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Estranged Wife to The Hoff: "Up Your Ante"

10/12/2006 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Hasselhoff's lavish lifestyle could come back to bite him in the swimming trunks. In court documents obtained by TMZ, Hasselhoff's estranged wife Pamela Bach claims during the marriage, the Hoff dropped a cool $100,000 a month on credit card expenses.

Bach is asking the judge to increase child support to $31,546 a month. Bach is also asking to increase her spousal support to $45,463 a month. A Hasselhoff rep tells TMZ that up to now the parties had an informal agreement in which living expenses were paid.

Bach says The Hoff has pleaded poverty in the divorce case, claiming to have made $5,001 a month for the last 12 months (we don't know where the one extra dollar came from). Bach scoffs at Hasselhoff's alleged income, noting he's been on a hit TV show ("America's Got Talent"), published a tell-all book (Making Waves) and has had plum roles in movies ("Sponge Bob Square Pants" and "Click").

Bach's lawyer quotes an article from PEOPLE in her court papers. Hasselhoff tells the magazine, "I could fly to the Eiffel Tower for lunch, have a croissant and come back and not worry about the price."

The Hasselhoff rep tells TMZ that the actor never claimed he made only $5,000 a month.


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the wise old owl    

This guy is such a CHEAP SKATE. I mean come on here. They were married for 14 years and she DESERVES half of everything they made together during those years. It's not HIS $$$ , it is THEIR $$$. Being the mooch that he is,,, was able to get away with that by bamboozling her in the pre-nup. What a GREEDY prick.

She should get every penny she asks for. For both her and the children. They became accustumed to a certain lifestyle and he is responsible for maintaining that. She bore him children, gave up her youth , beauty and time to this jerk so that's the least he can do.

Imagine lying about the money you make so you can cheat your wife and children out of what is their's. This guy is unbevlievable. Just when I though he couldn't possibly get any worse.........HE DOES. His ego and his big mouth has made it public knowledge how much $$$ he makes. I don't know who he thinks he is trying to fool. Broke my ass.......... .......what a idiot.!!!!!!!

2898 days ago


Wise old owl- are you high? It's not their money unless they were the ones in those bright red shorts that were far too short for anyone's sanity or taste. Or the car KITT, for that matter. The whole family wasn't there, so no, it's not their money. It's his. He of course does need to support his family to a certain degree, but let's face it- she can't expect to leave the Hoff but keep the all perks.

As for maintaining their lifestyle- if she wants that lifestyle, she either stays with him or she makes it for herself. Why should he have to pay for her to go the salon anymore? Child support, of course, goes without saying- the kids and wife don't deserve poverty or *gasp* Walmart, but really, is 75 ,000 necessary to keep your kids fed and clothed? 75,000 a month- not a year. My family's entire gross income for the year is less than 75,000.

Half of the marital assets, child support and a reasonable amount of alimony- that woman is better positiioned financially than most of us in North America. 45,000 a month for alimony is ridiculous.

2898 days ago

the wise old owl    

Imagine putting up with this guy's pompus ass for 14 years. Think of all the pain and suffering this poor woman must have went through. I can't stomach looking at him, let alone living with him. Yuck !

There probably wasn't a mirror in the house this guy could pass up. He must have talked incessantly about himself. Blah blah this and blah blah that. How boring it must have gotten. HIs ego and head so large it must have gotten caught in his front door on numourous occastions

. I don't think she is asking for enough.. She should throw in a request for pain and suffering money too. My God , what she must have endured. I hope a woman judge decides the case. She'll give him what he has coming to him. HIt him where it hurts the most.....his pocket book. What a selfish bastard.

2898 days ago

the wise old owl    

Mimi post # 3 : I'm not high,,,,,,yet.! ha ha lol.

Anyway if you read my post I said she deserves half the $$ that they obtained during the years they were TOGETHER. Not before that.

That would exclude any money he earned by himself ...BEFORE he married her. I agree it sounds very excessive , but that is the common law in California. I have been married for 30 years. If I divorsed my wife tomarrow she is intitled to half our earnings. Marriage is a partnership. Not this is MIINE ALL MINE kind of mentality.. If you want to have it that way. Then don't get married.

Otherwise it is fair and common practice you split it up 50/50.................just wanted to clear that up.

2898 days ago


Hoff has money , dont let anyone tell you different . He can afford $77,000 or more a month and much of it will go to his children................

2898 days ago

Cheyanne Martin    

This man is a L O O S E R!!!!!
How much longer do we have to read about him and his drunk rages and now he is CHEAP!!!
That poor Pamela! All those years with him. Hope she finds a real man!
He isn't fine anymore!
His wife should have ask for more money....
He lives too high - time he start taking care of his family - even though he left them. SHAM ON DAVIE HASSELHOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF his parents must be so ashamed. Why hasn't TMZ talked to his parents? What do they say about his actions. Or don't they care? Are they still alive...
His children must be hidding their heads at school.
Maybe they will change their names...
They should take their mothers name. She seems like a really nice person.

2898 days ago


These golddigging bitches are all alike. They don't want to work for a living because women are selfish, lazy bums who seem to think they deserve a rich husband to take care of them, even after they get divorced. These women are losers. Tell The Hoff's ex-wife to get a damn job and quit living off a man like some kind of parasite. That goes for all of you parasitic golddiggers. Men don't owe you anything! No wonder I'm so ashamed to be female.

2897 days ago

Cheyanne Martin    

The Hofffffs wife deserves money. She gave her career up for him and stood by him... had 2 children by him... Besides he just drinks his money...
Lady to lady... there is something wrong with you...

2897 days ago

Get over it    

Can anyone explain to me why spousal support is more money than child support for two kids? Can't this stupid bitch get a f***ing job?

2896 days ago

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