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Mel Surrenders to Sawyer

10/11/2006 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson says he's "indefensible" against the power of alcohol.

Gibson tells ABC's Diane Sawyer about his feeling powerless in his lifelong fight against alcoholism, telling her "Even fear, the risk of everything, life, limb, family, is not enough to keep you from it, that's the hell of it."

TMZ broke the story detailing Gibson's anti-Semitic tirade the night of his DUI arrest in Malibu. He has since pleaded no contest to drunk driving and was sentenced to three years probation. The actor has also entered an Alcoholics Anonymous program.

The full interview with Mel will air tomorrow and Friday on "Good Morning America" and it appears that Mel Gibson's tour of attrition is already working. TMZ posed the question to our readers yesterday "Do you forgive Mel?" and the response was a bit surprising.

At last check, nearly 7,500 people voted in the poll, with nearly two-thirds voting yes.

Seems like whatever Mel is saying, it's working so far.


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Ah yes - this board again. It's been a while since I've seen some of these names and read the drivel - so here - take some of mine. Like I even care what maven, think - but can't wait to find out. It'll be an early Christmas prezzy.

So Mel insulted the jews - he apologized and to everyone's surprise - NOT FORGIVEN. Michael Richards uses the "n" word over and over - and to our further surprise apologizes and is NOT FORGIVEN. *Sigh!

Then there's the POPE - who dares to read a text that insults the core of islam - and to our overwhelming surprise - is NOT FORGIVEN - after several apologies.

Has anyone here read about Rosie's ching-chong boo-boo on the View? Well I told her to forget about apologizing to the asians - she won't be FORGIVEN anyway. It's how things are. So------------------have at it folks. Says what you want - without apology - you won't be forgiven anyway.

Now if I've missed any insulted groups or individuals and have failed to apologize - too bad - I'm not going to.

Have a nice day!

2875 days ago


It's annoying how he is just apologizing to every single Jew he sees.

2934 days ago


Well i guess we should all realize that he would probably get it worse if he said something else like racist towards black people or something- i doubt anyone would say anything if he said it ab mexicans' etc- just depends on which one you pick on which is just sad overall- let it go- move on- the only reason it is even an issue is because people are overreacting- everyone can have their own opinion- who cares how he feels about anyone else- what's the big deal?

2934 days ago


He has contributed too much to just watch him slide, and ruin himself...
Apologizing is one of the first steps to healing...tackling the demons straight on.
wishing him luck...

2934 days ago


I was a heavy drinker. AA did nothing for me. You go to meetings and hear everyone there tell you they are alcoholics. All they try to do is sell you there books and stuff. If you want to quit you will and can.

2934 days ago


If this idiot was a true christain, he wouldnt be the alcoholic racist scumbag schovenstic pig we all see. The reason the media and everyone is making such a big deal about this is because he has convinced all these stupid brainwashed christians that he serves The Lord so you idiots can make him more rich and go see his movies. The same thing goes for Bush, they have all you brainwashed christians bible readers thinking they read the bible, only for their wealth and power. Than in reality they go agaisnt everything the religion preaches. They could both shoot a baby in the head on national television and you would still defend him just because they say they are a chrisitian. I dont read the bible or concider myself a chrisitan and would never say the racist things he said agaisnt any group of people or get in my car when Im piss ass drunk to go kill people. All you people that defend him all need to get a new celebrity to look up too.... A real talented person that doesnt have to be part of any religion to get already brainwashed fans.

2934 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Mel,its called an alcoholic,and a racist,You need AAA every day, or you need to check into rehab,but you wont,and we will be reading about you in the near future,I hope you dont drive and KILL some innocent person next time you are drunk,and there will be a next time.If you dont we will see you behind bars,and i am not talking about the bars you are thinking of,JAIL BARS DUDE,JUST LIKE YOUR HOE FREIND PARIS. they need to lock her up because shes still drinking just like you are.

2934 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Sober 65 days, I bet not,you dont just quit drinking,if it were that easy we wouldnt have alcoholics,we would just have drinkers,Take a poll ,Do you think Mel has quit drinking,NO,100 PERCENT ,NO

2934 days ago


He's definitely a self-admitted addict...this is so sad .

Please do not judge so harshly. And do NOT equate human killing mongrel BUSH with Mel. Two different people. Mel is AGAINST the war, so read up on your facts, please.

He does need to deal with this hard core addiction. Sad.

2934 days ago


Screw Mel and his BS apologies. If anyone is bothered, they can read up on the actual sect of Catholicism that Mel and his daddy belong to. To call them anti-semitic- well, it's like saying the KKK don't like black folks too much. In other words, a real freakin understatement.

The church says the Holocaust was overexaggerated, that the utterly ridiculous "zion and the protocols..:" book is real (it's supposedly proof positive of a worldwide conspiracy of nasty, evil Jews- and it's BS too, actually a forgery of a earlier tirade against invading Napoleanic forces- swap 'french' for 'jew' and you get the idea)- the church he has lived his whole life in is as anti-jew as one can get. Mel didn't get drunk and say something stupid, Mel got plastered and let his true feelings show. Granted, most of us have been catastrophically drunk and done something dumb- but how many of us have just spontaneously turned racist?

2934 days ago


I think that Mel is doing what he needs to heal. I applaud his courage with his requests for forgiveness from the Jewish community. He will need to continue humbling himself, if he wants to remain sober and level headed. My prayers are with him and his family. I think Mel will come out of this even more fabulous and respected than before this incident.

2934 days ago


Looks to me like he playing the role of a lifetime. He's not remorseful, he caught red handed tying to commit murder by driving drunk with his vehicle as the weapon.

Why don't all the Mel "lovers" stand in the middle of the road. We'll get Mel drunk put him behind the wheel of a semi and let him run you all down. Then will all except his apologies cuss no big loss anyway. Right?

2934 days ago

We, are not amused.    

If you work in Hollywood long enough, not only will you hate Jews, but lazy ass teamsters, and spics who work craft services and spit in the food.

2934 days ago

Actually I Surprise Myself    

#3, being a Christian does not mean you don't make mistakes. It means you have forgiveness for your mistakes. Mel is a practicing Christian by making a mistake and asking forgiveness. The more you grow as a Christian the more your life and how you live it will reflect how "grown up" of a Christian you are. Perhaps Mel is still in the baby stages, or just had a regression ... maybe call it a midlife crisis in his Christian life. To say someone is not a true Christian because they make a mistake is saying you must think Christians are perfect. In reality, church is a Hospital For Sinners, and Mel is doing the right thing. Yes he was wrong for what he did, he knows that, he admits that, he can't change that, he can only ask forgiveness and move forward with whatever God has in store for him. No matter how bad something is, whether it happens to you (as in a victim) or you cause it to happen to yourself (as in making your own mistakes), a true Christian will find something good to take from it and that is exactly what Mel has done... is doing. When you condem all us "brainwashed Christians" perhaps you need to take a cue from Mel and NOT spew your hate towards others, lest you be the one judged by all. Just learn from him, the results are not pretty, and you certainly seem to have hate in large supply. Alcoholic, racist, chauvenist, scum bag.... as you call him, but isn't he lucky he has hope and spirituality, forgiveness and eternal life regardless of these qualities you say he has?

I for one have done my share of mistakes, wished I could take them back but of course can't. The day I can't forgive someone, no matter what... well thats the day I ask for all my mistakes to be held against me. I think I'll forgive Mel the same as I forgive John, #3 for spewing hate against me and my faith, brainwashed we are not.

2934 days ago



2934 days ago
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