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Madge's Baby Swarmed in South Africa

10/16/2006 7:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna's adopted babyHe's only been Madonna's child for four days but David Banda is already experiencing the notoriety that comes with being a Prince of Pop.

The one-year old boy the Material Girl has been granted temporary custody of and three members of Madonna's staff, including a nanny, were swarmed by photographers as they prepared to board a flight from Johannesburg to London.

A statement from Liz Rosenberg, Madonna's publicist in New York, said the child was issued a passport and a visa Monday adding that Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie had now been granted interim custody of the child, who has a visa that allows him to travel with the couple.

Madonna's generosity towards David's home country of Malawi has fueled speculation that certain child protection regulations may have been swept aside for the singer. The law of the land requires the would-be parents to live in the African country for a year under the investigation of welfare officers before adoption.

Rosenberg confirmed David will be under the care of Madonna and Ritchie for 18 months and would be then evaluated by the courts of Malawi according to its customs before anything became permanent.


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I just hope that this IS really in the best interest of the child...

2892 days ago


Madge looks like crap. But it is great that she's helping out in the world.

quick hint though: Why not help out in the country you live in? There are tons of homeless people, poor people, etc. that need help. I think you may want to settle you own country's issue then move onto other countries. Besides, I think Angelina Jolie trademarked the whole helping out Africa thing.

2892 days ago

duh...totally !    

uuuuuummmmm.....Amanda....that was not Madonna, obviously an assistant to try and deter the Stalkers w/camera's.....and do some research...Madonna has done a lot w/ her $$$ for the past 20yrs! she has raised money and donated MILLIONS of dollars to children, AIDS research, schools.....

I can not believe the flack she is getting for doing some GOOD with her money...building schools, buying meds for those children.....
oh well, I guess she could be hanging out in the clubs, back-stabbing 20 somethings every other day, shopping, DUI's, etc.....

2892 days ago


If it takes celebrities to shine the spotlight on Africa then so-be-it.

Whats going on there is SHAMEFUL! And it seems like the rest of the world is looking the other way.

I wonder why?

2892 days ago


3. Thanks...I wondered why she looked so...weird.

And I'm not saying helping out in Africa is BAD, but (just an example) you and someone you don't know were both hanging off a cliff, are you going to save yourself or the person you barely know? Neither, you help yourself out AND THEN lift the other person up. See what I'm getting at? Fix your own issues then worry about others.

Soory if that seemed self-centered, it's really just how I feel about that kind of stuff.

2892 days ago

U Know Who    

Well too funny here is why.

Darfur = Mainly Muslim

If America steps in to help what will the outcry be?

If America doesn't step in to help what will the outcry be?

No matter what America does or doesn't do, the rest of the world will still complain about America all the while doing nothing themselves.


2892 days ago


People wait YEARS to adopt babies... why does Madge get to cut in line? I don't care how much money you donate, you should have to follow the rules or the rules should change for EVERYONE.

2892 days ago


I'm not a big fan of Madonna adopting I don’t think she's doing it for the right reasons.
What really bothers me are the people that complain about celebrities or anyone that adopts a child from another country. How many of you have adopted a child from the US or any children for that matter?
Children are children and they need good parents, a safe home, and a shot at life. Angelina adoptions are from her heart, all you have to do is take a look at the happiness on her face when she's with her children. Her kids look loved, healthy, and happy, what more does any child need or any of us for that matter.


2892 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

HEY! Where's the jerkoff that wanted argue last week about "not believing everything you read" and that Madonna was NOT adopting a baby. Acted like he was her best friend and had "inside info."

Like I said, ol' Madge needed a new shoe shine boy, apparently.

2892 days ago


Yeah, I was wondering when the nanny was going to step in, because you know Madonna isn't going to be raising this kid. How great - she adopts a kid and throws him to some member of her staff. I'm sorry, but atleast in Africa he'd be with his family who would atleast care about him. Madonna, if you want a fashion item, buy a purse.

2892 days ago


I am sick of these celebrities going over to these for kids like they are picking out shoes or an outfit...finding one they want, tell the country wrap them up, my Nanny will be here to pick the kid up....oh and by the way, here's the check.

Then they want to public to say..."wow, what a wonderful person she is"!

These celebrities can't adopt/shop in the USA or UK like they can over there..that is why they are flocking to get their kids's become a "fad" in hollyweirdo land....if you don't get yerself an african kid, well then you are not a caring celeb....

2892 days ago


As an African I can tell you, its nice to see that the kid will be well fed and have healthcare......but beyond that? Culture is very important, and I dont know if Maddox or Zahara are being made to think they're little spoiled white kids. Does she know that they will need (and indeed have questions about) their ancestry? To be a fit parent you have to be able to proved for your child entirely--not just body, but mind and soul.

2892 days ago

Srah Ure    

Madonna is the Queen and the bitter haters here are jealous as usual!

2892 days ago


You stupid Madonna fans, why don't you question the fact that your idol doesn't give some of her $$$ to the kid's dad and even pay him to take care of his own son in the USA since it's so much better over here? You really are stupid little pinheads.

2892 days ago


Excuse me,
but as an African who is NOT starving or suffering or what ever i take offoce to the lumping of all of Africa together as starving and needful of help.

I am Nigerian and i went to a good boarding school here in nigeria, and then went to law school after that. i drive a nice car , work for an oil firm , go on holiday to europe or the states once a year and all is well.

my family is doing fine and so are my neighbors and friends.

yes we have people who aren't doing so well here, buts its no more than any other country.

Yes, there are countries in Africa which i know are starving or whatever but when i visit forums like this all i hear is Africa this, or Africa that.

Please state the exact country you mean and stop unifying the entire continent on your beggar list.

i repeat, we in nigeria do not need your international help, or pity. thank you.

2892 days ago
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