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Kim Basinger Arraigned

10/4/2006 6:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BREAKING NEWS: Kim Basinger has been arraigned on contempt charges. Former Hubby Alec Baldwin triggered the case by alleging that Kim is guilty of a laundry list of violations in their ongoing custody dispute. Among Baldwin's allegations -- that Basinger blocked his visitation rights, blocked his rights to speak with his daughter on the telephone and failed to notify him when the child suffered an injury.

Basinger pled not guilty through her lawyer, Neal Hersh. The actress did not appear for the arraignment.

The former couple has been locked in an epic custody battle over 10-year-old Ireland. Baldwin has alleged Basinger is thwarting his ability to parent. Basinger has said, right back at you, Alec.

Basinger faces 12 counts of contempt. Each count carries a maximum penalty of $1,000.

Click here to view the court documents.


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do these two realize how much they are hurting their daughter with all of their crap....grow up for gods sake and stop being so selfish...

2943 days ago

Mark P    

The gov't is interfering and squelching Mrs. Basinger's rights. This is the same gov't that cages peaceful protestors, bans books like "America Deceived" from Amazon, conducts warrant-less wiretaps and starts 2 illegal wars based on lies. Maybe the gov't should get their own house in order before they disrupt Mrs. Basinger's home.
Final link (before Google Books caves to pressure and drops the title):

2943 days ago


Does Mr. Baldwin not realize the emotional scars he is leaving on his daughter. We are all quite aware of his bad temper and have even witnessed it. I cannot blame the mother from trying to protect her daughter was the sex, drugs, temper tampers of ALL the Baldwin brothers. Maybe Alec should join his brother Steven and get Re-Born Again. Maybe then he can see what harm he is doing to his daughter.

As for the court systems, when are they going to say enough. Mr. Baldwin should be fined for every frivilious law suit he brings. There are more important things going on in this world than Mr. Baldwin's EGO!

2943 days ago

the wise old owl    

I agree with post # 1 Kat : It's pathetic the way these two carry on. They should settle their differences in private and put Ireland's needs 1st.

I think they are both selfish and very bitter. It's not about them. It's about her. They have so much hatred towards one another they are blinded to their daughter's needs.

ANy parent truly concerned about thier child would not make a public display of this contemtable behavior. Ireland is old enough to talk to a judge and deside who she wants to see and who she doesn't . It shouldn't be up to them.

2943 days ago


Did the scum bag Alec get his rocks off having the Mother of his child arraigned. Is he brain so fried that he cannot see the damage this is doing to his daughter. I only hope Mr. Baldwin has to pay for all the therapy his daughter is going to need because of HIM!. If he was my daughter's father, he would not see her either. He is nothing but a big bully.

Alec go by Steven and become a born-again Christian and see the errors of your ways.

2943 days ago


They are both wrong to not act like adults and do what is best for their daughter. HOWEVER for Baldwin to pull this just shows how little he cares about his daughter. It seems to be all about 'getting my ex wife'. The guy needs anger counseling. I feel for KB.

2943 days ago

george vieto    

And the hits just keep on coming. There ain't going to be a rematch wink wink. Can we all get along? Forgive and forget.

2943 days ago


This couldn't happen to a bigger creep,Alec Baldwin is a Retard and he deserves everything he gets...How's life now Alec the A-HOLE

2943 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

Good GOD!! Do these two ever stop?

Maybe they'll both fight it out until Ireland turns 18, then she can leave 'em BOTH!!

2943 days ago



2943 days ago

Soul 1    

Hopefully this will become a showpiece for everything wrong w/ the custody "system." Both parents have behaved in ways which are utterly detrimental to their child--and simply for pursuing one another in the way they both have, have rendered the idea that either are fit parents absurd. Every dime spent on attorneys is money not spent on their child--and this should be the base line for any custody case. A parent who spends a lot of money to deprive another parents of access to their child w/o overwhelming reason to do so, is the parent who should be deprived of custody rights. There should be some penalty for carrying on in such a way--unfortunately the current system actually rewards hostility (and plenty of attorneys, too).

2943 days ago

john p.    

I think any mother would be wise to keep her daughter away from that creep. That she was willing to eat a contempt charge over shows how her seriousness. But lets get a grip, civil contempt doesnt make her a criminal or of a depraved heart or derilect or a fraud. She just a mom protecting her kid.

2943 days ago


Come on people....would you listen to yourselves. You make Alec out to be the bad guy here?

Bottom line yes they need to get over it, but the law is the law and if she broke it then she needs to pay the price (no matter how he is perceived by most of you). And realistically we dont know what effect this will have on their daughter. I can only imagine by the severity of some of the posts that most of you have been through this and know first hand the emotional impact and need for therapy that arises from this type of dispute.

2943 days ago


These two were made for each other

2943 days ago


F**K THE BITCH..........

2943 days ago
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