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Tori: Poor Little Rich Girl?

10/7/2006 11:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tori SpellingOn the (very) short end of the inheritance from her late father's $500 million estate, Tori Spelling has now resorted to selling photos of her pregnancy to OK! magazine -- for a cool $250,000, according to a report in Page Six this morning.

But there are signs that a detente between Tori and her mom Candy may be in the offing. According to, Candy is "ecstatic" that Tori is pregnant with hubby Dean McDermott. "If Aaron were here, I know how thrilled he would also be to share in such a happy occasion," Candy also told People. It's no secret that Tori and her mom haven't been speaking ever since Tori's dad, TV mogul Aaron Spelling, died in July. Tori told the press that she was upset that she heard about her father's death from a friend, and ever since then, the tensions have only been escalating, culminating in a tense Emmy Awards-night faceoff. Maybe a little grandchild will change the way Candy thinks of her daughter -- but will it make her cough up some cash?

Ice Hockey, Not Tonsil Hockey For Minnillo

Vanessa Minnillo may be romantically linked to Nick Lachey, but that doesn't mean that the MTV hottie doesn't attract the attention of other guys. Page Six reports that the "TRL" hostess was at an NHL party sponsored by FHM magazine the other night at New York club Marquee when she was "noticed" by two of the Carolina Hurricanes, Eric Staal and Eric Cole. Nick was nowhere to be found. Does this mean when Lachey's away, Minnillo will play?

Big Network Debuts Fall Flat

If you'd taken bets on the fall TV season, you would've done well to bet against NBC and CBS. Both networks have given votes of no-confidence to two of their most expensive shows. NBC exiled its thriller "Kidnapped," which had been shown on Wednesdays at 10 p.m., to Saturday nights starting Oct. 21. They might as well have exiled it to Siberia, since that's a notoriously bad time slot. For its part, CBS took the star-studded "Smith," which featured such heavy hitters as Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen, off the schedule and suspended production of future episodes. It even took the ominous step of removing it from its website. Meanwhile, ABC is in the catbird seat, with a revived "Desperate Housewives," the big Thursday winner in "Grey's Anatomy," and a fledgling hit in "Ugly Betty."

Party Favors: Trump Now Producing Vodka, Tower Records Goes Bye-Bye

Donald Trump may not drink, but that's not stopping him from slapping his name on the high-end Trump's Super Premium Vodka, the first cases of which arrived at New York's Kennedy Airport yesterday. A one-liter bottle of the stuff will sell for about $30 ... Say goodbye to Tower Records -- but maybe you'll get a deal on some CDs. The famed music chain, which has been around since 1969 and currently has 89 stores in 20 states, was sold yesterday to liquidation company Great American Group for $134.3 million. Great American told the Associated Press that going out of business sales will start as soon as possible, and the company plans to sell all the store's locations and lay off around 3,000 employees.

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No Avatar


It's a sad day for Team Aniston when Tori Spellman looks better than her! LOL

2908 days ago


It's "Grey's Anatomy", not Gray's Anatomy. They aren't showing the book on TV.

2908 days ago


Well, I guess Tori needs to borrow that shirt from Britney Spears that said "I have the Golden Ticket" (with the arrow pointing down at her belly), because that baby seems to be the only thing that will get her closer to mommy and daddy's fortune!

2908 days ago


It boggles the mind that anyone would care about the young Spelling, let alone want to see pictures of her pregnant. OH, PLEASE, SPARE ME!

She’s just another sad and pathetic Hollywierd denizen looking for a bit of publicity in the twilight of her career (such as it was). Even more sad is the thousands and thousands of dollars for cosmetic surgery and the best she can come up with is below average in appearance. Perhaps she should have redirected the money to therapy and personality alteration. Then at least she might have been more attractive on the inside.

2908 days ago


I really liked Smith.. It's a total bummer...

2908 days ago


We finally get an actor such as Ray Liotta that can really deliver on TV, could hardly wait for Smith to come to our TV set. Now the bad news, CBS sucks for their decision to remove Smith from lineup and CBS continues to piss off viewers with their constant bad choices. Ok, Smith could have used some tweaking, but to remove entirely is whacked. Smith far superceded other programs on CBS, it had a great crew, their gritty performances and, finally, a super intelligent storyline, rather like Heat or Miami Vice. Sh*t, I'm pissed, this is a bad morning.

2908 days ago


wow, i used to shop at Tower at Broadway and Great Jones in Manhattan all the time... welcome to the age of the internet.

2908 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

The Maven is wondering when this windbag Trump is going to put his name on the Empire State Bldg. and rrename the Washington Monument the Trump Monument? There's a rumor afoot that he plans to make the Statue of Liberty the Statue of Trump. There seems to be no stopping this publicity hound who should take some of his purported billions and buy himself a wig that doesn't make him look so damn freaky. He's not only a humongous bore, he's a humongous PITA to boot. .Truly a despicable pile of sh*t.

2908 days ago


Reading these articles makes me wonder who proof reads the text? Maybe TMZ should look for someone who knows English and knows how to look up correct spellings. Just a thought.

2908 days ago


Nick, Is it time to move on ?

2908 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    


2908 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    


2908 days ago


Those canceled shows were bad ideas to begin with!!! A show about a kidnapping over an entire season??? Talk about a snooze fest. And a badly named show about a professional thief...Negro Please!!! You folks who run the networks need to get ahold of Joss Whedon and give him the bucks and the room to do his thing!!! Now, I'm not going to give you guys any detailed ideas because I'm tired of posting ideas on comment pages like this one and getting ripped-off...but, there has to be more to a high concept series than just the initial concept gag or you'll run out of viewer interest after the first few airings!!! The show has to unfold fast and make its big reveal without stringing along viewers endlessly. People went through all those endless red herrings with "Lost" and they are tired of it!!! They now know they were duped!!! The producers are making the show up as they go along. There is no point to the show...the concept was just a network executive's gimmick to repeat the success of the reality show "Survivor." "Lost" fans have figured that out , and are starting to tune out on the show, as well as similar shows. These audiences are wisely starting to expect the same thing from all the various high concept "Lost" rip-off a result, they aren't tuning into those shows either!!!

2908 days ago


I, too am bummed that "Smith" got canned. I thought it was a great show, compared to all the crap on tv these days. Two episodes and I was hooked! CBS is making (another) incredibly bad decision...they should at least try it in another day/time slot.

2908 days ago


Tori looks better as she gets older. She looked like an ugly monster on 90210.

2908 days ago
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