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Janet to Jermaine: Aw Crap -- It's K-fed!

10/4/2006 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is Kevin Federline a good luck charm? Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri seem to think so.

Mr. Britney Spears rolled up on the hip-hop couple during a hot night in Vegas this week, and did something he's not really known for -- K-fed made some money!

It all went down after the one-year anniversary party for TAO nightclub in Las Vegas. Kevin Federline ventured down at 3:30AM to play some craps, but there was a problem -- the high roller table he approached was packed and marked as 'reserved' for Janet and Jermaine. Unfortunately it seemed all K-Fed could do was watch. Luckily, Federline is tight with a member of Jermaine's entourage, who then invited the "PopoZao" singer to join the group.

TMZ spies tell us that as soon as K-Fed bought in for $1000, Janet picked up the dice. JD then announced to the table everyone that his woman had never played craps before and this would be her first roll. We are not sure if Janet rolled a 7 or 11, but a short time later the table erupted with cheers and everyone won money.

We're told that the fun only lasted roughly fifteen minutes, because the famous couple had to return to their private blackjack table. K-Fed was then proceeded to play all by his lonesome.


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oh sonny, thank you for turning out to be such a respectable, great father and man of the house. You show Brit that you can make money faster than she can.

2943 days ago


I'm sorry but I just had to laugh out loud at that last sentence. Was TMZ being "polite" for once? If so, fine, I will say it then........HE HAD TO PLAY WITH HIMSELF!!!!! Damn, I must be tired.

2943 days ago


My only comment is that he is too nasty to work up a real comment on.

2943 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

K-Thug goog luck?Hope Britt thinks so,because I think he a dime bag selling thug,When britt dumps his thug ass he will be 10 million richer,but child support will do his dead beat trashy ass in,hes a white booby brown,LOSER,britt just hasnt found out yet,but soon she will wise up,K-THUG IS A DEADBEAT DAD.I guess Janet needs all the luck she can get,shes washed up also,I did not want to see her tit to start with,shes a tramp,Our young children dont need trash like Janet or K-Thug,Wise up Americia

2943 days ago


Seems like 2 me Brit and K-Fed should name their new child "Vegas" since that is where K is all the f***in' time. . . I have been tryin' 2 cut this dude some slack but this kid is out of his mind cause he is coming off like just a high priced groupie hangin' on 2 whomever is around. Britney, holla at me cause beside being sexy, I wouldn't cost you as much paper baby plus I produce hot music

2943 days ago


god moning
haw are you ;good site

2943 days ago


I think it's piss poor he has a son right at a year old and a newborn about a month old, not to mention two other children, and rather than being with them, he's out at 3am in Vegas.

2943 days ago

How sad is this ? The price of BIG FAME ??    

This "CELEB MOMENT" was about as interesting as HEMMORHOIDS !!


Enuf with "The CULT OF PERSONALITY" -Janet, Mr. "Janet" and MISTER BRITNEY!

Who are we kidding ?

2942 days ago


OOOOooo-WEEEEeeeeee! I would love to see K-fed and Lance Bass singing Lets get it on! Oh wait, isnt it already on the underground market?

2942 days ago

no pervs allowed    

YurMomma sez the only craps being played is by Brit, who is changing all those nasty diapers, while her boy toys is playing the field.

Just wondering, was there any wardrobe malfunctions at the table?

2942 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

The Maven insists this piece of vermin should be beaten to death with a stick.

2942 days ago


Why is k-fag in Vegas spending Britney's money when he just had a newborn? This asshole should get himself fixed like a dog a.s.a.p.

2942 days ago

Craps Dealer    

"High Roller" table?? Please. It was reserved for privacy. No one was playing more than $100 chips. We see that every day. K-Fed may be "spending Britney's money", but at least he takes care of the dealers. (And remember....SHE married the guy so it's her problem, not the public's). He is very polite and tips the dealers pretty good. Not like Jermaine who, after bending the dealers over for 45 minutes gave the dealer $1. That's right.....$1. I have to hand it to Janet though. She didn't tip, but she was polite and made pleasant conversation with the dealers. And your TMZ spy? It must've been the guy in the pink shirt who had a hoochie with him that was taking photographs out of his shirt sleeve. Classy. Doesn't anyone remember that you aren't allowed to videotape or take photographs in a casino? It's an invasion of privacy.

2941 days ago

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