Hasselhoff Domestic Violence Documents Revealed

3/23/2006 9:50 PM PST

Hasselhoff Domestic Violence Documents Revealed

TMZ has obtained unsealed documents in the David Hasselhoff divorce case, in which his estranged wife Pamela claims the actor terrorized her.

Many of the documents were blacked out. However, in Pamela's application for domestic violence, a portion is still readable. Pamela claims in December 2005, David "grabbed me and pushed me hard into a car." She adds: "In the past, he has also broken my nose and called me 'whore,' 'c**t,' 'bitch,' 'slut' and 'drug addict' in front of our children."

She claims last February, David "told me that he was going to break through my security gate, drive his car through the house, beat the door down and go into the house and take my(sic) all of my jewelry and sell it."
Sources tell TMZ that Hasselhoff denies all allegations against him. It is unclear if the judge granted the order.

On March 6, 2006, the judge ordered David to stay 100 yards away from Pamela and her residence. The judge also ordered him to give up any firearm.

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