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Diddy v. Condi: Advantage Condi

9/25/2006 6:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Diddy vs. CondiDiddy learned a lesson in humility Monday, after a taping of "TRL."

Diddy was planning to beat a hasty retreat after his appearance, only to be stopped at the door. Turns out, law enforcement was out in full force in front of the MTV building in Times Square. To people on the outside, it looked like the traffic control was for Diddy. But no, the commotion was caused by a secretary.

Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of State herself, was coming to the MTV building for an interview. Secret Service and cops, some armed with M-16 rifles, watched attentively as Condi made her way inside. The Secretary, who was wearing a bright red dress, stopped traffic -- literally! And all Diddy could do was wait.


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so what?

2929 days ago


I think the better question is who has bigger teeth?

2929 days ago


Come on, the woman has it all, she's smart, can play classical piano, her biggest dream is to become commisioner of the NFL, and above all the woman is beautiful. Why wouldn't she be bigger than Diddy?

2929 days ago


Two homosexuals stopping traffic in NYC.
What's new?

2929 days ago


Who's Bigger?

Prick be put in his place...diddy is nothing but a punk, Diddy is a bigger loser and deadbeat dad, this asswipe needs to be put down the arrogant ugly prick. J-lo busted this idiots ass when she bashed him from a daddy to a diddy, so diddy is nothing without his money and the asswipes he pays to hang around him so that he might appear important, but f*** with him and you'll see the scared ghetto a**hole that he really is. as for cond-what can i sat about a bush ass kisser, she needs no lipstick her lip are red from kissing bush's ass!!!

2929 days ago


... and Nicole waits for for the racial slurs to commence.

2929 days ago

the wise old owl    

HA HA HA . It's about time P. Diddy the poof , got knocked off his high horse. I wish I could of seen his face drop when he found out all the camotion wasn't about him. I bet his head shrunk right there and then , about 4 sizes. Hee heee.

However, I think they over did the security for Condelezza .I am sure 3 cars would have been suficient. This is where are tax money is going ? That is way too excessive. It looked like they called in the Militia to escort her. Geez Bush......time to cut back on the goverment spending.

2929 days ago


Diddy is a joke, 'nuff said on the wankster.

As for Condi, who cares if she can play classical piano? Poster Julie also states that ABOVE ALL, she's beautiful??? Condi is FREAKING UGLY, inside and out! She is a sellout to America by not only justifying the Bush "War on our MINDS", but she is a liar and a snake, like the rest of the neocons. Watch her evade questions when she was on the stand for the 911 report. SNAKE!

Karma is great though! Condi is morally bankrupt sheeple and her place in history is secure as a neocon snake!

2929 days ago


diddy schmiddy......condi schmondi!

2929 days ago

We know who is unethical    

When is P diddy going to join Tupac? He is way over do for the rendezvous

2929 days ago


So did something happen? Did he punch someone? Did condi do something, see something??? No you say. Then NEXT.

Oh and to the poster "Nicole", Shame on you!

2929 days ago


You can tell with P. Diddy's doubletake that he is jealous. He is going to have to tripleup on HIS security detail just so that he can keep up with Condi.

2929 days ago

Pam Anderson    

LOL, I was just thinking the same thing. At least we have almost a full page of reader commentary without a single racial slur. I think that's pretty good, compared to the usual stats. Let's try for 2 full pages!

2929 days ago


Condi beautiful????

Beauty is skin deep and ugly is to the bone.

2929 days ago

the wise old owl    

To post # 5 Thug boy : That was just too funny. I really got a laugh out that post. I can just see Diddy now, running and hiding behind some paid for gangsta for protection when he gets a little heat. Ha ha .

To post # 7 Livewire : Always finding your thoughts entertaining. I know we share the same view on that wacker P. Sh*tty. He is so full of himself I'm surprised he doesn't weigh double when he gets on the scale .Talk about EGO.

Now there's a talentless guy who really got lucky.

2929 days ago
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