMZ, "It could be a drug-related death of an accidental nature."

An official connected with the investigation, who wished to remain anonymous, told TMZ that the drugs in question "were prescription, not illegal." The source added that Daniel had "a combination" of anti-depressants and other prescriptions in his system.

"It could be a drug-related death of an accidental nature."

Dr. Wecht, however, bitterly disagrees with the Coroner of the Bahamas who claims the cause of death has been established to a certainty.

Dr. Wecht says he and another pathologist, Dr. Golinda Raju, both have determined that Daniel's cause of death is unknown, pending the final toxicology report. In sharp contrast, Coroner Linda Virgill tells TMZ, "I stand firm that the cause of death is known."

Dr. Wecht went after Virgill, telling TMZ, "Do you want to believe the two pathologists or a non-physician. I don't know what she's talking about." He reiterated, "I'm telling you I don't know the cause of death. I don't know." Dr. Wecht, who was clearly upset over Virgill's comments, peppered his comments to TMZ with expletives.

Virgill would not reveal the specific cause of death, though she insists it was firmly established last week. She did, however, tell TMZ, "The toxicology report is very important here," buttressing Dr. Wecht's comments that Daniel's death may have been drug-related.


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What a shame, a fine young man, not dealt the best life in the world, but regardless of what you think of the mother, she did love him as much as she capable of or knew how to. He was the parent, she was the child. And they took care of each other.

If it was a drug overdose, I am sure he did not do it on purpose. Half the people in this world are on some sort of anti-depressant, which does not say much for our society.

If he was on anti-depressants's, let us not forget, he just got out of his teen years. The kid had to quit high school because of his mother, a failed relationship he was in, probably the first love of his life.

I am just sorry Anna Nicole had to choose a pathologist, who was once well respected, but is now himself involved in a scandel.

I say give him the respect he deserves, hold a memorial for Daniel, and know that he is with his maker in a much better place. No more having to read embarassing things about your mother, no more putting up with her childish behavior, no more watching her walk around either drunk or high on drugs. No more living with a not to sure he's a lawyer, and a lesbian assistant.

Where Daniel is now, all things are beautiful and he will be taken care of for the first time in his life. Rest in Peace Daniel. You will be missed, but never forgotten.

And know that Daniel will be looking down making sure his new little sister is taken care of. He will see to that.

2923 days ago


The key word in this (and many other) ridiculous "news" article(s) is "may". He "may" have died from a drug combination. He also "may" have died from a poisonous spider bite or aliens "may" have come down from outer space and killed him. He also "may" have died from sleep apnia. There are a million "mays". All that the author of this article is doing is trying to "imply" shady, but unproven, causes. It's NOT NEWS. It's speculation. It's sensationalism and exploitation of a deceased boy for the sake of headlines. Knock it off, you bottom feeders.

2923 days ago

I Am The Real Bella    

Alrighty..My heart still goes out to Anna and her family. But could the media PUUULEEEEEAAAAZZZZZEEEEEE let this go till all the proper authorites know the outcome of this young mans death. Why the hell is the coroners and Dr.s commenting on this till the test are concluded and the inquest is over in Oct.? Let this woman grieve over the death of her son in some sort of privacy. In the past week between the press and news coverage everyone has jumped to conclusions. No matter what the outcome is let it run it's course WE ALL will find out soon enough. All this press speculation must be agonizing for Anna and her family and friends. This is just a sad, sad death no matter how you want to scrutinize it.

2923 days ago


First off, the media needs to get off the kick that anti-depressants had anything to do with this. If you have low seratonin, you can be prescribed an SSRI to help balance the problem...even if a Dr. just gives you the stuff and says "here take this", SSRI's do not kill, increased levels of seratonin would give you a headache, or make you feel more depressed at most. I smell a cover-up!!!!

2923 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Harry Sez: "A young person has been struck down in the prime of his life. Whatever his mother may, or may not have done really doesn't matter. He died and its sad: are we that heartless that we can not see beyond that?"

2923 days ago


I feel sorry for all of YOU letting Anna sucked you' all into her drama. She's a MEDIA WHORE folks and she sold her son image to make a buck!!

HOW, please tell me HOW can you continue to defend her after hearing this?? His own mother and YOU have shown absolutely no respect for Daniel, bless his soul. Shame on you Anna, this boy died and you "his mother" are making money from his death. This is lower than usually for Anna.

Tell me those of you that have lost a child. Did you sale a picture of the child to that local news papers? Did you make them bid for it? You didn’t? Then you shouldn’t pretend to related to this low life hooker.

2923 days ago


This is directed to #16's post.

1) Personal accounts that I have seen on Larry King Live indicate that, contrary to your bystander conclusion, that Anna was "very much" the parent and Daniel was "very much" the child. According to her one of her former reps, Daniel had "great respect" for his mother in a time when children rarely respect their parents.

2) You have no personal experience or knowledge to draw on to determine what kind of relationship Anna and Daniel had. How do you even know if her public persona or television image is an "act" or reality. She seemed extremely "together" and articulate during her testimony in the court case against Pierce Marshall. Anna is a model and an actress. She can be whatever she - or everyone else - wants her to be. I find it hard to believe that one second (not in court) she is flaky and the next minute (in court), she's completely artculate and sober. Much like Marilyn, she is very smart and yet knows what keeps her (for her career) in the public eye.

3) Can you direct me to your source that states that Daniel quit school because of Anna? As a matter of fact, it's my understanding that Daniel recently moved out of his home to venture into his own independence. When I first heard "rumor" of Anna screaming at Howard "This is YOUR fault", my initial thought was that Howard encouraged Daniel's quest for independence and Anna blamed him for convincing her to let him go out on his own. In the heat of the moment, she may have believed that, had she had her eye on Daniel as much as she used to, that this wouldn't have happened.

