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Celebs Who Claim They're Green but Guzzle Gas

10/18/2006 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hybrid cars are all the rage in Hollywood. Celebrities drive them like they're a badge of honor. You save a few gallons of gas, you save the planet. Right? Well, not when you hop on a private jet and burn enough fuel to propel NASCAR through 2050.

Of course, the stars need to go here and there. The location shoots, the fabulous vacations, etc. But that's why God created United Airlines. G-IV's, on the other hand, were created in the image of precious celebs.

Julia Roberts

On the ground: Roberts drives a Prius, which gets (at best) 60 miles to the gallon, shaving 30 miles off a normal car's mpg.
In the air: Chicago/LA, 1,749 miles in a private jet, the route she took with Rupert Everett while shooting "My Best Friend's Wedding."
Gas guzzled: 2,100 gallons of jet fuel.
Prius Penance: Julia would have to drive 30,000 miles, or roughly once around the earth and then some to even out her consumption in the air.
So Julia says: No word yet from Julia's rep.

Jennifer Lopez

On the ground:
J-Lo tools around in her 60 miles-per-gallon Prius.
In the air: LA /New York, 2,475 miles in a private jet. Lopez was actually sued by a private jet company for allegedly skipping out on the bill, though she says it's all a misunderstanding and she was not supposed to be billed.
Gas guzzled: 2,750 gallons of jet fuel.
Prius penance:
She'd have to drive 45,000 miles, and that's a lot longer for Jenny than just going down the block. It's actually more like twice around the earth.
So Jennifer says: There was no comment from Lopez's rep.

George Clooney

On the ground: George favors a Tango, an electric car that gets a whopping 135 miles to the charge.
In the air: Los Angeles/Tokyo, 5500 miles in a private jet.
Gas guzzled:
7,000 gallons of jet fuel.
Electric shocker: Even with his super-saver Tango, he'll have to drive over 57 oceans -- Pacific Oceans to break even.
So George says: Clooney's rep, publicist Stan Rosenfield, tells TMZ, "You clearly have no understanding of certain people's need for private transport," and points out that Clooney often has "no control" over his travel schedule.

Brad Pitt gets off his private jetBrad Pitt

On the ground:
Eco-champ Brad is yet another Prius-lover, and he reportedly has several hybrids in his stable.
In the air: Los Angeles/Namibia, 9,400 miles in a private jet.
Gas guzzled:
11,000 gallons of jet fuel.
Prius penance: Brad burned enough fuel to take a Prius to the moon.
So Brad says: Pitt didn't have any comment. His rep tells TMZ that Pitt is out of the country.

Leo fueling his PriusAnd the true-blue Green Award goes to ... Leo DiCaprio.

On the ground: Leo drives a Toyota Prius
In the air: Leo flies just like us folk -- commercial, unless he positively must fly private because of scheduling.
Prius penance: None.


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Driving thses cars is simply another way of these people saying, "hey look at me!"
They are attention whores motivated by money just as the "Evil oil corporations," they oppose.

Since global warming (which is a theory still contested by many of the worlds leading scientist) is such the craze, this is just another thing these celebrities can cash in me, they're all getting kick backs from toyota.

Ah, I long for mid-evil times when entertainers were the lowest of the low in society.

2920 days ago

S Baker    

Saving the planet by driving a prius? Give me a freakin' break! So they drive to their 10,000 Square foot mansion here, europe, NZ, Italy. All of you ECO nuts that still support them, shame! Ever wonder how much pollution is emitted from those ships bringing japanese cars to the left coast?

2920 days ago

dub wilson    

They ALL have Bentleys and Rolls and very expensive cars. They drive the Hybrids to make them look good to all of you idiots who follow them like Gods.

