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K-Fed: Buy My Clothes, Yo

10/12/2006 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin FederlineKevin Federline hosted a party at Kitson Men for the clothing line he's the spokesmodel for, Five Star Vintage. K-Fed pulled up in his silver Ferrari, sans Britney, and rushed passed the press waiting outside.

Once inside, K-Fed posed with a few baby t-shirts he had picked out (one read "Pooparazzi") while a DJ played tracks from his new album -- which happens to come out on Halloween. Insert your own "trick or treat" joke here.

Also, and we don't model for any clothing lines or anything, but when you do an event for a clothing company, shouldn't you show up in something a little nicer than a white t-shirt?

As for the celebrity turnout, there was, um ... the guy who played Marcia Cross' gay son's boyfriend on "Desperate Housewives." Does that count?


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I agree M2. He's at least trying. Do you really blame the guy?? I think he has talent and just wants a chance. Who likes to be sh*t on? I'm sure he doesn't. I'm sure he will be fine but I'm hoping he will be without Britney backing him up on contracts and deals and such.
He's looking a hell of alot better than she is these days. It seems she's took a downward spiral.
Kevin is trying unlike Britney. Britney knows since she's single that she has a better chance of reinventing herself. By the time it's all over and her next cd comes out-everyone will be sick of her. Leave it to her ratty hair, crotch showing, and paris stripper partying to ruin it for her.
Go K-Fed!! Keep your head up cuz there are people that do love ya!!

2866 days ago


You do as your role models show, it's all a vicious cycle.

He's clearly neither black nor a fag. He acts like the gangsta rap showed him to act when he was younger, many, many people do, both white and black.

It's ok not to like him, but there's no need to name call or bash. That is immature to the extreme.

2865 days ago

Travis Bickle    

The only way i'll ever buy KFAG's clothes is to wear to his funeral.

2935 days ago


you gotta give it to him for not throwing in the towel. i respect him for continuing to work even though everyone seems to be against him. that takes some guts.

2935 days ago


GO AWAY....................GO AWAY.......................GO AWAY! SHAVE AND ACT LIKE THE COLOR YOU ARE!

2935 days ago

Biotch Please!    

Act like the color you are?

KKK white sheet or Nazi Goosestep Green?

2935 days ago


I think what #3 so eloquently meant to say was"STOP ACTING BLACK".
It's no secret that K-Fag thinks he's African American, and it bother many of us that he acts that way when indeed he is not...

2935 days ago

Biotch Please!    

I don't listen to hip hop, I have an advanced degree, I don't wear baggy trousers, I am Christian as are most of my African American friends...NONE of us partake of the ignorance that YOU GOOD WHITE FOLKS (sarcasm) are labeling as BLACK or African American...

I see most of your SHEETS, BURNING CROSSES and SWASTIKAS are showing with all of this IGNORANCE you believe about Black folks... Just because someone has a rap album does not make them speak for the WHOLE of the experience of Black folks...It is just what dumb, ignorant azz crackas (sarcasm) want ot believe about the WHOLE of Black folk...


2935 days ago


When is this WIGGER gonna to grow up?!?? For that matter, when is Britney going to see the light?

And poster #5--
I get what #3 poster is saying. K-FAG is a little too ethnic (to the point of nausium) to be KKK-Fed or Nazi. He's been with Shar and you know that ol' saying:Once you go Black you never wanna go back! (Shar was too good for him, anyway! I don't know what she say in his lazy, white-ass).

He needs to tone it down a bit with his so-called blackness, which he isn't. Hence, the reason he's a WIGGER. I agree with #3 poster---he needs to shave, AND get a serious wardrobe make over, and act a little less obnoxious with this blackness.

2935 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

Oh for the love of God, now he's dictating who her dancers are supposed to be?! This just shows yet again that he's insecure & an idiot, nothing new there. I'm, from the south too but damn I'd never let my husband boss me around, she needs to pull her head out of her ass & drop him. What a dumb bitch she turned out to be she gives all southerners a bad name.

2935 days ago


Why is this fagget still news? K-fag is noithing but a wanna be poser with a wee little prick.

2935 days ago


Britney could do a hell of a lot better. Who the hell would let K-fag get his own clothing line anyway?

2935 days ago


Wow. Most of you seem like judgmental children with nothing better to do...

Kevin's got my respect, no doubt. He's come from nothing and he's handling his business!

Too many pass premature judgments and paint a false image of celebrities for their own entertainment, it seems. The fact that Kevin could brush it off and still focus on what he's trying to accomplish is very admirable.

Right on!


2935 days ago


"Kevin's got my respect, no doubt. He's come from nothing and he's handling his business! "

Yeah, he is handling his business of failure like a pro :)

2927 days ago


K-Fed? Acting Black? what does that mean?? ohhh you mean hanging out on a street corner without a job driking 40? or maybe you mean asking a woman 'can he hit that', instead of using english? I am black and I am offended by the term acting 'black'. try acting like someone decent and smart and educated dumb asses!!

2925 days ago
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