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Mel: "I Could Be the Next Goose-Stepping Maniac"

10/13/2006 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's first public confessional to Diane Sawyer following his DUI arrest in August continued on Friday morning on "Good Morning America. Today, the actor suggested that his anti-Semitic rant may have stemmed from the withering criticism he faced when his controversial 2004 film "The Passion of the Christ" was released, but didn't flatly deny that he might indeed have anti-Semitic sentiment within him. And he acknowledged that his hate-filled tirade might cast him as a "goose-stepping maniac" in the eyes of many.

Gibson did try to set the record straight with Sawyer regarding the most infamous statement he made on the night of August 28th, after his DUI arrest. "Let me be real clear here," said Gibson, "I don't believe that Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. That's an outrageous drunken statement." Still, he maintained that the Jews were "not blameless" in the continuing Arab-Israeli conflict. And he admitted that his anger towards the Jews might have been triggered by lingering resentment for charges of anti-Semitism he took in the aftermath of "Passion": "I had my rights an artist," he told Sawyer.

When asked about his father, Hutton Gibson, who has made public and vehement statements suggesting that the Holocaust was a fiction, amongst other anti-Semitic rhetoric, Gibson would not blame his father for his own actions, saying, "I'm not going to use him to put anything off on me ... It's not the explanation."

TMZ broke the story detailing Gibson's anti-Semitic tirade the night of his DUI arrest in Malibu. He has since pleaded no contest to drunk driving and was sentenced to three years' probation. The actor has also entered an Alcoholics Anonymous program.


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Kevin Harrington    

To all you idiots that rant and rave that mel gibsons tirade has little to do with alcoholism and are the true feeling of a anti semite I say you are idiots . In this the infomation age I find it appauling that people of so-called learning would make such idiotic statements . With very little trouble a individual interested in this subject would find that the alcoholic especially in the throws of the disease would say or do anything just about to bring about their owen distruction this destructive behavior is one of the main links to alcoholic behavior. Self distructive behavior.... I am not surprised at these remaked it is the way of the american public today. See a 30 second sound bite develope an opinion onlittle infomation with little or NO knowledge on the subject . And people ask how did we get bogged down in Iraq and why are we there. Yes you are at fault because you too are responsible for this type of behavior .., sad very sad.... and pathetic yes thats you all pathetic

2836 days ago

Kevin Harrington    

to the Maven with a little back ground check you would find that mel was reffering to his fathers belief .His father a colledge professor has been in trouble for his remarks , Although he does not say the holocust did not happen as reported over and over his statement was that it physically impossible to have cremated as many jews as reported . he sites as his reason the manufacturer of the ovens used in the murder of jews as reason for his views . The manufacturer has stated what the ovens capacity is for creamating remains. Based on that figure it is impossible for so many bodies to have been cremated in the amount of time given even if the y were running 24 hrs a day . He being a history professor took the facts and had a discussion . The opposition states they dont care what the amount of bodies that could be cremated is it happenned the way they said irregardless of what the facts are . here is another case of people with little or no infomation taking a stance on a subject without the facts . So who is right is his father a anti semite to question the number of people cremated ? I guess if the builders of the cremetoriom are lying about the capacity of their machine thanhe is wrong but if they and we have no reason to believe the manufactuerer would lie than the figures used are incorrect . That is and was mel gibsons fathers claim .. As for Mel Alcoholics making statements that are distructive is the norm for alcoholics another fact.. But most of you are not interested inthe truth just the hype ..pathetic

2836 days ago


Methinks the man doth protest too much......

2878 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

This lying bastard is totally full of crap, and should be totally ignored. The more he speaks out in his own defense, the more culpable he becomes in the world of reality.

This has now gone beyond alcoholism and ethnic prejudice, and has become a saga of resurrection (his, not Jesus's).

The man is downright disgusting. And if journalistic whores like Diane Sawyer would simply ignore him, it would be a great boon to humanity.

Gibson certainly has a right to his opinions, and I have a right to mine. Mine is that he is a dirt bag. His, I care not about in the least.

2878 days ago


He said; "It's conceivable that they think I could be the next goose stepping maniac."
Don't twist his words just to make a headline. No wait, what was I thinking this is TMZ they do that all the time.

A Devoted Mel Fan

2878 days ago


I had a very good white friend call me the "N" word several years ago after an argument. He was drunk at the time. The next day, he apologized profusely. After hanging out with me for all those years as a true friend, was my friend a racist? I don't think so.

Problem for Mel...blaming his father would prove deep seeded beliefs that were ingrained into his head from an early age. That would be tantamount to admitting true bigotry that would ruin his career.

2878 days ago


I actually think his interview was sincere. He didn't make excuses but instead offered a reasonable explanation for his tirade. It doesn't mean he's not going to pay the consequences for his behavior - the damage has been done.

2878 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Blame game,mel still doesnt want to confess that he is a racist and a drunk,Yea Mel,the movie is why we all are against you,its not that the police caught you with a bottle of taquila between your legs and you were driving drunk,I COULD HAVE KILLED SOMEONE,Why the police was protecting you is a different matter,The policeman that pulled you over will get fired becase of you.So yea its the movie,you jerk

2878 days ago


Mel Gibson is a self-pitying pathological nutbag. Drinking doesn't make him act like a maniac, it just amplifies his maniacal tendencies.

2878 days ago

Deedie Temple    

Mel, you have missed the whole message behind the Passion of the Christ, it was not Jews, Romans, Christians, non-Christians, it was mankind, (all of us , Mel). My Bible says "for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" Romans 3:23. So make no mistake WE ALL CRUCIFIED CHRIST by our sins. But that day forgiveness was given as a GIFT to us ALL.

Luke 6:45 - "For of the abunance of the heart his mouth speaketh". Mel, choose your words wisely.

2878 days ago


Everyone who points the finger apparently has never done anything wrong in their lives. What gives you the right judge. people act like they've never said anything bad in their lives but behind closed doors its a different story. He's not perfect. He made a mistake, he apologized and has been publically humiliated. Get over it.

2878 days ago


E N O U G H already. It is DONE and other with. GET OVER IT and GET A LIFE people.

2878 days ago


Get a life? Lucky to still have one with Gibby and his MADD driving skills. Get over it? Honey, anti-semitism will never be over.

As for what gives us the right- Gibby put himself in the public eye, he knows full well after a three decade long career that anything and everything a celeb does is up for public consumption and discussion- Mel gave us the right, babe, and no one else.

Yes, we've all done something dumb while drunk (I fell through a second story bathroom window and landed on my uncles driveway, got nothing but a bruised shoulder from landing and laughed at by my drunker cousins) but again, alcohol doesn't just make people haters. I've drank LOTS- have yet to go into a tirade against Jews or any other group- except Insane Clown Posse fans, those people suck ass.

2878 days ago


No kidding JON...these people are obsessed with this subject I do believe! I just had to read the comments because I knew it would be the same old remarks! You people just need to chill...this is old news...leave him alone, you are no better!

All of you have made are not perfect and MG isn't either so just let it go...get a life!

2878 days ago


I saw the interview and while he should have been doubling up on his AA meetings while he was making the "Passion, " I can see his point. He took a lot of flak from Jews for making that movie and no one ever apologized to him for what THEY said and THEY weren't drunk. He did apologize and whether it was sincere or not, only Mel knows. I don't think the guy should be punished for the rest of his life for being an alcoholic. This story should be over. He has to have the best wife.....

2878 days ago
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