2920 days ago


The point is not what THEY drive - I truly don't care.
It's their stupendous hypocrisy in telling US what to drive while they do something else. Check the record on Al Gore. We all hear his lectures us but is utterly false in his life style - homes, cars, limos, private jets, etc.
Does anyone remember the Ice Age that was predicted in the 70's?
Same people, same misinformation -now it's Global Warming. And they still lecture us on how we should do things they aren't willing to. Oh that's right, they can't drive microcars because they have "special needs".

2920 days ago

dub wilson    

They ALL have very expensive SUVs, Bentlys, Rolls, and other gas guzzlers (with the exception of Leonardo) The whole purpose of driving these cars is to convice you of there greatness. Just like gore. It is to convice all of the idiots who treat them like Gods that they are something they are not. Just read all of the defenders of these people. Oh they shouldn't have to fly with us little people! It would be too uncomfortable for them.

2920 days ago



2920 days ago


Clooney typifies Hollywood elitism, the "do as I say, not as I do" mentality. Choosing life as a movie star does not give one the right to practice hypocrisy.

These same people constantly complain about the so-called papprazi, yet come red carpet time you never see any of these people, who supposedly seek privacy, actually try to sneak in the back door of the auditorium to avoid the cameras and publicity.

Using one's fame as a way to dodge responsibility merely shows us the double standard that movie stars believe they are entitled. They are Hollywood's "holier than thou" crowd.

If they want to push a political agenda they should live true to that agenda or be exposed as nothing more than the hypocrites they really are.

2920 days ago


I think we should move beyond black and white thinking that requires some false sense of consistency. Celebs who call themselves green do not have to completely transform their lives to make themselves look good in the media and stories like this will only discourage the greening of America. Being green can simply be a practice whereby you are learning to adapt and evolve to a lifesyle that uses LESS nonrenewable energy. Everyone will have different ideas of what less means to them but together we can decrease the negative impact of consumption. Growing global population and increasing forms of consumption require that we begin practicing green in our daily lives one step at a time.

2920 days ago

Dale S. Dorsey    

What a bunch of dunderheads. You think I like being cooped up in a tin can flying from the U.S. to South America? You think I like sitting next to the fat guy that takes up three seats or the baby that screams for 7 hours? Hey, I'd like some privacy. The bottom line is these are a bunch of babies that like to tell US what we should do when they in fact are consuming more natural resources (including air) than my whole set of family and friends COMBINED! Anyway, who cares what these illiterate fools think? I'll put it this way - how much stock are we to put in people whose entire lives rest in a fantasy world that is entirely scripted by someone else with a modicum of grey matter? Think about it.

2920 days ago


This is what happens when people believe it is important what actor's think or feel about issues. Are people not bright enough to understand they are actors on screen as well as every other aspect of their lives. They desperately need attention then, cry about privacy. People who care about what clothes they wear, what cars they drive and especially their views about politics are the real drain on society.

2920 days ago

Nick S    

OK, so they drive fuel efficient cars...
Where do you think they park them? last time I checked, it's not just cars that waste energy. It irritates me that they preech to us about saving fuel as they drive to there HUGE climate controlled houses, "One of many I am certain" A better study would be to show what each of them burn in kilowatts.

2920 days ago


I am so tired of these elitist celebs telling us how to live our lives while they fly around the world in private jets. What a bunch of pompous jerks.

2920 days ago


The celebs use of private jets has little to no impact on the environment, and neither do their use of hybrid vehicles. The point of the article is the hypocrisy of the celebs. If they would just quit telling us how virtuous they are (and by implication, that we should follow their lead) by driving "environmentally-friendly" cars, then I would fully support their decisions to fly fuel-guzzler private jets.

2920 days ago

Brad G    

Amazing all the Hollywood sychophants who are here defending the grotesque hypocrisy of these self-righeous script-readers.

2920 days ago

Wade Stanley    

I was on a Southwest flight with Martin Cardin (last man to walk on moon) and
I was on Delta flight with John Goodman. Let us face it the holly wood stars are mostly
a bunch of freaks

2920 days ago
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