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Oprah Lords Over White Folk, Talks Poop on XM

9/25/2006 2:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If it wasn't already totally evident that Oprah Winfrey can talk about anything for any length of time, her debut today on her own XM Radio channel just confirmed it. The talk-show queen gabbed with her best pal Gayle King (who called her, inexplicably, "Mommy") on what is nominally King's show on "Oprah & Friends," the satellite channel that launched today.
oprah audio

Among many, many other things, Oprah talked about her humble beginnings in Mississippi, and particularly about how her mother's highest aspiration for her was that she might end up cleaning white people's houses, because "they give away nice clothes." And then Oprah pointed out that now that she's Oprah, she has "all these white people" working for her, and that in fact there's only one black person on the staff. Way to turn the tables, girl.

Finally -- and this was just in the first fifteen minutes -- Oprah moved onto her most recent favorite topic, excrement. O assured Gayle that the reason she doesn't have children wasn't that she can't deal with poo, or "pooty," as the pair called it. For this -- and whatever follows -- is what XM is paying Oprah $55 million over the next three years.


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if oprah is so racist against whites then why have she declined rappers on her show?

2958 days ago


I agree with Number 7. Oprah is a bit racist............ It's to bad. Jo

2958 days ago


Well, well, well...The big "O" has just dropped off my list of people I would watch on tv., or buy her magazines, or anything else. I find her remarks racial and inexcusable. I have a bi-racial daughter and do not appreciate anyone making these types of remarks. Somewhere in her background she should appreciate the fact that there is white in those big 'ol jeans she shoves herself into. Ta, ta, Oprah! Thank god you can't have kids! They'd grow up to be like you.

2958 days ago


I am so tired of her showing off. All she cares about is material things and all the famous people she is "friends" with. She always plays the race card. She doesn't like people who are white. She never has. She always says smart things about the white race. She thinks she is better than everyone. I never watch her because she is fake.

2958 days ago


Oprah, get a frickin' life. You play yourself off as a saint, when in reality you're just a money hungry b*tch who likes to play the race card when it's convenient. All your "donations" are generous, but you have to give them for tax purposes, they are all write offs. You're not doing it for the goodness of your heart, but rather the goodness of your taxes. Please get off your soap box, you're no better than anyone else. And by the way...when you have a musical performer on your show, take the time to learn the lyrics if you plan on singing along, you look like an ass singing the wrong words.

2958 days ago


Oprah, you should really be ashamed of yourself!

Those " white" folks you comment about are the same white folks that watch your show day in and day out and can see past the color of your skin to the person they THOUGHT you were. How sad that money has only bought you hatred. Don't be surprized when negative comments are said about you. They'll be making comments, not because of the color of your skin, but because of the hatred in your heart.

2958 days ago


@ whatever: i totally agree with you b/c a lot of people both blacks and whites read infomation wrong and then you have this big racial arguement. obviously they dont care about how she's helping the hurricane victims in the south, building schools in africa (go ahead and say something racial about her building schools in africa) giving free scholarships to students. im black and there are some things that i agree with o and some things i dont but i cant complain when a person is spending her money on things that really matter in this world. at least she's not sitting on her ass and not doing anything.

2958 days ago

poor britney    

I am so glad that there are 13 other people that see how things really are rather that 2 people seeing things how they want them to be. I could care less what Oprah does or says I can take her or leave her sometimes I watch, sometimes I don't but #13 and #15 you are really grasping at straws first of all #13 what in the hell do rappers have to do with anything is that Oprah's big claim to fame is that how she is going to pull the wool over your eyes she won't have rappers on not all rappers are racist. #15 thank oh so much for the history lesson but the conversation was there for everyone to listen to she said she now only has one I repeat one black person working for her. Do you have any idea how many people possibly work for Oprah. What do you think the news stations would be flooded with if Martha Stewart or Donald Trump or Barbara Walters (or any other white person) said they only have 1 white person on their staff for real it would be a racist comment I am 100% possitive we will not hear anything about this comment on the news tonight.

2958 days ago


@big: oprah is black and she declines to have rappers on her show. therefore if she's that damn racist then why is she not representing her own people? that's all im saying.

2958 days ago


Geez you white people are SO SENSITIVE.

You're so blinded by jealousy that you can't see she was making a joke about the irony of the situation. She has blacks on her staff.

2958 days ago


Well, I don't have a problem with her having white people busting their ass for her rich ass, but come on, she should hire some black folks and help them out a little. She doesn't really care about helping her people... she just got some good o publicity for the African school for girls... I think she did that to trumple over the gay rumors. Oprah is all about Oprah. I really can't stand her!

I Bet oprah is gay and only likes white woman. That's why I don't think Gayle is her girlfriend.. she's not the right color.

And 55 million ? is the bitch not rich enough? she is a billionaire for goodness sakes.

2958 days ago


i bet she wont do a re cap on her show on this subject , like she did with that james frey guy who wrote that book "a million little pieces"

2958 days ago

natalie davis    

Thank you, Whatever, for being a voice of sanity in a crowd of lunacy (and blindness -- I am not an Oprah fan particularly, but the context for the statement is right there and you couldn't see it?).

2958 days ago


I wonder, in 100 years when whites are the subjugated race and when blacks make statements about our race, no matter how benign or innocent the intent of the statement is, when the whites scream "RACIST" and beat every comment into the ground to milk as much negativity as possible from it- will the blacks care? I don't think so.

That's not racist, that's observant.

2958 days ago


Why is stating a fact, that she has white people
working for her, a "racist" statement? Is it because
she stated it? Saying something that is true is
not racist. Statement of fact...her staff is 98% white.
This is the race of the people that work for her.
Some folks are so dumb they think any mention
of race is "racist".

2958 days ago
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