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K-Fed Solo in Sin City

10/2/2006 5:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline: Click to watchKevin Federline was blinged out when cameras spotted him in Las Vegas this weekend, but one accessory was notably missing -- his wife.

Though Britney Spears gave birth to the couple's second child together less than a month ago, Federline appeared to be enjoying the time away from the full house, stopping at the trendy TAO nightclub/restaurant for dinner.

It appears Britney has little to worry about though -- K-Fed was noticeably solo.


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He should be at home with his new baby. what an asshat!

2942 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

K-THUG,can you get a dime bag?,dam man ,you pimpin 3 hoes man,you are a player,you ruined britts career and you have no career but pimpin,I now a good trailer park,might be out of your price ,but you sell more dime bags you might affored it

2942 days ago


The word prickface comes to mind. He has 2 kids at home and he's screwing around in sin city. I hope that one day Britney comes to her senses and drops this pompous prick.

2942 days ago

Holy Candy    

The saddest part is that this loser can't stop spreading his defective DNA -- or is it that we can't stop talking about him?!

Sad all around.

2942 days ago


Skipping out sfter the baby's born-You got your money-You're in as far as the legal battle-Now you are gonna skip out on your kids and raising them? She has to do that too? What else do you want from her, her body?

2942 days ago

Jinxy Cat    


What a wonderful father!
Does Brit let pay his way to Vegas everytime the baby starts crying??

2941 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

#1? asshat? what is a asshat?something you cover your butt?HELLO!!!!!!! ASSHAT?

2941 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

HELLO can anybody tell me what a asshat is,is that slang for something?

2941 days ago


Noticeably solo? Geez, really? He's vile, he's made HER's no wonder he's solo. blech!

2941 days ago


Paaaaaaathetic! I can't help but feel sorry for Brittney but why the Hell does she hang on to this loser? She can dump him any day. Does she really expect us to believe their marriage is "awesome!"?

2941 days ago


K-fag needs to fix himself so he stops polluting society with his deadbeat lazy dna. Britney is a clueless moron.

2941 days ago


I really dont know why people are soooo surprised that Brit. is with this loser. I am from Kentwood and she and her family are white trash, always have been always will be. Now she just has money and the world is watching. Her dad is a drunk, that whole side of the family is, not trying to be mean but it is a fact. I am surprised that some of the guys around here havent taken Kevin for a little ride through the country, but he's not to dumb, he always has a bodyguard with him. You cant buy class, no matter how much money you have.

2941 days ago


I agree with #12 that britney has always been white trash, it's just that during the pre k-fag days she did a better job at hiding it. but once she hooked up with the douche bag, she just let her true colors out for everyone to see.

2941 days ago


At least K-Fed is trying to make his own money and contribute to his marriage. People can be too harsh sometimes. He could be lounging around the house and doing nothing and people would critize him for being unemployed.

2941 days ago


He's an ahole all the way. Both he and Brit are trailer trash, but he's the worst of the two. Guess if you have no class, you'll attract the same kind of people.

Going to Vegas less than a month after the baby is born is crap! And leaving the wife at home with two babies...a newborn and another only a year just plain stupid. No wonder these two have been investigated for child neglect/abuse more than once. They're terrible people and terrible parents!

Too bad the courts can't order Kev to have a cut or two down below. The last thing the world needs is more sperm donations from white trash like him!

2941 days ago
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