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The Poop on Oprah

10/10/2006 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey gabs about all kinds of topics of national and emotional import on her show -- but the one thing she seems to be truly obsessed with is poop. As in human feces.

On yesterday's show, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Oprah's on-demand dispenser of medical info, answered the call of doody to explain the intricacies, vagaries, and complexities of poop. "More people stop me about poop than Brad Pitt," declared Oprah, explaining that her previous shows on the topic have generated considerable buzz from her acolytes.

Oz helped Oprah understand why poop is the color it is (it's because of the bile, which is brown), why it's best if it comes out shaped like an "S" (though it's OK if it's shaped like a comma or a "C"), and why some people actually produce white poop (a deficiency of bile). Oprah thought that last tidbit was definitely a little kaka-eyed. "I have never heard of white poop in my whole life," said a skeptical O.

But leaving her Midtown hotel recently, the Queen of All Media almost looked as though she might have to attend to a little, um, fecal matter right there in the middle of Manhattan! You go, girl!


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no pervs allowed    

Darth Oprah is so rich, her poop does not smell it just garners high ratings among her clones and more money for her evil empire.

2845 days ago

Erica Frantz    

I don't really need to hear that from Oprah. Kinda gross. There have gotta be better things to talk about.

2845 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Get a life TMZ and stop with your mean spirited and homo neurotic tendencies already. You call this news? Anything to give your so called insiders (lacking in the most basic common sense) a platform. Wankers.

2845 days ago


Happy to have missed this show.

2845 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

You wouldn't have heard about it if TMZ hadn't posted it here. Unless you watched the show which nobody makes you watch.

2845 days ago


Pretty yucky!

2845 days ago


I could give a crap what Oprah does . . .

2845 days ago


Um this is a very gross story! I would think people would ask her about wacky tom jumping up and down like a cuckoo bird on the couch rather then asking about a pile of sh*t.

2845 days ago

El Barto    

TMZ, this "story" is an unnecessary gross-out. A lot of us surf your website during lunch breaks and are looking for some juicy fun to perk up the day, not to get grossed out. Go back to reporting on parties, bling, fashion, and scandal, please!

2845 days ago


If oprah wants to talk about fecal matter let her. Either she'll plop
or she'll be exemplified. She is daring to answer the questions people
are afraid to ask. I'm not an oprah fan but am a fan of
open-mindeness. As far as the news selling this as a story, well u
guys did read it right?

2845 days ago

Bruce Perkins    

wow, the last comment was posted at or a little afer and its only 230 here in Texas

2845 days ago


You people are lame, how old are you? 4?
"Oooh, poopy stinks, I dont want to talk about poopy" This is a serious subject and Oprah brought it to light. It's called medical information, it's something that can help you.
You all probably thought Katie Couric's colonoscopy was "yucky" too- but that saved some people's lives. HELLO?

So, go ahead and keep reading the latest about Paris and greasy bear and rag on people that are trying to inform you and better your life.

2845 days ago

Bruce Perkins    

actually this topic is very good because my mom has been to doctor after doctor recently because of diareha. And it really is a major upset in her life.

2845 days ago

Bruce Perkins    

constantly having to go all the time

2845 days ago

Sally Wieck    

Looks like Oprah is getting a little desperate for subject matter. But, it keeps focus off her and her female friend - of which Oprah has stated their friendship is "different".

2845 days ago
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