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Baby Momma: I Did Not Rape DMX

10/13/2006 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DMXApparently the mother of DMX's two-year-old lovechild doesn't like being called a rapist.

In a lawsuit filed by Monique Wayne, the former groupie-turned-baby-momma claims she suffered extreme and severe emotional distress, anxiety, humiliation and psychological damage after DMX told Sister 2 Sister magazine that Monique "raped" him while he was asleep in a hotel room. Now she's asking for $6 million to fix her reputation.

In the October issue of Sister 2 Sister, DMX , real name Earl Simmons, claimed that on the day of his encounter with Wayne, he "had drunk [sic], did a whole video shoot." He then describes how he fell asleep on the couch with his "man" out. Wayne gave birth to a child nine months later.

Wayne successfully sued the hip-hop star for child support in 2004, after a DNA test proved that he was the father of her baby son.

According to the lawsuit filed yesterday in Prince George's County Circuit Court in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, Monique claims the interview made her appear "deranged" and "crazy." She also accuses DMX of intending to make her look like a "mentally unstable sex criminal."

It's been a pretty bad week for the rap star. His car was impounded in New York Monday after police found he was driving without a valid license.


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Mary Beth    

well I love u DMX

*Mary Beth

2932 days ago


DMX is a P***Y....How in the hell can a wpoman Rape a man...god what a sad sack of sh*t. I am all for her, do not believe a word DMX the a**hole is saying. Why tyhe f*** did your d*ck get hard you f***ing stupid a**hole!!!! Sh*t like this makes me mad as hell. DMX grow up you f***ing illiterate Bastard

2932 days ago


Someone explain to me why his wife believed this story?


2932 days ago

the wise old owl    

That is the funniest thing I ever heard. Who in the hell does he thiink he is trying to fool? RAPED HIM.!!! HA HA. That is halarious. I guess he didn't feel a thing too.

What did she do? Sit around while he was passed out waiting for his member to get hard.. and then hurray up and sat on it. That isn't even logical. It makes no sense what so ever.

Just fess up DMX and admit you had sex with her and loved every minute of it. ( if it even lasted that long ) BE A MAN and take on your responsibilities instead of trying to skirt them. What a low life loser. You f*** like a man and than run like a p***y when child support comes calling. You don't want to run with the BIG DOGS......than stay on the porch. GEEZ.........WHAT A JERK.

2932 days ago

We, are not amused.    

A true gentleman never leaves his Johnson out!

2932 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post #3 Lisa : I will tell you why his wife believed that story. She is in extreme DENIAL. She doesn't want to believe that they had consensual sex so she has convienced herself he was RAPED.

She is a bigger IDIOT then he is. This whole senario is so ridiculious that it should be a Comedy Skit on Saturday NIght Live. I mean,,,,,it's hard to even make sh*t like this up , let alone have it be true. He must reliaze now how stupid he truly looks. What a jerk..............I am LMAO over this made up excuse of how he fathered this child. What a joke

2932 days ago


LMOA..he took my ex hubbys story..... I heard the same thing from him (my ex husband)...thank goodness there was no child involved in my story.... that would have been too much to bear.... but anyway be a man and take care of your responsibilities because whether or not it was rape you are the child father....

2931 days ago


What a liar!!! You can't rape a sleeping man.

He got down with a groupie without protection and now he has to pay for it!

2931 days ago

the wise old owl    

Oh My Post # 8 : I am LMAO..........that was just so funny. I hope some more people come on here to put their 2 cents in. This is better than going out. Reading these comments .... better than a stand up comedy act. Keep blogging !!! I am absolutely loving it. I will be flying back to take a look. ( After I have a drink ) The more I drink the funnier this sh*t gets .....................ha ha ha

2931 days ago

laughing at all u people    

Ya know what they say, after a few drinks even the ugly ones are pretty

2931 days ago


Dumbasses. It's laughable. I do enjoy the ebonics though.

2931 days ago


well thug.. it seems to be a sad story that no one will ever belive you, all you need to do now its to acept the child as your son that aint going to change nothing in your life.
As for those who keep saying to sh*t...!! on you they can go the f***ing hell...
One luv and always keep it real.

2931 days ago


If DMX's wife falls for his crap she must be dumber than her husband. The guys has an interesting mix of offences in his criminal record including animal cruelty, disorderly conduct, drug possession, driving with a suspended license, attempting to steal a car and impersonating a federal agent. And then there was that incident on the flight from New York to London. The lawyers will have a field day with this one.

2931 days ago

Something's funny here    

So let's see, she wouldn't give him "his way" and name the child "Earl Jr." so he claims rape. Yep, that sounds about right! @@ Now if she HAD named the child what he wanted I bet he would've never done this at all. It's amazing how when you don't get your way the story is suddenly different. BTDT with my ex denying our daughter unless he was getting his way. @@

2931 days ago


I sure as hell wouldn't rape that ugly fool. If I "had" to rape somebody, it wouldn't be a has-been.

2931 days ago
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