MXC is in the House!

10/7/2006 1:01 AM PDT
If you enjoy watching bone-cracking, dubbed over, kimono-wearing television as much as we do -- then we've got what you want. Spike TV's "MXC" combines extreme sports with, er, eccentric people and even crazier competitions to create a show that lands somewhere between "Jackass" and "Fear Factor."

The hit show "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge" has made its way into fans' hearts faster than a woman can break her back on the "Log Drop." "Bunk Buddies," "Plank Spankers," and "Brass Balls of Love" are only a taste of some of the competitions that bang-up and bruise their competitors.

But if "MXC" is your secret guilty pleasure -- it's now on DVD for your private home viewing.