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Janet Jackson's New CD Bombs

10/18/2006 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janet JacksonJanet Jackson has just suffered a record malfunction. TMZ has obtained the latest numbers for her new album, and it is tanking big time.

The CD debuted three weeks ago, selling 296,873 copies. The second week, sales plunged 74% to 77,240 units. The typical second week drop is 40%.

TMZ has just obtained figures for third week sales, and it's not too early to declare Janet's latest effort a disaster. Sales dropped to 42,240 units, a 45% plunge from the second week.

Janet's CD debuted at number two on the charts, dropped to number nine the second week and then went down to number 19 the third week.

So far, Janet's CD has sold 416,353 units. We're told Virgin Records stocked the stores with 1.2 million copies. We're guessing the 99¢ Only store is about to get a big shipment.

TMZ called a rep for Virgin, so far we have not received a response.


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Alyn Brodsky    

This one is pure trash, just like the rest of the family. Isn't it about time that whole pack is put out of the public's mind (and ear) (and face)? The Maven says YES!

2925 days ago


I've been saying it for two years, Janet's mistake was not the superbowl, it was letting go of her creative driving force that she likes to discredit. Mr. Renee Elizondo. JANET WOULD HAVE NEVER DONE THAT IN HOPES OF GAINING MORE ATTENTION WHEN HE WAS "HELPING" HER WITH HER DAMN IMAGE!
He knew what worked for janet and guess what people, it wasn't catering to blacks. It was Happy go lucky "Escapade" and social conscious "Rythm Nation" that built the Janet empire and set her apart from every other R & B artist during that time that came and went. Before you go crazy, I am black and Janet's major audience was white, that's who was buying the records, going to the concerts and keeping the economy that she was apart of thriving! The minute she started bumping around like a ghetto whore for Jermain dupri, she lost her focus on her core audience. And now she's doing black record sales numbers, plain and simple.

2925 days ago


Wow you all are pretty mean, I think the CD is great as far as it selling poorly I am not sure. But I do have to say this music is different now then back in the day you could sell 20million cds if you were good but now most music is down loaded I know most of mine is so why go out and buy a recond when you can get it for free. Plus if you think about it she was not on MTV like justin 24/7 and plus he never got any flack from the superbowl thing even though he was involved.....But what ever I liked the cd and actually bought it and down loaded justins for free.....

2925 days ago

Tazz Devil    

She's just like her brother, a has been.

2925 days ago


Oh yeah plus I agree with #12 black music is what she is making you other people just get a grip I am sure brittney will return soon....

2925 days ago


This is a surprise? Her voice is nasal and whiney and she is just a clone of her brother. Nothing original about her or her work..why should we spend money buying her albums?

2925 days ago


First of all Janet Jackson does not deserve all of this backlash. She is not responsible for her families actions. She has been in this music business for 20 years and still selling albums regardlesss of how many. For her to debut at #2 during this Hip Hop age of music and without MTV or POP radio was quite an accomplishment for a 40 year old musician. As far as her infamous Superbowl flashing, SHIT happens. Regardless if it was planned or actually a mistake. Justin is the one who actually caused the wardrobe to malfunction and because he is a white male he hasn't had any negative backlash. I am not a diehard Janet fan and I purchased her album because I like to support the underdog. Her CD really sounds good. Her voice actually sounds the best I have ever heard and the album is not all about sex. It's about having a good time on the dance floor, in life and with your significant other. Remember only God can truly judge us. Take a listen to the album and be a music critic not a persons life critic.

2925 days ago

Ya'll failed to remember that the Velvet Rope sold 202K albums in it's first weeks and it still went on to be a multi-platinum record. So don't believe the numbers. And Janet Jackson is still an ICON. None of these wanna be Pop/R&B Stars out here to today could hold anything to her career.

2925 days ago


Go Princess the ruler. I totally agree!!!!!

2925 days ago


I'd like to know if there are numbers for the number of downloads of her songs before making a decision on how she's "tanking". People aren't buying as many CD's as they used to, period. Why should they when for a few cents they can download the songs they want and not end up with songs they don't from an overpriced CD?

Having said that, I don't like her and wouldn't buy her music!

2925 days ago


Janet's cd is great! How can you call it a bomb after 3 weeks? What ever happened to giving a cd a few months to reach platinum. The Pussy Cat Dolls Sold less then Janet their first 3 weeks, but have reached 3 million now. She has a long way to go, but with the whole world against her this will not be easy. If she is not platnum by the time her tour in next year then you can she she's flopped.

2925 days ago


There's ups and downs in everybody life,in everyday life and the entertainment life.Do not be so hard on this lady,she's will be alright with or without the big records sales. This woman is not broke,i believe she will be back on top as a music star or some other venture

2925 days ago


I can totally understand that. She is just terrible. She has no voice. Every song from her she sounds like a mouse, you can hardly hear her and her songs are boring.She was good 20 years ago, somewhat originall, but now she only sucks big time

2925 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Give little Janet a break people. Ever since the dress code at Dumb Blonde Middle School was tightened and wardrobe malfunctions have not been allowed, our original media clone has not been the same. Everyday prior to boarding the short yellow bus with Mikey, I have to make sure both are properly dressed and have their protective helments on, because they both have a weird desire to fall on young skinny white boys. These two have been on probation for quite sometime and are always looking for a reason to live the past 15 minutes of glory they each once held. Unfortunately, the Dumb Blonde Middle School recording studio has been booked lately by Parasite and Firecrotch, so quality time with a decent lip sync coach and access to a computer to clean up the music has been hard to get.

2925 days ago


wow sucks to be here, i feel a little bad for her, she used to be the sh!t and now, well she's not

2925 days ago
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