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Haley Joel Osment Cops a Plea in DUI Case

10/19/2006 3:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Haley Joel OsmentTMZ has learned that actor Haley Joel Osment has pled no contest to two misdemeanor charges stemming from a horrifying late car crash in July. According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, Osment plead no contest to one count of driving under the influence of alcohol and one count of possession of marijuana.

Osment was sentenced to three years probation, 60 hours of alcohol rehab, six months of AA meetings (with a minimum of 26 meetings within that span of time) and was fined $1500 in penalties.

Osment, who was nominated for an Oscar for his role in "The Sixth Sense" at age 11, lost control of his 1995 Saturn on his way home and collided with a brick pillar in a suburb of Los Angeles around 1 a.m. on July 20. No bystanders were injured in the wreck, but Osment wasn't so lucky: the actor was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was treated for a broken rib and an injury to his shoulder.

The collision caused the vehicle to flip over onto its roof and come to rest a short distance from the initial impact. The actor was reportedly alert and talkative following the accident, and was alone at the time of the crash.


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What a joke. Anybody else in the real world would have got jail time. All law enforcement treat Hollywood stars like babies. They need to go to jail just like regular people.

2905 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

just a slap on the wrist,1500.00 is chump change to him,did he smoke the weed with Paris? shes loves to smoke weed,to bad she couldnt smoke Ice

2905 days ago


paris probably does smoke ice. i still can't believe he was driving a 1995 saturn. i i think all those girls do along with a line of cocaine...

2905 days ago


I dont know if $1500 is chump change to him when he drives a 1995 Saturn! Maybe he is like Screech and his mom and dad took all his money.

2905 days ago


Why was Haley Joel Osment driving a 1995 anything?

2905 days ago


XD Paris does smoke pot. Most likely with her cronies. This is a ridiculous case. How old is he? Freaking pretty boy.....

2905 days ago


This kid is only 18, where is TMZ's mention of underage drinking?

2905 days ago

Travis Bickle    

he most likely was driving an old non descript car as to not be noticed.

2905 days ago


# 6 How many other celebrities do that? Since when do flashy cars serve as a dead giveaway in LA for identifying a celebrity? Maybe you should visit LA.

Just get your windows tinted. Problem solved.

2905 days ago


If I'm not mistaken, it was a 1995 Saturn STATIONWAGON. Maybe he has a thing for soccer moms!

2905 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

When are these a**holes (o) going to pay for what they do? They can break the law and all they get is slaps on the wrist, and measly fines, preferential treatment. That's why they never learn. Cops and judges are helping these morons get worse and worse, because, they know they won't be held accountable. If people were treated equally, this would be a better place.

2905 days ago


Haleys Mom wants him to be a normal teen,thus the 1995 saturn. He is just doing what kids do, get in trouble.
I mean it's not like he's Parasite Hilton who whores around and gets her thugs to beat people up. He made a mistake and now he's paying for it. You don't see his parents buying off the judges .....again like Paris!

2905 days ago


When I was a teenager, I would have rather been castrated than drive a Saturn, although one could argue that both results are fairly similar. Given, the new Sky is one Saturn I would drive, but since it's been borrowed from GM's European partners, it doesn't quite count.

2905 days ago




2905 days ago


"8. What a joke. Anybody else in the real world would have got jail time. All law enforcement treat Hollywood stars like babies. They need to go to jail just like regular people."

Since when do people get jailtime for a first offense DUI or simple posession? He was probably arrested over night like anyone would be. He didn't get any special treatment, his 3 year probation sentence was probably the result of a plea bargain from his lawyer to avoid a DUI on his record. Maybe you should learn at least a little bit about the law before you go assuming that people in "the real world" do jailtime for first offense misdemeanors.

2905 days ago
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