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Frustrated Corey Feldman: "I'm Not a Lost Boy!"

10/4/2006 5:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Coreys Are Back!Corey Feldman is setting the record straight about his past and his new reality based comedy series.

Last week, A&E sent out a press release announcing their new eight episode series "The Coreys: Return of the Lost Boys," which stars former teen heartthrobs Corey Haim and Feldman.

While the duo "have seen the very highest of highs and the very lowest of lows," Feldman wants to clear up some items that he says have been falsely reported on in the press.

Feldman issued a statement saying the show will not be called "Return of the Lost Boys" and that it's just a working title for the project. Regarding reports that this is his "return to acting", the former "Surreal Life" star wants it known that he "has worked consistently as an actor in Hollywood for 32 years...The statement that he is returning to acting is simply ridiculous." We're not sure cinematic gems like "Bikini Bandits" and "My Life as a Troll" count as acting!

The 35-year-old adds that references to Haim being referred to as "broke and homeless" are false. "Haim's character on the show will be broke and homeless; Mr. Haim in his real life is in fact not." It's good to know Haim held on to all that "License to Drive" money!

While The Coreys have been no strangers to substance abuse issues, Feldman says that was "more than fifteen years ago when he was a teenager and he is now focused on career, family, and his commitment to animal and environmental rights," adding "Haim is also doing better than ever, and looks forward to beginning work on this show."

And we can't wait to see the train wreck, er, TV show either!


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OMG!! i cant wait for this show! i loved corey haim as a kid, and to this day he is still hot!! Good luck on the show guys!

2879 days ago


I know that Corey Feldman is on the straight and narrow path--Not sure about Corey Haim. Best of luck to the two of them!

2950 days ago


I was such a Corey/Corey fan as a teen with their pictures plastered on my bedroom wall. Watching Surreal Life was horrible because Feldman was such a whiney cry baby and really unpleasant to watch. I hope this show is better and that they still have the same silly chemistry from way back.

2950 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

A&E has turned to shit in the past 15 years. This is further proof of it.

2950 days ago


OMG ! these two old fossils still around ?

2950 days ago


Great first a Screech sex tape, now a show about 2 washed up has beens, that are less than desirable now. What's next??? Emanuel Lewis and Tootie from Facts of Life having a baby together?

2950 days ago


I can't wait to watch the coreys ,there's nothing like watching has beens on tv again .Is the blond still hot or did crack take its toll?

2950 days ago


You know the "Corey's" deserve some credit. Idiots like ANDY DICK who appeared on Letterman last night (10/03/2006) boasting about being an Alcoholic, don't even deserve to have their names mentioned muchless be on TV. These two, yes, were two of my favorite actors then and hopfully soon will be again. They've also cleaned up and are ready to give themselves to the public again. Meanwhile Andy Dick is the "Butt" of more homosexual jokes and appearing on Talk Shows and Celebrity Roasts looking like a total asshole. Yeah the eighties were full of really bad movies and lets face it it's not just the actors who make bad movies, it's the directors, the writers, etc. Give them another chance lets see what they can do. Maybe reality tv (which is a cruel joke) isn't something they should be doing. I say we put Dick on a reality tv show and see how many more times he goes to rehab. He was all about another eight years of heavy drinking since he biological father was an alcoholic as well and didn't stop until he was 48. Dick is 40.

2950 days ago



Who cares?

Build a bridge people.

2950 days ago


Take it easy people! This article was hateful beyond belief. Why? It sounds like the person who wrote it has a vendetta against a couple of former teen idols. Two guys who were popular at one time would like to make a comeback. What's wrong with that? Let them have their fun. If people watch, great, if not, then better luck next time.

2950 days ago


...who cares? I do! The "Two-Coreys"? Let's get it on! I NEVER watch reality shows, but I sure as hell ain't missing this one! I saw Haim on E! playing a casio in his mom's one-bedroom apartment (where he was living, btw), and he and his whiny-bitch-buddy Feldman are gonna make the white-trash on Maury look like aristocrats...can't wait....

2950 days ago


I am so glad to see these two together again! I grew up loving them and still do!! I hope they succeed with everything!

2950 days ago


These guys life is like over... They remind me of a site Not much more to say

2950 days ago


Wow, they're grown up. The Lost Boys is one of my favorite movies every and I guess it's sorta cool to see them again. And, A&E hasn't gone down the drain. They've gotta some pretty good shows on their network. The best, in my opinion, is Criss Angel Mindfreak. Actually, that IS my favorite TV show. I recommend watching it sometime.

2950 days ago


I give these guys lots of credit. Could you imagine how hard it must be for them to re enter the cruel world of successful actors making a comeback. I think it's harder then starting from scratch. I have nothing negative to say about them because they did get me to buy movie tickets,VHS,magazines,posters,ect back when I was a teen and as so were they. I even had a crush on Kurt Cameron and Joey Lawrence but the Coreys seemed more real to me because of the way they treated their fans. They did'nt have a TV series, they had a few great and not so great movies, and yet they were plastered on the walls of every teenage girl across America and even worldwide. Not to mention in the dreams of those girls.
If you ask me they did something right because it's now 15 yrs later and the only poster I kept from those teen years is my Corey posters.
Lots of good Luck To My remaining giddy teenage year Crushes
Corey F. and Corey H. hugs and kisses xoxo

2949 days ago
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