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Sara Evans

Denies Having a

Cheatin' Heart

10/18/2006 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sara Evans and Craig SchleskeSources involved in the nasty Sara Evans divorce case tell TMZ that Craig Schelske, Evans' estranged husband, accused her of having affairs with celebrities.

We're told while they were still living together as husband and wife, Schelske accused his wife of having affairs with country singer Kenny Chesney and other unnamed "associates in the music business." Sources also tell TMZ Schelske accused Evans of having an affair with Tony Dovolani, her partner on "Dancing With the Stars."

A rep for Evans, who did not want to be quoted by name, tells TMZ that Schelske's accusations are absurd and untrue.

In her divorce papers, Evans accused Schelske of having an affair with the couple's nanny. Evans also claims Schelske had photos of himself having sex with other women and had at least 100 nude photos of himself in a state of arousal.

As for Evan's connection with Chesney, the two singers toured together back in 2000 and 2001. Chesney was briefly married to actress Renee Zellweger in 2005. Again, Evans' rep says the two singers never had an affair. TMZ has placed calls to reps for Chesney and Dovolani for comment.

Update 7:45 p.m. ET: A rep for Kenny Chesney tells TMZ allegations are: "completely untrue. Sara was the special guest on Kenny's first headlining tour and they're friends. He would NEVER think of her like that. He's saddened by what Sara and her family are going through in this personal situation." The rep adds that if Craig truly did make these accusations Kenny is "disappointed in Craig and the media for perpetuating groundless allegations."


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Black Sheep    

Nikki, how do you know Sara is such a beautiful person? You see her on stage and hear her music but trust me - she could be a psycho byotch. Take it from me, you never really know what a star or celebrity is like when the spot light is off and it's not about them. 9 times out of ten they aren't what you think!

2930 days ago

Jimmy Barnes    

Her hubby is a horny bastard! Okay, that's fine. I'm sure she knew this before marrying the guy! But how many "husbands" around the world could relate to this dude? He's probably lonely and sits buy the phone waiting to hear from her and has no loving going on! I watch porn, drink beer and have a few photo's of my slim jim. BIG DEAL! I'm not a scumbag am I? If so, you might as well put 80% of normal-straight guys in JAIL! Tssk Tssk Sara!

2930 days ago

Georgia Peach    

Darrel (#15) - you are NUTS!! Literally. This is not the norm for a married man! I have been married to a wonderful man for 20 years, and taking pictures of your "slim jim" to put on the internet is not normal - just disgusting and perverted. Do you know how many KIDS there are on the internet?? I know I want my kids seeing your teeny weeny peeny - NOT!!! Be a man and keep your genitals to yourself.

2930 days ago


She was married to the guy for 6 years before they had kids. She should have left then if she didn't like it. Nice Christian family values. Hypocrits.

Sara needs to take her Inidan Casino ass out of the poor me spotlight.

2930 days ago


Sara Evans is using this to try to sell records.She will probably come out with some break up c.d! She is a b list country singer.ABC is using this train wreck to get viewers.For the final show they should let springer interview all involved!Sara Evans has no class!She could have filed like her boy toy Kenny! We know nothing about Kenny n Renee.She does not give a damn about her kids.This guy is still the father.

2930 days ago

Jimmy Barnes    


2930 days ago


I have met Sara after a concert while many people were trying to pull her away and she was a total class act, I have seen her and she is a real beauty so I believe her and I think she is awesome...blame sites like this for making her problems public because her original statement didn´t mention divorce proceedings it was a Nashville paper that really started this whole mess.
as for chesney he is gay he is elton john gay so i dont have reason to believe it

2930 days ago


People who flaunt their Christian values can get really nasty. I am more impressed with the Amish--who live by their values and don't preach it to the world! I read that the Amish community created a fund to help the wife and children of the man who killed their young girls. Imagine that! They never try to force others to live as they do--they just live the way that believe they ought to.
That is a value that I can support!

I really think it is disgusting all of this mud slinging from Sara, and playing victim. Try to be a role model for your children. I'm not even suggesting to stay in a marriage that you don't want--but be private with your disputes. Be respectful.

2930 days ago


If you read this carefully it appears that Sara is again throwing mud--by accusing her husband of accusing her of having these affairs. The sources did not want to be named. But the allegations are not comming from her husband, but from someone who is saying that he had accused her having affairs while they were living together. I think Sara needs some rest and medication.

2930 days ago


You know my heart goes out to Sara, and yes, I did see her in concert and was very touched by her performance and her music. I don't know her anymore than any one else but if all these accusations are is so sad. And as for her going public about it...she had to because othe media went public with it. And how sad for all of you who think she needs medication or she's doing this to sell cd's. I really don't think she needs the money, gimme a break! I think she's doing the right thing by putting her kids first. And as far as her Christian values..."You Go Girl!!!!"

2930 days ago


With all that is happening in the world--get a grip. If he cheated, let him go. But no one died here. Life goes on. She is definitely not putting her children first by acting like a crazed woman on national tv. Everyone has their heart broken at one time or another. Don't drag your kids into a very private matter. I am scare for the nation's children if people are supporting Sara's disgusting public display as "putting her children first". She is using the children as her excuse and not being their protector. This is not about getting a divorce or not getting a divorce--it is about using the kids to hurt another without regards to the impact of the children.

2929 days ago


#24 Lisa...could not have said it better. Thanks

2929 days ago


Is it just me, or does Kenny Chesney look like a turtle?

And, how long does blatant perversion have to go on in her house before Sara Evans realizes it? I'd be willing to bet that her husband's alleged weirdness didn't "all of a sudden" show up last week.

I feel sorry for the kids.

2929 days ago


When Renee Z got an annulment or divorce from Kenny Chesney, she told the tabloids that the reason "fraud" was simply a legal term and not to read too much into it. She refused to get into details. And Renee didn't have children to consider. I think she has class and dignity. I disagree with people who believe that Sara has to tear her husband apart in public in order to win. I've always heard in law school that they teach you if the law is on your side, go with a trial in front of the judge. If the law isn't strongly on your side, then go with a jury.

2929 days ago


I really get tired of hearing people's lame comments on celebrity's personal lives. These people get up and put their pants on the same as we do, maybe they pay a little more for theirs but who really cares? These people spend their lives in the spot light because that's what they do for a living, but should the media be allowed to dig through court documents and disclose personal information about private matters. Thats the main reason these people feel they have to use the media to set things straight, because we all know that these rag magazines blow everything way out of porportion. I think there should really be a law against anyone getting their hands on ANYONES legal documents. This is our justice system?????

2929 days ago
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