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K-Fed Gets a Five Star Review

9/21/2006 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

K-FedMany were shocked when Kevin Federline got off his bum to model for Five Star Vintage's Fall line. But apparently he's done so well that the clothing brand has reenlisted his services for their Holiday campaign.

The fashion line's Director of Marketing, Kenneth Loo, says "We had plans to follow up our first advertising campaign with Kevin Federline with another famous face. But the overwhelming success both in terms of sales and brand awareness made using him an easy decision."

Now that's a switch. Usually Kevin's the one doing the using!

Five Star Vintage's new campaign featuring Senor Spears can be seen in the October issues of major fashion/lifestyle magazines.


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They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

this guy is a common thug thats living off britt,take it from the veiwers,dump this thug,he is a common criminal,living off britts fame,DUMP THIS THUG

2900 days ago

I give K-Fed's new album five stars. Of course, that's out of a 100 stars.

2900 days ago

do something about it    

Before everyone start to hate and say what a golddigger he is pay attention. Kevin did not force brit to marry him and i doubt he is begging her to stay. I take care of my bf to the fullest and enjoy doing it so what if i make way more money then he does is it a crime. Im sure his album will not be a hit but that is his problem not ours. and how do you no he has to pay child support do you work for the child support services of california? Didnt think so. As for this article i think he looks good. So now ever one can start to hate on someone they dont no im sure he will rest on that tonite

2900 days ago


Good for him! Give the guy a break, atleast he is trying to make his own money!

2900 days ago

do something about it    

Let the HATING begin.
And the haters are off....

2900 days ago


ok so maybe he isn't a rapper....but who honestly has done something and had it bomb and they learn from thier mistakes. But obviously he is doing good in the modeling world and that is how he will make his money. Atleast he isn't sitting at home and doing nothing.

2900 days ago


what do you mean he's LIVING OFF OF BRITNEY'S MONEY? if anybody's dumb it's Britney not K-fed. if she chose to fall in love with a broke ass person then that's her business. if she that dumb to not know that he's living off her then she's getting what she deserves. i look at the comments what people say about him and i'm like......what did he ever do to everybody to hate him so much?....nothing! no ones giving him a chance to see what he can bring and that aint right. People dont like this man because Britney fell in love with him? like i said earlier she chosed to have 2 kids by this man who makes much less than she do and if she's happy with that then i'm happy with it cuz i could care less!

2900 days ago


At least he's working.

But he still looks like PWT (Poor White Trash) to me.

2900 days ago


To: i know_i know_i know_I know.

May I ask how you could possibly make "way more money" than someone, when you can't even use proper grammer. I totally get what you are saying, and it makes total sense. I just couldn't get past the whole making so much money, yet can't even write properly. Are you a pole dancer? Just wondering. Preach on. I don't care either way. Just wanted to see what people had to say on this. Comments crack me up.

Shar Jackson was on some DR. show today.. can't wait to get home to my tivo!!!! One more hour.. yippy!!

2900 days ago


I can't see the first letter on that jacket but I'm guessing it's a "D" .

2900 days ago


We should start up a collection to raise enough money that we can buy this guy a vasectomy. Oh and sorry, but he’s got no rhythm. You need rhythm to rap.

2900 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

k-fed is a thug,paris will sell more albums than k-thug

2900 days ago

do something about it    

To answer your question i~money which I assume you dont have any is no Im not a pole dancer sorry! I am an operations manager at a bank in huntington bch ca just to insite you and pleassse who do I have to prove im not on here so you can check my grammer i could careless how many words i mispelled why are you paying that much attention I take it your so successful and spelling is your game its a blog site get a life. and from your small mind I guess all pole dancer can not spell where are you from alabama maybe you should get out more

2900 days ago

do something about it    

BY the way you must make sooo much money to where you can sit online and correct other peoples grammer. And why are you offended by my grammer I must be the only one on this blog f'n up and who said I make so much money (Even though I cant complain) I said I make more then my bf you should go to usc and take my job since you care about my blog soooo much

2900 days ago


Everybody quit feeling so sorry for Britney. He's bringing in some $$ now.

2900 days ago
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