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Warrant Served in Mel Gibson Case

10/12/2006 2:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has gone after the deputy who arrested Mel Gibson with a vengeance. At the same time, it appears little has been done to determine if top brass gave Gibson special treatment and deceived the media.
James Mee, Mel Gibson
Sheriff's sources confirm to TMZ that the Department obtained a search warrant and raided the home of Deputy James Mee on September 13th. We're told deputies went inside and took Mee's computer, phone records and other documents. Sheriff's Department sources say the Department got the warrant because officials believed Deputy Mee leaked four pages of the original arrest report to TMZ. The Sheriff's Department claims it's a crime for a law enforcement officer to leak confidential documents.

The warrant is still sealed and the results of the search have not been made public.

TMZ contacted Mee's lawyer, Richard Shinee, who would not comment on the warrant.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff's Department claims it is still investigating charges that Department officials gave Gibson special treatment and lied to the media the day of the arrest.

The day Gibson was busted, Sheriff's officials told TMZ and other media that the arrest occurred "without incident." Nothing could be further from the truth. Gibson acknowledged his out-of-control behavior on today's "Good Morning America."

Also on the day of the arrest, Sheriff's officials told TMZ that the story it was about to publish documenting Gibson's anti-Semitic remarks and vulgar conduct was "absolutely false." Only after TMZ obtained portions of the arrest report did the Department change its story, ultimately telling TMZ the entire report would be submitted to the D.A.

As of today, no one from the Sheriff's Department has contacted TMZ to ask questions about the website's interactions with top Sheriff's brass on the day in question. By contrast, a Sheriff's official did contact TMZ's Managing Editor Harvey Levin to ask about the leak. Levin refused to give the deputy any information.

Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore told TMZ that everything is being done to make sure that the L.A. County Sheriff's Department is doing "everything which is right."

Michael Gennaco, Chief Attorney for the Office of Independent Review, the oversight panel for the Department, tells TMZ the Sheriff's Department cannot do a "complete and robust" investigation into the way the Department handled the case until the criminal investigation into the leak is resolved.


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So Harvey Levin won't tell the sheriff where he got a confidential internal document? It's about time he went to jail for receiving stolen goods. He's a criminal.

2854 days ago


That is a shame and sinful.... Wow.. when you have fame you can do anything you like.

Booo to Hollyweird law enforcement...

2931 days ago



2931 days ago


he didnt do anything wrong!! the jews a blacks think everyone ows them bc they were harmed years ago. GET OVER IT!! he was drunk n said stupid sh*t!

2931 days ago


Thanks for telling the truth, Harvey. Keep up the good work!

2931 days ago


I h8 jews and blacks! always wantin a handout! I h8 havin to go to skool with them!

2931 days ago


Mel is ugly and weird and a biggot. But of course the asswipe will get special treatment beacuse he told everyone he's sorry.

2931 days ago


They need to find out who leaked the information, not because it's Mel Gibson but becaue it was wrong. It could happen to any of us, famous or not.

I do think it's bad timing considering the GMA interview with Mel. People will think that he had something to do with it.

A Devoted Mel Fan

2931 days ago


TMZ: Let this story go. I mean, yes, it's the one story you've actually broken in your absurd history, but really. No one cares anymore.

2931 days ago


Mel deserves to be punished. That a**hole could have killed an innocent person driving drunk!
BTW number #3 Jews and Blacks hate you just as much as you hate them. Nutjob!

2931 days ago


This is for Kate Hanson..............You hate jews and Blacks!! Why, what have they done to you? And you don't like to go to school with them. Well right there I can tell you are a kid. You don't spell like you go to school either. Maybe you ride on the little bus. Anyways!! We are not going anywhere. Get use to it. Now you sound like Mel Gibson, Sissy Kid!

2931 days ago


If this idiot was a true christain, he wouldnt be the alcoholic racist scumbag schovenstic pig we all see. The reason the media and everyone is making such a big deal about this is because he has convinced all these stupid brainwashed christians that he serves The Lord so you idiots can make him more rich and go see his movies. The same thing goes for Bush, they have all you brainwashed christians bible readers thinking they read the bible, only for their wealth and power. Than in reality they go agaisnt everything the religion preaches. They could both shoot a baby in the head on national television and you would still defend him just because they say they are a chrisitian. I dont read the bible or concider myself a chrisitan and would never say the racist things he said agaisnt any group of people or get in my car when Im piss ass drunk to go kill people. All you people that defend him all need to get a new celebrity to look up too.... A real talented person that doesnt have to be part of any religion to get already brainwashed fans.

2931 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

They need an investigation to show the Gibson got preferential treatment???

As for you, #3, it's obvious from your display of hate and ignorance, that you're a member, or wife of a member, of the Ku Klux Klan. Tell me, between we two, is your husband) the Kleagle of your local Klaver, or the Grand Exalted Dragon himself.

Oh, and by the way, you sleaze bag, if you ever had (or need) a blood transfusion, bear in mind that the methodology was invented by an Afro-American. And you can thank a Jew for the fact that infantile pafralysis has practically been eradicated.

I do hope you have no children. It would be positively criminal for your genes to be passed along. Do the world a favor, dear, and have your tubes blocked. .

2931 days ago



You are clearly someone who needs an education, based on your spelling. This incident has nothing to do with jews and blacks. It has to do with giving a celebrity special treatment, which happens all the time.

I suppose that when something is stolen from you, you just let it go. Somethings that you claim happened long ago still happen today.

But you, my dear clearly need an education.


a wealthy white ivy league graduate ( which you clearly are not.)

2931 days ago


Well said #11! I couldn't have said it better myself!

2931 days ago
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