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Stars Still Dancing to the Bank?

10/10/2006 3:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

graphic of a question markDo the celebs get paid to be on "Dancing with the Stars"?

Dancing with the StarsAs it turns out, Frances, the celebs who appear on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" do get monetarily rewarded for all of the blood, sweat and tears they put into those grueling practices. However, according to past celebs, like season two winner Drew Lachey, the payoff is pocket change compared to the big ratings the network receives. It is reported that they get a measly (if that's what you want to call it) $245,000 for up to eight weeks of dancing. And for those of you too lazy to do the math, that breaks down to $30,625 a week. Do with that what you will.

We'll still continue to watch, though. And make sure you tune in tonight at 8pm for the results show! For more TV news, read this.

graphic of a question markWasn't Cassie a model for Delia's before she became a singer?

Cassie You're absolutely right, Tyra. Cassie used to play dress up and pose for the teen fashion mag before making it big as a sultry songstress. She moved to New York in 2004 and began modeling while pursuing her dream of being an artist. Along with Delia's, she also appeared in Abercrombie & Fitch and Adidas ads, as she states on her myspace page.

For more models who have stuck to the runway (and had the runway stick it to them), you've got to check this out.

graphic of a question markIs Josh Hartnett attached to anyone?

Josh Hartnett Margo, we have this sexy stud attached to Scarlett Johansson. Not only is she his leading lady in real life -- they also got pretty close for a few steamy scenes in "The Black Dahlia." But Scarlett's not the only famous leading lady to garner Josh's affection. Hartnett has also been linked to Katie Holmes, before Tom Cruise of course.

graphic of a question markWhere is Catherine Zeta-Jones?

Catherine Zeta-JonesMost days, Joyce, you could find Catherine Zeta-Jones in T-Mobile spots, but she's recently been dropped by the cellular company. Although her contract will not be renewed come year's end, there's still reason to smile -- her time spent with them is the longest of any celebrity spokesperson in wireless industry history. Zeta-Jones will still be around encouraging you to "Get More," but you can expect much less of her when 2007 rolls around.

This fabulous actress isn't down for the count, though. She'll be appearing in a number of movies next year.

For more on the lives of Catherine and her better half, click here.

graphic of a question markWhen does the second season of "The Hills" start?

Lauren ConradAs if there wasn't already enough teen drama in the world, MTV's "The Hills" will be soon be rolling out season two. Although an air date has not yet been set, shooting has already begun! The first season ended with LC choosing to stay in LA versus accepting a Paris internship, which of course we all know was a bad decision. Maybe this second time around will show how much she's grown since breaking it off with her troublemaking ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler.

If you're a true MTV junkie like some of us here, you know that "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel" begins tomorrow night at 10pm. If you're not, there's your reminder!

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No Avatar


Of course they get paid! Most of the "stars" on this show are washed up has-beens!! I'm sure they wouldn't set foot on that dance floor without some type of payment!!! I don't know about you, but $245,000 sounds pretty good to me!!!!

2932 days ago


I vote for Springer all the way. He dances like us real people.

2932 days ago


The Hills is so boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was very disappointed with the 1st season. Lauren seems to be wishy-washy about everything she does!!

2932 days ago


Oh, I feel SO sorry for them. Over 30,000 per week? That's just pitiful. Tell them to come crying to me when they dip down to a paltry $400/week and living paycheck to paycheck. This article makes me want to gag.

2932 days ago


I think Mario should star in Schreech's next movie "SAVED BY THE SMELL2 revenge of the ass"

2932 days ago


If I were a "washed up" star, as all of these stars who are "Dancing with the Stars" are, I wouldn't complain about $30K per week. I also wouldn't call it "measley." I would call it an opportunity to get your career back on track and to pay some bills. It just seems like some of these "b" stars are so greedy and ungrateful..

2932 days ago


All you jealous people, shame, shame!! You are calling them washed up..but they are successful and good at what they do. You guys will spend all your lives as wannabees and leading mediocre lives, scraping by..and spending all your time blogging and criticizing everyone else you are jealous of.

2932 days ago


Oh Kelly, Kelly. No one is jeolous of anyone. They are has beens and are greedy! Come on now, you make $245,000. for eight weeks worth of work? I think not unless you are doing something nasty. Drew Lachey is the biggest has been around he should be grateful for working at all!!!

2932 days ago


Kelly #6, Admit it, they are washed-up and looking for any opportunity to be back in the spotlight. And who are you to call anyone's life "mediocre"? You seem like a miserable BITCH!!!!!!!!

2932 days ago


Dear Kelly: GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! # 7 & 8 are right on target!!!!

2932 days ago


Mario is hot, if he f**** the way he dances ,he could do me anytime!

2932 days ago


This show is a huge joke. This is not about who is the best dancer, instead, is is all about which contestant the audience like the best. Go back over last few years, and you see that those that could not dance a lick was kept on over those that where the better dancer. My wife watches this show, and she knows that I am always right because I only debated the issue I know about. Those in America that watches this show got to half a very low IQ among many other issues.

2932 days ago


#11 your a hater!!!!!!

2932 days ago


No. 11:
Most of the people I know are college graduates that watch the show-but to you I presume that is the lower half of the I.Q. range. You say your wife watches the show? Is that what you think of her? I hope not. It looks like you watch the show as well.

Personally, it's a scam that the really good dancers are voted off and the ones with fans stay on-but we know that going in to the show. I didn't know the amount of money they receive, and some of the posters are correct. It would be greed no to be grateful for that amount of money, or any money at all. As far as has beens most of the stars are not people that are easily recognizable, unlike Harry Hamlin or perhaps Vivica A. Fox in movies. Jerry Springer also.

I agree with Suzy's comments, No.5. It is a chance to be seen and maybe kick start a career again.

2932 days ago


That's it, I will no longer watch the program. Why are these people getting paid. If they want money to be taught by a professional dancer, then they should pay for it themselves, not $30,000.00 a week. They are not all well known, they should be happy for the little bit of fame they are getting. No wonder their were 11 couples this year, I'd take the gig.

2932 days ago
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