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TomKat Revamps Wedding Plan

10/18/2006 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise and Katie HolmesContrary to reports that they were going to get hitched at George Clooney's Lake Como villa this month, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will apparently be tying the knot next month, though Italy, in fact, will be the venue. According to Us Weekly (via MSNBC), the long-gestating wedding will not in fact be happening at the palatial villa Clooney owns, which you may remember from "Ocean's Twelve. "No weddings have taken place at [Clooney's] villa and no weddings are scheduled to take place there," says Clooney's rep.

But it seems that Katie and Tom "both want everything to be right," says an Us source. "They needed more time." In fact, Holmes' new BFF Victoria Beckham flew with her on Oct. 7 from Paris to Italy to lend a hand with the planning. Cruise's rep is "not denying" the new date or location, though he's done the same thing with every other date and location, all of which have turned out to be false.

Rock's Mama to Cracker Barrel: "Oh No You Didn't!"

Comedian Chris Rock's mother Rose is going to demonstrate today outside a Cracker Barrel restaurant in South Carolina after the wait staff, she says, ignored her – and she's roped in the Rev. Al Sharpton to help spread the word, report Rush & Molloy. Mrs. Rock alleges that she and her daughter – the only black people in the restaurant -- had been seated for more than 30 minutes in the Murrels Inlet, S.C. outpost of the popular chain and that no one took her order. The manager then tried to placate the pair with free meals, but, by then, says Mrs. Rock, whose various exploits are fictionalized on her son's sitcom "Everybody Hates Chris," "Neither of us wanted to eat." Cracker Barrel says it's investigating the matter and that it does not "tolerate any form of discrimination." Mrs. Rock plans to sue the chain with Sharpton's help.

Nicky and Kevin's Screaming Pre-Breakup Fight

Nicky Hilton and Kevin Connolly broke up yesterday after a two-year relationship, and, according to Life and Style, the final moments may have come during an angry cell phone call between the pair. "Nicky was fighting over the phone with Kevin," says an L&S spy. "She screamed into her phone, cursed, and said, 'I hate you!' Then she got dead silent and snapped her phone shut." Subsequent attempts by Connolly to reach his now ex-girlfriend, who reports say suspected he was cheating on her with another girl, were unsuccessful.

Party Favors: Whitney Officially Files for Divorce ... Trump Gets His Own Cartoon ... Lindsay Wants to Be Married by 30

Whitney Houston officially filed divorce papers in Orange County Superior Court, a month after filing for legal separation, said Whitney's rep. Previously, Houston had asked for custody of her daughter with Brown; no word on the details of the filing this morning ... As though the man needed to be more of a caricature of himself, the pilot for a cartoon show starring Donald Trump is nearing completion, says the New York Post. The show will apparently be produced by the publisher of the tycoon's magazine ... Lindsay Lohan tells InStyle magazine (via People) in its November issue that she wants to be married before she's 30, and that she wants to have her Oscar as well by then. And she apparently has had enough of shacking up at the Chateau Marmont: "I need a place to call home, to feel it's mine."

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I certainly do not feel that Chris Rock's mom should be filing a law suit for not having her order taken in a timely manner!! The same thing happened to my husband and I in a restaurant not long ago. We walked in and waited for at least 45 minutes to get our order taken. The only difference is that we were the only "white" people in the restaurant. Maybe we should sue too!!!!!!!

2871 days ago

in the know    

Why does Chris Rock's mom need Al Sharpton to sue Cracker Barrel? God forbid you wait 30 minutes for your meal. Were there other people waiting? The manager did comp her and apologize. Do you know how many times I have been ignored in ritzy clothing stores? Are they discriminating because they think I have no money? Just because they were the only black people in the restaurant does not make it a race issue. Perhaps it was poor service! Again, why use Al Sharpton? Handle the issue on your own!

2871 days ago


I have been to cracker barrel before and times had to wait a good while for just a table let alone my order. Sometimes the place is crazy with people and having been in the restaurant business there are alot of factors that might have contributed to the wait. Employees do not show, call in sick etc. the restaurant business is a revolving door for employees, sometimes I see people and they say hello to me and after talking a few minutes they say you do not remember me we used to work together. So before you go suing for 1 bad restaurant experience take in account the possible factors and move on and forget about the racial issue.

2871 days ago


Why does race have to be a factor in absolutely everything now a days?!?

2871 days ago


That Al Sharpton guy is the most racist person I've ever seen!! He's racist against everyone who is not african american!! How can he call himself a "reverened"?

2871 days ago


# 4 I TOTALLY agree with you. It seems to me the ones crying racism theses days are doing there best to keep it going! So service was slow.... does that make them racists? I dont think so. This world will never move forward as long as there are those who keep bring up skin color when things dont go their way. Get over it and move on. This is the 21st century after all, quit living in the past and live for the future. You can not change history but you can make a better future for yourself and yours.

2871 days ago


Hey SHERRY, You Go Girl!!!! :o)

2871 days ago


Al Sharpton is a shameless race pimp. He thrives on fabricating racial issues where there are none.

2871 days ago


That is the stupidest thing I ever heard ( about Chris Rocks mom). She needs to get a life! Does she know that it happens to everyone? Oh my God you know what I bet its cause I have brown hair. I gotta go protest at Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, Red lobster.......................


2871 days ago


I don't understand why when something is done to a black person we are discriminating against them. The majority of racial lawsuits are from black people. I am hispanic and like every one else have had to wait to be waited on but I do not sue the food chain. It seems that black people always have a problem with anything anyone does wrong to them. Get over it!

2871 days ago


If Cracker Barrell wasn't the best eating in the world, then no one would ever have to wait. I'm white, and had to wait many times to get a bowl of turnip greens and cornbread. I can't believe she is sueing. But I can believe that the Rev Al S, is in involved. Short men crave attention.

2871 days ago


I had the same situation happen to me in Cracker Barrel. I was there with dinner one night with my mother. There was a fair amount of people there, not too crazy, not too slow. So we got seated and we waited, and waited and waited. Finally after about 45 mins we asked one of the waitresses if they could find someone to help us. We watched her walk over a couple of the other waiters/waitresses there were discussing something, finally someone walked over to our table to help us. We placed an order, again we had to wait, because the waiter kept "forgetting" that he had this table. UMM HELLO! so finally the manager came over and comp'd us our meal, not that we could really eat anything because it was all wrong and cold by the time we got it.
But I'm not sueing anyone over this. It was just the waiter that we had was an idiot. They didn't mean for it to happen, the guy could barely remember his own name. Its not like I am going to sue anyone over it..its a waste of time and enegry.
GET A HOBBY MRS. ROCK--one besides sueing people!

2871 days ago


Maybe chris rock should tell his momma to stop acting like "a n****" ppl like that should stop thinking that they are better than everybody else....and that this freakin world owes the black man, or in this case a black woman something...move on it is OLD>>>>jen

2871 days ago


Is the crackerbarrell good? what kind of food do they serve?
There is one nearby, but its near an UNOs so Ive always went there instead. Does anyone recommend it?

2871 days ago


Sherry you sound very racist to me.

2871 days ago
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