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"Dancing's" Evans: "I'm In Shock"

10/18/2006 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Country star Sara Evans explained her departure from the "Dancing With The Stars" on last night's show, and said that ever since she learned of salacious allegations against her husband last week that prompted her to file for divorce, "I've just been in shock."

Evans, 35, told "Dancing" co-host Tom Bergeron that she found out about her husband Craig Schelske's alleged behavior -- including adultery and habitual pornography consumption -- just hours before performing on the October 11 show. (Schelske has denied all the allegations.) Evans added that she simply couldn't continue on the hit show, because she wanted to be with her children, which would prove difficult given the show's schedule.

Schelske, 43, in a statement issued yesterday, said, "I cannot explain why Sara is waging a false media campaign, but I intend to defend myself in court and protect my children as best I can." The couple have been married 13 years and have three children.


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Rachel Goodwin    

I love to hear Sara Evans sing. I think she did the right thing by quitting Dances with the stars, and staying home with her children. My prayers go out to you and your family.

2896 days ago


Sarah Evans is beautiful, talented, and does not need exposure before her next tour! Why would anyone in their right mind think that she wants to vent about her perverted husband just to have some exposure?! She is just a woman who is devastated by the events she's been made aware of, and who is so hurt and wanting to help her children through all of this, that "dancing with the stars" means nothing in comparison!

2896 days ago


So after reading all these comments I'm shocked at how many have such a strong opinion about something we truly don't even know the truth about. Sara can tell and proport whatever she wants, but really people, just how do you even know it's truthful? Is it possible to idolize someone to the extreme extent that you believe she is not human and capable of not telling the truth herself? I mean really, you don't know these people personaly but some have made it sound like they do by giving a take sides opinion based on what? The allegations? Maybe more people should look up "allegations " in the dictionary before they pass such strong judgement. What we see on stage is called a "performance" for a reason, and who they are in their everyday life may be someone totally different. Come on, the reality is they are people and what ever happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty! I am confused that she keeps saying how everything is "for her children" but unfortunatly all that has been said and is still being said will remain in print in the archives for ever and these little ones will be able to "read all about it". How unfortunate for them. It's really a shame that she didn't just state Irreconsilable differences and keep the rest private and between them. I don't see the class in giving such detailed accusations and I repeat , accusations because remember, she's accusing him but that doesn't mean he commited them. I wasn't there, were you?

2895 days ago


People can make all the charges they want in a possible divorce situation, but they need to take into account that what really counts is whether they have evidence and witnesses that can stand up in court. If the porn and other kinds of evidence were on their computer it should be produced in court as there are probably experts who can still bring up that information if it was originally there.

2895 days ago


Demopsthenes: my god woman, what rock did you come out from under or did you just have your head up your butt? No one believes in that kind of bull anymore and you would do well to wake up and get in the modern day and age. Sara Evans needs no man to provide for her, she can take care of herself . With a voice like hers and her songwriting ability she will go far!! As for you, I hope your man takes care of you cause you sure couldn't fend for yourself . I wish Sara all the luck in the world. She will survive this and go on to bigger and better things!

2895 days ago


Why hasn't anyone talked about the nanny, who happened to pass a lie-detector test? If the nanny is telling the truth, then Ms. Evans is lying. Many are quick to take Evans' side without even knowing her. Listen up: the nanny just proved that Evans lied, didn't she?

2888 days ago


i think what really happened was sarah had the affair and clinton squealed on her,thats why sarah turned on her

2885 days ago
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