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Rent-A-Celeb for Your Next Bash!

10/18/2006 4:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From Jeff Davidson's Sound Bytes blog

I'm still trying to figure out if K-Fed is a music celeb or just a tabloid celeb. Since he does actually have some sort of recording coming out, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and include him in the music column. Perhaps being banged up a bit and in need of some cash after his WWE adventure, K-Fed is on the list of celebs who will come to your next throw down for a fee.

KFed and Black-Eyed Peas and Ruben Studdard

A mere $15,000 will bring Mr. Federline and presumably his trucker hat to your party. Interestingly, my contact in the rent-a-celeb world indicates that K-Fed's appearances are to be in connection with cd release parties....yes, his! So, for 15 large you get to help Kevin promote his record. What a deal!

If your wallet is overflowing, move up a couple rungs on the talent scale and get the Black Eyed Peas on your guest list. $45k brings all the boys and the Duchess to your official BEP after concert party coinciding with their tour. That's right, another artist allowing you to promote them! If you're more of the rock type, Dave Navarro will swing by for a mere twenty grand. Now, if he was able to bring Carmen Electra that might be worth it. But, those days are past.

Ok, if you're like me those numbers are a little high. So, lets take a look in the bargain bin. For a mere $1,000, former "Idol" finalist Kimberly Caldwell will host your event, and for an extra $1,500 she'll sing some tunes. That is a bargain considering that getting an actual "Idol" winner like Ruben Studdard will cost you $7k, without any guarantee of him singing a note! If an actual singer is too much for your budget, former Fuse TV DJ and Stuff Magazine hottie Juliya is available for only $800.

Instead of shelling out the bucks for these celebs to come to you, maybe you'd be better off just sneaking into Hyde or Butter and just telling your friends that its actually your party! Of course, if you're loaded, you can grab all of these folks for you bash and you might just be able to lure Josh Levine into bringing the Star Catcher crew to film all the action!


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Sammy Davis, Jr.    

I hear K-Fed is offering a Jewish two-for-one. Pay for the Bar Mitz Va, and he will do the briss for free!

2929 days ago


Number 1. Learn how to spell Bar Mitzvah, before you talk smack.

2929 days ago


I hear for $15K K-Fed will give sing, dance and give the B-Day boy a hand job at the end of the party.

2929 days ago



2929 days ago


For $15,000 K-Fed will father your baby.

How much does Paris charge?

2929 days ago

We, are not amused.    

For $15K, does that include a titty f*** from what's-the -dumb-whores-name-who-married-him?

2929 days ago


I'd pay the 15,000 just to kick him in the nuts.

2929 days ago

tired of anna nicole news    

hahah I dont know what Paris charges for appearances but she's good for a free blow job or three. :)

KFed is a loser.. I wouldnt walk acrossed the street to see him.

2929 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

15000 ,he will bring the trailer park and all his thugs,with dimes bags for all your freinds,and comes with a hand job,at no extra charge

2929 days ago


I think the $15,000 is a misprint I believe its $15. Thats all he's worth, maybe less.

2929 days ago


OK! magazine did an article about renting celebs this month. Paris can be rented for $100K.

2929 days ago


100K for Parisite? That's a lot of money for some herpes, especially when you can easily get it for free...

2929 days ago


#1 (insert joke here) usually i would be trying to defend k-fag because i love britney i hate how people judge her due to the image kevin carries.....but i have to say that i am seriously laughing my ass off....THANK YOU!!!!! that made my high so much more worth it!!!!

2929 days ago


Lets see how many derogatory name we can come up with for K-fed.......I'll start it off with K-fake!

Feel free to continue:-)

2928 days ago


$15,000? Isn't that what he owes Shar in child support or something? I don't think this is a coincidence--do any of you?

2926 days ago
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