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Star Jones: Emotional and Stressed Out

9/25/2006 8:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star and Al Reynolds threaten to sue the National EnquirerStar Jones has given the National Enquirer an ultimatum: either admit that a story calling her her marriage a "sham" is untrue, or prepare to do battle in court (and remember, Star is a lawyer).

Bob Chapman, the high-powered attorney who represents Star and Al, tells TMZ that the Enquirer's story that Al is gay and the marriage is falling apart is not true. Chapman insists, "They are happily married," adding that Star is "emotional and stressed out" over the story.

The article in question, published in this week's issue dated October 2, 2006, features the headline "Star Jones' Husband Walks Out!" In a demand letter to the Enquirer, Chapman writes the article is "false and defamatory" and has "caused them massive damage." The letter also states, "You have also chosen to state that Mr. Reynolds is gay. While Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds believe that everyone should be free to make their own choice concerning sexual preference and that there is nothing wrong with being gay, you have nonetheless chosen to falsely state that Mr. Reynolds is gay." Chapman also states that the Enquirer has done "grave damage to their reputations, both publicly and privately."

Brad Zeifman, a rep for the couple, issued the following statement to TMZ: "Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds have tried to handle these vicious lies and attempts at character assassination with quiet dignity for far too they will pursue immediate legal action against anyone who makes false statements about their family."

In a recent interview with Jawn Murray of AOL's Black Voices, Star stressed, "I love my husband and he loves and respects me-period! People can say what they want, but Al and I share what I like to call an unbreakable bond." Star reminds the public that, "It's not easy being under such intense scrutiny by the media. All we're trying to do is live our lives as Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds."

A rep for the National Enquirer had no comment.


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Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

nice juggz

2950 days ago


Ha!!! It doesn't matter if the Enquirer retracts the story! Nearly everyone believed it was a sham before anyway, and still will!! SORRY STAR!!

2950 days ago


Forget about that marriage. Isn't Star starting to look a little anorexic?

2950 days ago

Lisa D    

Star looks amazing,,from a 300 lb. chick to a beautiful woman,,wish I had the bucks cuz I would have a little libo myself,,ppl should leave her alone,,,they are just jealous,,,walters screwed her around and put a loud mouth rosie in her chair, shame on you barbra,,,,knife in the back,,,bitch,,,i do not watch the show now cuz rosie take over and will not let other ppl talk,,should be called the rosie hour cuz no one can get a word in edge wize...miss ya star from CANADA, stay strong...

2950 days ago

the wise old owl    

I love it when these celebrites try to fight a " No WIN " battle with these tabloids. The Enquirerer checks and rechecks it 's sources before they run a story like that. They know that Star's husband is a big old queer. They know who his past lovers are and they have been interviewed. They are ready to name names if need be.
I can't imagine how she would prove otherwise.

He may be trying to play the straight and narrow. But he is gay . She is what they call a "Fag Hag " Married in name only to a queer who go through the motions during the day. ANd live their seperate lives at night. Nothing wrong with that. It''s better than being alone. Besides, there's tax breaks when you are married. I am sure they do love each other. Just like a brother and sister. What's the big deal. Just admit it and move on. We all know anyway. All you have to do is look at the guy. It's not like he is butch. Dahhhhhh

Just drop it Star, and move on. You are not fooling anyone and you can never win your lawsuit. You are just full of a lot of HOT AIR.

2950 days ago


GOOD for Star Jones! The magazines are horrible to some celebs. It's like they're trying to ruin lives, marriages and families. It's not right! Even if he is gay... they are married... end of story!

2950 days ago


Al Reynolds is one chromosone short of being a woman. Let's face it, all Star wanted was arm candy when she was a fat slob. Well she stapled her stomach, had plastic surgery to get rid of the all excess fat, so now she can dump the he/she.

Tell me, did he or did he not look like a BIG fruit on the day they got married.

2950 days ago


Star Jones Emotional and Stressed Out - Ah too bad.

Could it be she is stressed out because she does not have a job and no one in TV will touch her with a 10 foot pole.

And Emotional - well Al is not giving her any so she is horny.

To bad Star, you deserve everything you get.

2950 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post #7 Coco : Finailly someone who sees the light. He looked gayer than Elton John at a fashion show in Milan. Are you kidding me ? There is not a manly bone in that guys body. Anyone who defends Al Renolds sexual prefrences must be blind.

I know plenty of people married in name only. These two are one of them.
I'm not judging.. I am simply stating what it is. I don't care but it obvious that Star does. If someone wrote an article like that about my husband I would only be pisst off if it was TRUE. If it wasn't I would laugh it off. I think the it's very obvious what is going on here. It doesn't take a mental giant to figure this one out.

2950 days ago


nnotihng wrong with being gay--I am and so is Al. I know because he gave his phone number to my ex at Equinox in NYC a couple of years ago.

2950 days ago

Roberta Shnider    

Star has every right to finally stand up for herself! If anyone in this situation is a joke, its the National Enquirer...I only buy that magazine to make fun of how obviously MADE-UP the articles are. No one takes the National Enquirer seriously, but that doesn't mean Star should just sit there and take this abuse!!

2950 days ago

stephen s    

How fun would it be if they pursued this whole debacle and the Enquirer provided boys from the past to substantiate the assertion?! I would love it! Star is too pathetic to even qualify as tragic... I can already hear the press releases..."due to inordinate pressure on our marriage from the media, Mr Reynolds and I are ending our marriage and parting amicably" Copies of the divorce gag order are unavailable at this time.... who knows if the guy is gay- but can you imagine having to fuck that thing? oy.

2950 days ago


#4, The National Enquirer does not check its sources. In fact, they probably don't even have sources. They are the most unreliable of any paper on the market. 99.9% of their stuff is utter crap they make up over lunch.

2950 days ago

paris hiltons and nicole richies biggest fan*hayley*    

Rosie Is way better and more funnier than Star.
why u gotta hate on rosie???
n e ways its barbra's b-day today because i watch the view every morning befor i go to skool and they had some gay ass people sing and shit.but yeah im out
*peace out*

2950 days ago


She looks WEIRD skinny
what is wrong with her?
I think there is too much extra skin left on her face
or maybe its her bug eyes

2950 days ago
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