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How Celebs Drop That Baby Weight -- If They Can

10/15/2006 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The celebrity baby boom of 2006 has officially come and gone, and some of its products -- Suri, Shiloh, Sutton Pierce -- are (we presume) bouncily moon-faced, bright-eyed, happy, and fat. But if Angelina, Katie, and Britney thought that carrying the child and then giving birth was tough, getting back into tip-top Tinseltown shape might even be tougher (just ask Brit). We enlisted the help of professional celeb offspring observer Danielle Friedland of Celebrity Baby Blog to run down how star mommies might regain their famous forms.

Work Those Abs, Girl

Friedland points out that the great thing about being a celebrity mom is that once you have your kid, you can hire a small army of nannies and handler to actually take care of the child (because who has time for that?) so you can go about getting into shape with yet another small army of trainers. As TMZ told you recently, Tom Cruise has made it his Mission: Important to get Katie Holmes into great shape for their impending wedding, and he sees to it that her strict workout schedule isn't interrupted by, say, diaper-changing. Frankly, it appears to be working: Katie looked svelte and slender on a recent trip to Paris, not an easy task when you're strolling around with the skeletal Victoria Beckham.

No More Eating For Two

Often the biggest culprit in celeb moms packing on pounds is that common misperception that pregnant women need to "eat for two." In fact, as Friedland tells us, a woman with child really only needs 300 extra calories per day. So after giving birth, stars have flocked to customized diets to help them eat what they need without undue restriction and effort. Emmy-winning songtress Michelle Branch, for instance, enlisted the help of Fresh Dining, an LA-based diet delivery outfit that provides gourmet-caliber (but not gourmet-calorie-count ) meals and snacks daily to stars' doorsteps. Branch says it helped her shed her baby weight in mere weeks, and TV star McKenzie Westmore used Fresh Dining to drop the poundage as well, while Nicollette Sheridan, Tori Spelling and "Grey's Anatomy's" Kate Walsh have also ordered up chef Michael Bowen's healthy-tasty creations.

The Breast May Be Best
You may be surprised to know that a fine way, says Friedland, for celeb moms to help lose weight is actually by nursing. Gwyneth Paltrow, an advocate of nursing, apparently dropped pounds while doling out the milk to her babies Apple and Moses, and Jennifer Garner has been successful in burning off the baby-producing fat by breast-feeding her daughter Violet. "When you're nursing, you burn off 500 calories," says Friedland, who has a one-year-old of her own, and says she's lost 20 pounds off her pre-pregnancy weight as she feeds her newborn.

We're Still Waiting
Then, frankly, there are the cases where celeb moms just can't seem to lose the weight. Pierce Brosnan's wife Keely Shaye Smith went through a very public ordeal in trying to drop her pregnancy pounds, while Britney Spears -- who got pregnant twice in the space of 11 months -- is working feverishly to try to get back in shape, though her seeming addiction to Taco Bell (and other fast foods) has certainly made things much more difficult for the pop starlet. And, if all else fails, the celebrity mother can just have it all that extra poundage neatly tucked away by the magic of plastic surgery, as Britney is rumored to have done.

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Well if I could have afforded a personal trainer and a person to cook special meals for me, I could have lost my baby weight faster than a year..

2932 days ago


Good for them, none of them have gotten too thin. They look healthy. Having a baby is no longer an excuse for remaining overweight for the rest of your life or even for several years. So many women try to use that excuse it’s ridiculous. I totally agree with poster #1 judy, it would be a lot easier if you had a trainer drag your butt out of bed each morning and prepare your meals each day. So it may take longer for us regular types longer than it does for the rich but it is so worth it to be healthy and in good shape for your kids. Gives them a positive role model. Child obesity is becoming a huge problem in America and around the world. And they look to us for guidance.

2932 days ago


Hmmmm ... I find it curious that now that the baby Suri's picture is out there, the baby no longer requires one on one time with mom and dad....

2932 days ago


ONLY 300 hundred?!?! ... that's what, 30 THOUSAND extra calories per day? :)

2932 days ago


I read somewhere that Britney had a tummy tuck right after her 2nd son was born; immediatly after her c-section. Did anyone else hear this?

2932 days ago


All mothers who breastfeed their babies should be eating an extra 500 calories per day to maintain their milk supply. Therefore, it is an old wives tale that breastfeeding helps you burn off the baby weight. I am sure working out with a personal trainer is where these celebs found the most success. I am still nursing my daughter after 6 months and the only thing that helps me is working out!

2932 days ago


very well said #2 thats all it takes a little motivation if u want it bad enough u can educate yourself to get to your goals.

2932 days ago

ann harris    

with all that is going on in the world, who honestly gives a hoot about these "celebrity moms" and their weight. Get real people.

2932 days ago


II agree with Judy...If I could of afforded a personal trainer....Well I am glad they got their weight down so quick.

2932 days ago


Did Katie Holmes really have a baby ? About Brittany Spears nobody cares anymore. She's going to have to raise both of those kids by herself, while dumpy spends her money and gets another girl pregnant. She needs to kick him to the curb, just like Katie needs to do to Tom. If she ever comes out of her brainwashed or doped up state of mind.

2932 days ago


Healthy, good looking women losing weight and taking care of themselves? I guess there's nothing to make fun of and nothing bad to say. So good for them.

They all look like MILFs to me!

2932 days ago


I find it sad that all these celeb moms fall back on a nanny or etc., I feel that they just can't do it on their own when any other mother can do it!!

2932 days ago


What? When dd Michelle Branch have a baby?? Who is the baby daddy?

...Hey Maury get over here!....

2932 days ago


I don't see what's so hard about shedding baby weight in your 20s and early 30s, with or without the help of an army of trainers and chefs. What's tough is doing it in your late 30s or early 40s. Puhleez.

2932 days ago


To #9: It is easy to lose weight when the only thing Katie had to do was to remove the pillow from beneath her blouse. Noone will ever convince me that she had a baby. Suri is an adoptee. Tom probably has never dipped his wick in anything female. That baby that was pictured in VF was not born on the same day as Brooke Shields' baby. That baby is at least 6-7 months old. Tom and Katie are both a little flaky. She needs to run to Ohio just as fast as she can. He is out of control.

2932 days ago
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