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More Problems for Rockstar Supernova

10/11/2006 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rockstar SupernovaMagni and Storm Large, two finalists in the top 5 on the CBS reality show "Rockstar: Supernova," have been essentially fired from the opening act on the upcoming Rockstar Supernova tour.

This is just the latest controversy to besiege Tommy Lee's new band, Rockstar Supernova, since the reality show wrapped production last month.

First a California punk band claimed rights to the name Supernova and sought an injunction to halt the television act from performing or recording under the "Supernova" brand, unless they changed or added words to the name. A San Diego judge ruled in favor of the punk band and forced the CBS backed group to find a new moniker. For once Davey trumped Goliath!

Tommy Lee and the rest of the band, including the show's winner Lukas Rossi, changed the name to Rockstar Supernova.

With a tour scheduled to begin on New Year's Eve in Vegas, the bill's opening act was to include The Panic Channel, host Dave Navarro's latest band, as well as, fellow contestants Toby Rand, Dilana, Magni, Storm Large and the program's House Band.

But now TMZ has learned that due to financial reasons Magni, Storm Large and the House Band have been kicked off the tour. Toby and Dilana are still on board (thank God!), but will now be backed by Toby Rand's Australian group Juke Kartel. Evs!

Though this is sure to be a blow to Storm Large and Magni, who is already a bona fide sensation in his native Iceland, the real question is how fans will react to the news.

And while Magni and Storm will be sorely missed, we're still hoping they add the ever unpredictable and fabulous Zayra Alvarez to the bill.

A call to Rockstar Supernova's record label was not immediately returned.




No Avatar


Dear readers,
I love rockstar supernova. And everbody in that band has amazing talent and have earned there right to be at the top of the music charts. For all those people who dont like Tommy lee, lukas or anyone else in the band thats your problem and your lose because every one in that band is CRAZY TALENTED!!

love ur biggest fan xoxo
Motley crue roxxx!!

2853 days ago


Hey!!! All the power to all you guys. There are always ups and downs and things always look up. Keep heads up high.. No giving up. As for Lukas our Canadian boy CONGRATS, your voice is great and I know that Sn has made a great choice. You all rock.... Love the new music and the old music. See you on the charts...


2849 days ago


What is true and what isn't? Would somebody please tell me! Saw the band
New Years Eve on T.V., I have a great sound system, the commercials were great
but when the band came on the voice of Lukas was so intermittant it ruined it for the night and the band was real soft...what gives?Can't wait to hear you in Philly.
The hell with everyone else.

p.s. Where was Jason Newstead New Years Eve?

2849 days ago


Tommy Lee you are managing the show GREAT! dont listen to 'em!

2932 days ago


One word..........KARMA!!!

Oh.....and......Pukas Rossi sucks!!!!!

2932 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Tommy lee is as stupid as paris hilton,hated the show because of stupid lee and as long as he has any thing to do with the show ,i wont watch,hopefuly it will NEVER come on again,,the other 2 guys are ok but stupid Lee is as dumb as they come,HATE TOMMY LEE,wish he would crawl back under the rock he came from

2932 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

hey stupid,can you add 2+2=?I bet tommy lee cant add this up,i hope this guy dont EVER have kids,if he does his name will be" stupid"thats tommy lees tradmark

2932 days ago


What a putz first picking a lamo singer then firing the best of the rest...I want my money back for the overpriced ticket.

2932 days ago


Your'e the one that's stupid. You can't spell and Tommy Lee already has two kids.
I guess STUPID is your trademark!

2932 days ago


Well this is a great opportunity for The Housband Storm and Magni-They should tour together I would pay Gazillions to see them. But I wont be at any Rockstar supernova consert. The guy´s in that band at to lame!!!

2932 days ago


Big mistake! The Hourseband and Storm were the only reasons why I even considered buying a concert ticket.

2932 days ago


What stinks is that Storm had to find out from fans who found out from Magni's website. The only reason I was going was to see Storm, Magni, Toby and House Band. They'll all be around long after Stupidnova burns out and implodes. Looks like it's imploding now. Let's see, who is #5 on Billboard? Storm Large. Where is Supernono? NOWHERE ON THE LIST! Guess she's too successful for them. Good Luck on the tour Navarro, maybe they'll set you free too. Can't wait to hear your licks on the new version of "Ladylike".

2932 days ago


Who on God's earth would rather see Zayra over Storm? I had to fast forward every time they even showed her. And Storm will be a big hit with or without Supernova. I don't think they will see a 10th of the succsess that INXS has.

2932 days ago


You have got to be kidding ! I give the TMZ staff writers a ZERO
on Street Cred when this writer calls that no talent Zayra fabulous.
Stick to writing about the things you know....... Paris Hilton.

2931 days ago

Bill Clinton    

It is really unfortunate that Tommy Lee did not have the forsight and more importantly enough business sense to forsee, calulate and prepare for these situations in advance. Come on, someone was not placed in charge of research for the name"Supernova" prior to investing everyone's time ,money and talent?? NOW after your fans have sat in front of the tv for weeks waiting for the ultimate climax of your selection of your band leader (By the way...another poor selection, sometimes you must take the low road in order to reach a higher ground)
AND now you figure out ( or want a bigger piece of the pie) that there is not enough room in the budget??? GET REAL....My will lose you butt on this upcoming tour and will quickly disolve...until another pathetic attempt to rescue your floundering career!!! What's next year...Tommy and the two-tones???

2931 days ago
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