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Did Hasselhoff Make Phony Suicide Call?

9/25/2006 3:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Hasselhoff lied to cops when he allegedly called 911 to report that his younger daughter attempted to commit suicide, according to his estranged wife, Pamela Bach. And Bach tells TMZ Hasselhoff made the call out of pure revenge.

TMZ first reported that police and paramedics responded to Hasselhoff''s 911 call Sunday night. Multiple police sources told TMZ the former "Baywatch" star reported that his younger daughter was "cut" and it was a suicide attempt. Now Pamela Bach tells TMZ that her daughter never attempted suicide and that David knew it. Bach claims David used his daughter as a pawn, telling Bach, "You're going down. I'm calling the police."

Hasselhoff Family Cat
Bach says her daughter was scratched by the family cat Sunday night at around 6 p.m. She says her daughter was crying uncontrollably, so she called David and suggested that it might be appropriate for the girl to see a psychologist on Monday. At that point Bach claims David began ranting that he would call the police and bring her down.

Bach says at around 8 p.m. the police and paramedics arrived and said that David had called in a suicide attempt, so by law they had to take the girl to the hospital. She was released shortly after arriving there.

Hasselhoff's publicist Judy Katz tells TMZ that Hasselhoff became alarmed when his older daughter called to say her sister was bleeding. Hasselhoff denies telling 911 about a suicide attempt, but his publicist says the 911 operator may have interpreted it that way. Hasselhoff, who was getting ready to board a plane for a film festival, left town without visiting his daughter.

Bach says Hasselhoff deliberately concocted the story to make her look like a bad parent. Hasselhoff denies he even spoke with Bach Sunday night, and says the allegations are false.


No Avatar


Sounds to me like the Hoff needs to see the psychologist.

2912 days ago


His reps may be spinning it but the horrible behavior of the father toward the mother does take a toll on children. How sad for the girl.

2912 days ago

Tuff Stuff    

Wow, if that is true he is just wacked!

2912 days ago

Sheri Moon Zombie Lover    

Poor child has to be raised by this man

2912 days ago


This girl seriously needs to be removed from his care and barred from seeing him - EVER! The mother is right that she needs to seek therapy - and now more than ever. What a selfish, pathetic, ugly man.

2912 days ago


The Hoff needs to get himself some help. This is sick if it's true. What a flaming a**hole to drag your daughter into something like that. I hope they can prove it and charges are brought against this overinflated egomaniac.

2912 days ago


Just goes to show you how screwed up these celebrities are. They are so self indulgent, selfish and dramatic not to mention a waste of taxpayers money and overworked emergency staff by needlessly calling 911 for a scratch by the family cat. They pretend to hate the paparazzi but do everything they can to attract attention to themselves...sick, insecure people. Why anybody would pay money to see their films, listen to their music or read about them is beyond me!

2912 days ago


Hasself*** should have called KITT for help. Maybe he did but KITT couldn't be bothered with his old has-been ass.

2912 days ago


I feel so sorry for thier kids. Mr & Mrs Hoff need to grow up.

2912 days ago


I'm sorry, she's 14, scratched by a cat. ---Do you have to call the non-custodial parent when every little thing happens? I don't get it.....

2912 days ago

valerie king    

I feel for his daughter, My husband is famous and has left, my eldest daughter17
took valium and drank vodka to kill the pain, luckily she survived. My husbands comment was she"s a teenager experimenting. with drugs.

2912 days ago


I feel so sorry for these kids that have to be raised by these whacked out adults. I think both Hoff and his ex sounds NUTS!

2912 days ago


Okay Everybody. Is this starting to sound familar?

A la Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin?

2912 days ago


So the kid gets scratched by the house cat and the mother thinks she needs to see a shrink ... and the Hoff calls 911 ... and the kid gets committed. Hmm ... sounds like the whole family could use a little padded room time!

2912 days ago


Wouldn't there be a tape of the 911 call to clear things up about what was said or was not said? Either way sad situation though.

2912 days ago
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