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Brangelina Cause Near-Riot on Rickshaw Ride

10/9/2006 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently unable to afford more sophisticated vehicular transportation, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took a spin in a rickshaw in downtown Pune, India yesterday – and almost caused a riot in the process.
Brangelina: Click to watch
The couple decided to take 5-year-old son Maddox out for a little ride into town, except that, this being India, a massive throng of fans, photographers, cameramen, and reporters surrounded their little rickshaw every time they stopped, and a security detail in the rickshaw behind had to jump out just to keep the hordes at bay.

It all got a bit too much for the Jolie-Pitts, as they had to cut their ride short after 20 minutes. No word on their destination, but the couple is in town to shoot scenes for "A Mighty Heart," which Pitt is producing and Jolie is starring in.

Anna Nicole Residency-Buying Charges as Son is Mourned

Native Bahamians are up in arms about the speed with which Anna Nicole Smith obtained residency in the island – and they're accusing her of paying off the immigration minister with a $10,000 check to fast-track her application.

The Bahaman Free National Movement is claiming, as MSNBC reports, that Smith was given her residency in three weeks, which is much shorter than usual, though Shane Gibson, the immigration minister, says that it actually took three months. Gibson doesn't deny that, whatever the actual duration, "this one was done very quickly," and he says that there was once a "Czech financier" in 1995 who had his application approved in just over two months.

Meanwhile, amidst all the sordidness, Anna Nicole's late son Daniel Smith, whose body is still in the Bahamas, was remembered at a ceremony on Saturday at the First Baptist Church in his hometown of Mexia, Tex., where Daniel's father, Billy Smith, still lives. Relatives, who had not seen the boy in years, recalled their interactions with Daniel, especially his love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

"Departed" Arrives As Scorsese's Biggest Opening Ever

The cop drama "The Departed," starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Jack Nicholson, took the box office crown this weekend with just over $27 million, making it director Martin Scorsese's biggest opening by far. "Cape Fear," the 1991 film starring Robert De Niro, scored $10 million in its debut.

Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook didn't fare so well with "Employee of the Month," which came in third with an $11.8 million debut, while the latest "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" installment shocked audiences into shelling out $19.1 million in its opening frame.

Party Favors: Wynn Tears $140 Million Picasso, Rapper Jadakiss Arrested on Gun Charge

Hotel king Steve Wynn may have put his elbow through an incredibly expensive Picasso that he had sold to a billionaire fund manager. According to Page Six sources, the casino mogul was hosting a cocktail party at the Wynn Las Vegas when he accidentally put a tear in a Picasso painting "from the Blue period," worth almost $140 million. "I'm glad that was me," Wynn supposedly told his guests, including Barbara Walters and Nora Ephron ... Rapper Jadakiss, whose real name is Jason Phillips, was arrested Saturday at a traffic stop in New York on suspicion of a weapons possession. In 2004, the rapper, who has performed with Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez among others, was arrested on weapons possession charges in North Carolina, on which he reached a plea agreement.

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No Avatar


amanda and a few other people are the only wise people here
poor brad and angelina.. serisouly
they are ALWAYS bothered
their poor kids are constantly in danger
and they are too
please people stop talking
about diana
i feel like you guys are gonna jinx them or something
ok i know that sounds stupid
i reallllllly hope that doesnt happen i SERISOULY really dont want that to happen
i hope they pass a papparazi law soon!
seriously a law about paparazzi limitations should have been passed right after princess diana died
i cant belive those papparazi are so selfish that they dont care that they could be putting angelina brad and their kids lives in danger
its horrible

2835 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Brads bodyguard should be charged with a crime,brad should be sued due to the fact that he cannot control his posse,BRAD SUCKS ANYWAY,We dont want your pic no worse than we want to see you in another movie,hopefuly the movie he is doing will suck.All the babies that need adopting in this country,and they go and want one in another country.I wisk they would move to africa and stay forever.CELEBS SUCK

2899 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Brad and his ugly slut girl friend are really a pair of nauseating creatures.

