Hoff Laughs Off Daughter's 'Suicide Attempt'

9/27/2006 4:04 PM PDT

Hoff Laughs Off Daughter's "Suicide Attempt"

David Hasselhoff is laughing off rumors that his daughter attempted to commit suicide, calling them a "big ball of tabloid garbage."

Though multiple police sources told TMZ the former "Baywatch" star reported that his younger daughter was "cut" and it was a suicide attempt, Hasselhoff's ex-wife Pamela Bach alleges David used the story to make her look like a bad parent and lied to the cops about it. Bach says it was really a cat scratch. Hasselhoff denies calling 911 about a suicide attempt, but his publicist says the 911 operator may have interpreted it that way.

While promoting his movie "Click" overseas, The Hoff explained his side of the story, saying, "my other daughter told me she scratched herself so I thought, oh my god my daughter's cut herself; not to kill herself, she scratched herself... I still don't know the full story, whether it was the cat or what so I called the paramedics."

While claiming everything was blown out of proportion, Hasselhoff adds his daughter had it worst. "She went, 'Oh great dad now I've got to go to school while all the kids look at me.'"