4) (Directed to all) In addition to having sleeping problems, Wecht said that Daniel was very afraid of flying. Can anyone here confirm whether or not it's dangerous to combine anti-depressants with dramamine or other sedatives that people commonly use for issues with flying anxiety? Also, what about combining anti-depressants with sleeping aids? Are there any side effects to anti-depressants that would terminally affect people with sleep apnia?

2923 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Holy crap! you'd think they way some of yous is going on that the dearly departed was up for sainthood. He died, its sad I get it, lets move on. If i'm reading this right some of yous seems to think just because his momma was married to some old geezaer that she deserved this. Man, that is way meesed up! Whats so terrible about an old guy who can afford a nice piece of trim as a wife enjoing his last days? Hell, I bet there anit a real man who reads this site wouldn't wish he could be getting the occassional HJ from his young HOT looking wife. You women kill me, you don't want to give it up and then you attack someone who brings a little happiness to a dying old man. Good for you Anna, sorry about your kid but WTF life goes on! Get over it sweetheart and get back down on your knees the gravy train is ready to enter ther tunnel of love mamasita!

2923 days ago


I just say a prayer every night that Anna Nicole does not turn Daniel's wake and funeral into something trashy like she did with the old man she married. I hope she does not wear her wedding gown or something that will cause attention to HER. FOR ONCE IT IS NOT ABOUT HER. IT IS ABOUT A 20 YEAR OLD BOY WHO SAW MORE IN HIS YOUNG LIFE THAN I HAVE IN MY OVER 50 YEARS.

Anne, for once, do what is right. Let Daniel go in peace, not a 3 ring circus. He deserve all the respect and dignity you possible have.

Maybe Hollywood has a professional funeral planner, just like a wedding planner. If so, use one, the best you can get.

And please, do not have him creamated and put his ashes next to Pierce's on top of the television.

For once in your life, do something good for Daniel. Get your ass off the sedatives you are on, be clean and sober, and beside yourself, and that has been attorney and lesbian assistant, and God forbid Bobby Trendy, let Daniel go out with ALL THE CLASS AND DIGNATY HE SO DESERVES. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF CLASS AND DIGNITY, HAVE SOMEONE LOOK THEM UP IN THE DICTIONARY FOR YOU AND EXPLAIN IT TO YOU WORD BY WORD, VERY SLOWLY SO INTO SINKS INTO YOUR BRAIN.


God Be With You Daniel. You are finally at peace and in a good and beautiful place.

2923 days ago


My prayers are with Anna & her baby. Truly sad.

2923 days ago





SLEEP APNEA. Try reading a book, doing a puzzle, going for a walk. It's called a LIFE!

2923 days ago


Couple of other interesting things to point out:

1) Wechter also said on LKL that he went to the Bahama house and held the baby, but that he didn't see Anna...that she was holed up in her room stricken with grief and that she wouldn't even see her lawyer(s). Makes me wonder who actually sold the photos or authorized the sale? Maybe Anna doesn't even know about them. I assume Howard K Stern has Power of Attorney to make such decisions/deals for her without her consent.

2) If the photos were sold, I think we should wait to see what Anna intends to do with that money. Perhaps she plans to start a scholarship or memorial fund or a research fund for whatever caused his death. Wait for the conclusion before you start suggesting that she's selling off her child.

2923 days ago


nobody is an angel and nobody should judge anyone anna should never hear about her faults in a time like this she needs prayers and understanding those of you who say she deserves this should be ashamed God Bless you anna I will keep you in my prayers

2923 days ago



Thanks for your concern. I will promise you one thing. If my son dies I won't sell pictures of him to the highest bidder. And I won't neglect his sister because I’m in a drug induced stupor. Peace to you as well.

2923 days ago


#23, which trailer park did they let you out of. Of course she was going to be articulate in court, she needs money. Don't you find it just a tad bit gross that someone so young would attempt to give an 89 year old man a blow job. She must have spent alot of time trying to get it up for him, and let's now forget what a wonderful wife she was.

A model, yes, an actress, NO. Obviously you never watched her reality series. That woman has absolutely no idea what the word class means. Did you see how she decorated her house. And why is that has been lawyer always with her.

And don't forget her wearing her wedding gown to Pierce's wake. And you think she is playing with a full deck. The woman is strung out on booze and pills, OK , to make you happy, just like Marilyn.

And did you see when she received half of Pierce's ashes, she put them on top of her TV and wanted Daniel to kiss the urn. Please, get a life. Come out of the trailer park every now and then so you see how most of the world lives.

Anna, Howard and the lesbian assistant to going to turn this into a 3-Ring Circus, and why, because she is strung out on booze and dope.

Oh my God, I just had a flash of her breast feeding the baby in front of Daniel's coffin.

And if you read everything, that is if you can read, it was quoted everywhere that Daniel quit school because of her reality series and was now attending a community college.

Daniel WAS THE PARENT TO HIS MOTHER, HOWARD AND THE LESBIAN ASSISTANT. Yes, she may have loved him in the only way she knew how, but any mother who would do the things she did, act the way she did, in public, is an embarassment to a young child. If she were my mother, I would have shot her a long time ago to put her out of her misery. And I sure as hell would not have lived at home with her and the rest of the dysfunctional people hanging around.

Daniel is with his maker. For once in his life, he will be taken care of the way he should have been 20 years ago. He will now see all things beautiful, not having to be humiliated anymore by his mother.

And if you think so highly of her, think back to when she attempted to get a drivers license and could not pass. What does that tell you.

And keep on trying to read, her mother raised Daniel while she worked in a chicken place and now she won't let her own Mother attend any services for Daniel. What a LADY!!

2923 days ago
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