2899 days ago

WAKE UP, TMZ. "Employee of the Month" came in fourth place, not third.

2899 days ago


The Universal obsession with Brad and Angelina is upsetting. I don't get it. Take away their jobs, they are regular people just like us. I wish the world would get over it and stop feeding into this frenzy. I have nothing against either of them, I just find this entire obsession disturbing.

2899 days ago


$140 million??? Geeze I can't believe they get away with gouging people for these paintings.After seeing a documentary on Picasso He's one manipulating character and by the end of his life he was only interested in money. Kind of hard for me to be in aw of Picasso after watching what he's was really about.

2899 days ago


I saw The Departed this weekend and it was an AWESOME movie....The humor was great.....every actor in that movie played their part to a tee and it kept you on your toes until the very was the fastest 2 1/2 hours and not to mention Leonardo , Mark , and Matt looked awesome as always......I would definently recommend this movie !!!!!

2899 days ago


I must agree with #6 that The Departed is an awesome movie. I did not want it to end because it was that good. I highly recommend it.

2899 days ago


The world is obsessed with Brad and Angelina because they are both world class actors, they travel the world for humanitarian causes, because they're beautiful, and because Princess DI is dead!

2899 days ago


Oh, and the police in India didn't arrest the bodyguard because the law allows reasonable force to protect from an aggressive intruder. He wasn't punched, beaten or harmed, that is reasonable force.

2899 days ago


Im sick of these 2, I don't care how much they donate, how many kids they adopt..they are still media whores who are trying to save face after they lied to the public and had a child out of wedlock..If your married and unhappy, get a divorce, but don't have a relationship with someone else first, and get her knocked up before the divorce is final..IMO

2899 days ago


Okay those photogs are going to kill themselves or someone else. If you want to endanger your own life fine, go ahead, but Brad and Angelina had their sone with them. This video reminds me of the way Princess Diana was killed, and it is scary. # 1 and #2, please give me a break, you obviouly have some personal issues with people whom you have never met. Get a life!!!!

2899 days ago

the wise old owl    

The Magestry of The Bahama's took a pay off BIG TIME from Anna Nicole to speed up the process of residentcy. She is decietful and devios. Nothing she does is in the interest of her children. SELFISH, SELFISH , SHELFISH.

Like I said before she has an AGENDA big time. Why she feels it's more important to hide from a paternity test then to lay her dead son to rest, is just beyond me ? Doesn't she understand that all her actions leave behind a trail of her misguided judgement? It is more obvious than ever now that she KNOWS who the father is.........BIRKHEAD. I hope when this paternity test is done and shows that he is the father. That he sues her for pain, suffering and anguish for not allowing him to BOND with his child.

As soon as she tries to enter into the U.S. her passport will be siezed and she will HAVE TO TAKE THAT TEST. ( if the court orders it so which will be announced on Oct. 26 th. ).................... SHAME ON YOU ANNA. You can't hide forever.

To pay off goverment officials to speed up your residentcy in the Bahama's is an act of a DESPERATE woman who will stop at nothing to keep a father away from his baby. THAT REALLY SUCKS . YOu think she would have learned what that feels like. But than again, when you are on that much medication you don't feel anything. She is truly pathetic. She would never get away with this shit if she was in the U.S.

2899 days ago


never let it be said that Brad and Angelina detractors can be influence by the truth!

The divorce was pronounced on 19 August, in Los Angeles Superior Court by retired Judge Jill S. Robbins, according to court records obtained Monday.
"Marital or domestic partnership status is terminated and the parties are restored to the status of single persons," the papers said.

Shiloh was born a little over 9 months after this. I just wish these stupid people would do some research. And as for illegitimate child, over half of holywood does that. Why pick on these two?

2899 days ago

Miss Smith    

They are obviously upset with how much attention they receive too.

2899 days ago
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