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Confessions of a Hollywood Doorman

10/7/2006 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Composite of a mysterious doormanEver wonder how hot Hollywood nightclubs decide who is getting in their exclusive establishments? Who will be denied? Why some celebrities get in and others do not? TMZ has all the answers. We spoke to a doorman at one of the most exclusive places in Hollywood and he spilled all the secrets of the trade.

"You need to be on the permanent guest list." Nightclubs in Hollywood have guest lists that feature people who will always be treated like royalty. Our source says "this list is about 300 individuals." Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, and Christina Aguliera are a few names at the top. Second, you can call and make a reservation if you have endless amount of cash (Brandon Davis, Stavros Niarcos) but even with a reservation, nothing is for certain. Celebrities: You have to be a hot property right now (not you Bobby Brown), as even being "famous" will not guarantee entry.

Our spy tells us there are always exceptions to the rules. "Mike Tyson was let in once because we felt that if we said no he might start boxing with the staff!" Being female usually works in your favor, but even Tara Reid will be turned away if she shows up with 5 guys. Take notes from Keenan Ivory Wayans, "he wasn't on the list but he was with a date and looked embarrassed, so I let him in."

Proclaiming your A-list status is also a "no no" with the doormen. On one occasion, Joaquin Phoenix, tried to enter through the back door (to avoid photographers) and was told to go to the front. Mr. Phoenix replied with, "You're making a a big mistake! Don't you know who I am?? I'm kind of a big deal."

Bottom Line....Yes, if Paris is on her way in, you're going have to wait.


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Johnny B    

So sad... these pathetic celebs and their desparate need for attention.... Lohan, Richey, Hilton, Simpson ect... Immature talentless trash!

2902 days ago


So, what, I have to be a human STD, a few clowns short of circus or coke whore to get into the “Hollywood hot spots?” Classy establishments.

2902 days ago


I like how Joaquin Phoenix put it " I'm kind of a big deal" Cocky, but not too cocky. Why the hell wouldn't they let him in through the back door. The doorman sounds like a PRICK!

2902 days ago


I think it sucks that Paris Hilton and some of these other shallow, insensitive a**holes are treated like royalty and given priveledges like this. It was very refreshing and hysterically funny when Brandon D. was denied access to Hyde. Too bad they all can't get a taste of what that's like.

2902 days ago


the wayans family is the most powerful family in hollywood, acoording to ent. weekly. so paris is "royalty", huh? gimme a break. I'd rather have tyson, joaquin and keenan than hilton, barton and davis anytime. hollywood is lame-o. i hope 1/2 dozen "celebrities" od on strawberry cocaine at Hyde and it gets shut down.

2902 days ago


Wouldn't it make your club even more elite if you DENIED Paris Hilton?

(Just a thought Hyde.)

2902 days ago


This is so amusing to me, so LA. Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Jessica Simpson are considered "hot"? I guess so if you're the paparazzi. None of them can act or are they respected from the general public. The Hyde for example is sooooooo cheezy . I just love watching the cheeze balls stroll in and out make asses of themselves. photog whores mostly.

2902 days ago

Skye's Tribe    

To get into these clubs:

Look like death (don't eat it will help the look)
Snort the strawberry (this will help the above)
Have a couple of STD's (Paris is a good example follower her lead)
Cry if you don't get in (Paris did this too) they will feel sorry for you.
And pick a fight with someone else famous
Another good one is be new on the market (Get married then divorce right away)

If all above fails open your own club.

2902 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

you must have a PARIS IS A HOE card to get in hyde,or screwed Paris,Lindsay,or Nicole ,that will also get you in

2902 days ago

Koen Belgium    

Paris may be a dumb blonde, but she has style, she's polite and cute.

Give her some credit guys. I like the hollywood way of life. Livin' in Belgium is sooooo boring, we do not have celebs.

And when the paps are shootings pics or video, paris is not agressive. She's not such a loser as k-fed with his bodyguards. She doesn't need bodyguards. The paps are her friends.

Paris = super! She deserves to be a well known celeb.

2902 days ago


Boy oh boy! I would love to spend the night in a "Hot Hollywood"club with an underage firecrotch, nasty whore Paris, Greasy Brandon Davis, woman beater Stavros. It should be called Loserville USA Club instead.

2902 days ago

stolto morta    

I think everyone should stay away from these clubs for two weekends (with the exceptions of the celebs.) and see how trendy these clubs would be. I can bet that even the celebs wouldnt want to be seen there and will go where the regular people are to be seen. You know they need us

2902 days ago


What I want to know is when Ms. Lohan is going to get an underage consumption???? She is very well known for her "partying" which I will just naturally consists of consuming large quantities of alcohol. So why are these clubs serving her when she's under 21 let alone letting her in???? I just hope SOMEONE gets smart and gets her into trouble for consistently drinking at the age of 20.

2902 days ago


Such a difference between LA & NYC. I was just speaking with my best friend in NYC who gets into every "impossible" place in the city because of her looks, personality, class and profuse accolades to the Chefs, No place is closed to her. I've seen her in action at the hottest and newest places myself. Unreal. Anyway about Miss Hilton. My friend was recently in the Grammercy Park Hotel being chatted up by Ian Shraeger who rebuilt South Beach in the 80's by renovating the Famed Delano and setting off the Art Deco revival, The Paramount and Royalton in NYC and many others. Suddenly he was called away and as she was near the door my friend said Paris Hilton & Co. were standing outside and when he got to the door he loudly proclaimed to the Doorman while staring Miss Hilton in the eye the entire time, "I DON'T EVER WANT PARIS HILTON OR ANY OF HER ILK IN ANY OF MY HOTELS EVER!"
My friend was hysterical. When I asked what happened she said "He just came back and picked up the conversation where he left off". Oh and my friend also said "She is UGLY in person. Short and has a hideous hook nose and a very obvious lazy eye which is why she always has her face turned in photos the way she does. Not that I needed to be told she's ugly. This from a Girl who is a head turner who never needs be envious of another's looks. In fact she's always very complimentary where it's deserved.
I would have PAID to have been there for that! GOD if only someone could get her ugly face banned from all media. Talentless whores all of them Lohan and all the rest. Used to be you have to study, pay your dues and win respect in some business especially show business before you became a star. Now you just have to be a little party slut like the afore mentioned.
Why are these little Syphillis Slags even soiling my newspapers. I have to wipe my monitor every time I see that Hilton Whore.

2901 days ago

rumer is FUGLY    

everyone knows the "spy" is the doorman at hyde

i wonder how much tmz gets paid each week to whore it out with unnecessary tidbits about who was seen there and who wasnt let in


2901 days ago
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