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Swapping Spit with Avril

9/27/2006 11:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cameramen beware, Avril Lavigne's a spitter!

The "Complicated" singer, never known for her kindness to the paparazzi, hocked a loogie at TMZ's photographer last night in front of Hyde nightclub.

Here's how it all went down: Avril was spotted getting into an SUV with husband Deryck Whibley, and the newlyweds got hot and heavy in the back seat. After getting interrupted by a couple of friends, the photogs went wild trying to get a shot of them.

Lavigne then stuck her head out of the side window, and yelled "Hey f***head, come here" to our cameraman. His gift for responding to her pet name -- her saliva in his camera lens. The group then broke into laughter, with someone in the SUV calling Avril a "bad bitch" before driving off.

Apparently Avril and Lindsay Lohan, who yelled "f*** off and die" to TMZ cameras the other night, have some anger issues!


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Avril Lavigne is awesome! She is talented and beautiful.

If she weren't talented, then why would LA Reid sign her to ARISTA RECORDS?

If you're talking about untalented people, I could name a few.................Cheyenne Kimball, Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan.......................that right there! So not talented in the least.

AVRIL LAVIGNE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2886 days ago


I think all you guys are pissed off cause you're normal and boring. good for her. everyone like to be left alone sometimes..and theres nothing wrong with kissing your husband in the back of a car. the only people who really know what happened are her and the pig who cant keep his camera to himself!!!

2878 days ago


Whose the bigger loser, Miss Lavigne or The TMZ photographer??? Celebrity trash at their finest.........

2948 days ago


You know it's got to suck to have cmeras in your face everywhere you go... However, that's the life she chose... I guess even celebrities, regardless of how much money and posessions they have, can act like classless trash too!

2948 days ago


This is what high school dropouts resort to when their careers are in the gutter!

2948 days ago


He should have spit back on her. Oh but she is the celeb he would have went to jail.

2948 days ago


This is news??

2948 days ago


She is, and always will be, a wannabe.

2948 days ago

Iowa Girl    

Funny, you can change your dress style to appear more lady-like but you just cannot change what is inside.

2948 days ago


i wouldnt want the photogs in my face either but shes a nasty bitch for spitting like that. i never liked this brat anyway, especially after she scolded her fans for dressing like her when she first started out and she was always wearing that goofy tie and tank top, lol id like to slap her ass back to school!!

2948 days ago


Avril's an ugly midget poser. I'd drop-kick her if I ever saw her on the street.

2948 days ago

blah blah blah    

I understand that photogs can be invasive and insensitive at times, BUT
When you are a celebrity, and being in the lime light (by your own choice)
that is an uncalled for, not lady like, and not a very mature or proper gesture to do.
She comes across to me as needing to grow up

2948 days ago


that was such a horrible video. Why do u guys even post that? ugh i spit on the video. maybe it would have been worth watching if u could actually see something.
anyway.... keep'em comig =))

2948 days ago

Jimmy Barnes    

Avril Vagina is a DYKE!

2948 days ago


this bitch is NUTS!! i can't believe she's still around...maybe she's still popular in canada? i hate that she is so raunchy's not attractive.

2948 days ago
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