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Matt's Tale of the Toothbrush

10/5/2006 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matthew McConaughey: Click to watchMatthew McConaughey's bizarre tooth-brushing habits made headlines on Monday and now Matt himself is talking about it.

Cameras spotted the Texan stud polishing his pearly whites as he waited at a stop light, really getting into it. "Ha, ha! I do like clean teeth, man," Matt tells "EXTRA" correspondent AJ Calloway, "they never go out of style."

He adds that there are always photographers around his Malibu home, so they're likely to get some good video from time to time, "they followed me all day and I take my toothbrush in the car and I'm brushing."

Calloway caught up with McConaughey in West Virginia, where his next film "We Are Marshall" was filmed. The movie is based on the true story of what happened after a plane crash killed most of the 1970 Marshall University football. The film opens December 22.


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Thats a little strange but luv him anyway....

2948 days ago


ENOUGH ALREADY ON MATT. TMZ, YOU SEEM TO BE STALKING THIS GUY AND HE AIN'T ALL THAT. He looks like a skinny bearded rooster ....Is TMZ that desperate that you have to take pictures of the guy brushing his teeth. Not enough news to cover? How boring. Who gives a hoot? SICK of the guy already....write about someone else more interesting. That's my beef for today and like it or not, I don't care....

2948 days ago


Next we will be subjected to pictures of him wiping his ass..pleasssssssseeeeeeee give us a break!

2948 days ago

Sheniqua Bowers    

Holy crap, now Matthew has had a "failed affair with Lance Armstrong"? My fellow Americans/US Citizens and "Earth Partners" have let me down once again. Two men that are now single, as the media tells us, and within the same time frame are now hanging out and obviously, to the media's dislike, having a GREAT time and they're now being branded as "gay"???? Can you all just stop with the craziness? WHO THE HELL CARES WHO IS GAY AND WHO IS NOT? Are you gay or lesbian and afraid to admit it so you choose to strike out at others? When did it become a sin or a public announcement of being gay if one chooses to do ANYTHING with another of the same sex? I just had dinner with a female friend, am I now lesbian? Get off this Hollywood fascination, YOU will NEVER be them and they, THANK GOODNESS, will NEVER be YOU! What in the world has happened to our society? Do you give your own lives the same attention you give the Hollywood-folk? Don't you think it's time you did? GET A GRIP!

2948 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post #4 Maven : That was just too funny !!! What a laugh. Sarcastic yet entertainling at the same time. It just doesn't get better than that.

Post # 5 : Sheniqua Bowers . That was equally as good. I mean, I don't care if someone is gay. But when they go around trying to prove that they ARE NOT gay , when THEY ARE GAY, then you have to get a little bit testy. After all it isn't anything they should be ashamed of. And being deceitful can piss anyone off.

I DO NOT think Matt is gay. All my sources say " NO " I know there are a lot of gay guys out there that will be very disappointed. ha ha

Thank goodness this look was for a MOVIE ROLE . I would have to question his taste if it wasn't. ( I don't think Lance and Matt have broken up, he is just out of town ) LMAO I am all knowing.....................all seeing .............I am .....

2948 days ago

george vieto    

Matthew is going to give dentists plenty of business very soon. Yuck! He ain't no role model for cleansiness.

2948 days ago


I agree with poster #7--Matt is a GREAT teeth brushing role model. If I brushed my teeth 10 times a day, perhaps I wouldn't have the two cavities that need to be taken care of later this month! Nothing wrong with teeth-brushing!

2948 days ago

Holy Candy    

He's probably brushing to get the smell of weed off his breath!

2948 days ago


I really dont understand why its okay for paparazzi to stalk people. If some guy I knew was stalking me and waiting outside my house or following me down sidewalks or following me in a car I could get a restraining order. But with paparazzi you cant. Because its their job to stalk people and be total weirdos. Someone really needs to do something about it, its only inevitable that one of these people's kids is gonna get hurt physically. They already wont have a normal childhood, but one day its gonna be like princess diana all over again.

2948 days ago


he's a weirdo and dirty looking and ugly to boot !! So what's the big deal that you take any interest in this idiot, TMZ ?

2948 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

The Maven would like to know why Matt doesn't simply do as Tom Cruise does--take out his pearly white plates nightly and put them in a glass of water with a denture cleaner tablet. That way he wouldn't have to brush them--every hour on the hour--in public yet--and spare us all his nauseating performance.

Also militating in his favor, the soaking would do a more thorough job of removing any of his boyfriends' remaining public hairs than all that brushing. Or is it possible the brushing is some sort of secet code among the gay set, like wearng a kerchief in a back pants pocket to signal sexual availability? The Maven finds this whole performance of his a mystery. Next he'll be walking around in public wiping his ass hourly, I suppose.

2948 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Post #6, the wise old owl: Your writing style leads me to suspect I may know your identity.

If you DO live in a condo on South Beach, reply, "TOM CRUISE HAS FLEAS"


2948 days ago



2948 days ago

Christi B.    

Odd that he's so attached to brushing his teeth, but he doesn't wear deoderant...hmm...

2947 days ago


Seems like a cool guy living a cool life. He's hot with that beard!

2947 days ago
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