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Bad "Dog Whisperer"?

10/20/2006 5:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

World-renowned dog trainer Cesar Millan is taking some serious heat for methods used on his hit show "Dog Whisperer." The American Humane Association recently deemed some of Millan's techniques "inhumane, outdated and improper." Now, as the show gets ready to launch its third season, TMZ has learned that the widely respected organization tried to get the show pulled from the air.

The group claims they were forced to take action after witnessing "numerous inhumane training techniques" on the show, including one instance where they claim a dog was partially asphyxiated after it was pinned to the ground by its neck. "We wanted National Geographic to pull the show" Bill Torgerson, Vice President of Animal Protection Services for American Humane Association, tells TMZ.

But the National Geographic Channel stands behind their star, claming that owners of several of the allegedly "abused" animals contacted them and praised Cesar for his work. When contacted by TMZ, the channel pointed out that the show has received a seal of approval from multiple respected professionals and animal organizations.

TMZ has learned that as a result of the AHA's concern, the show will now feature a cautionary statement to remind viewers "There are many methods of dog training and owners should work with professionals to choose the right approach for them."

Torgerson tells TMZ that they are still working closely with the network on "eliminating the broadcasting of certain techniques" but they've stopped their push to pull the show entirely.

Season three of "Dog Whisperer" debuts Monday on the National Geographic Channel.

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Si Daugherty    

I am afraid Cesar is right. It works.

2848 days ago


why don't theese people go find some actual animal abusers and leave the guy who has helped so many people alone...

2925 days ago


OMG, I have watched his show over and over, I cry BS to you inhumane idiots. He is very good and has proven to be good. He takes animals that would be killed or put to sleep because they are not fit for humans and / or have been severaly abused and turns then around. You flipping animal righteous idiots should shut up and look at what he does for the animals. I LOVE LOVE animals so dont get any inhumane ideas about me.

2925 days ago


Ridiculous! I am an avid dog lover, member of PETA and the Humane Society of America and I am Cesar's biggest fan--his techniques are not cruel and no dog has ever been "pinned to the ground by it's neck"--there are episodes where dog fights have occurred and Cesar was forced to separate 2 dogs and hold one by it's neck scruff-as a mother dog would-his techniques are the techniques of dogs themselves--if he is cruel so are other dogs--come on people--focus on real cruelty dealers like circuses and greyhound racing and factory farming! Cesar has taken in countless dogs that would have been euthanized by ignorant and fearful humans and given them happy lives--if that is cruel then he deserves an award for it!

2925 days ago


That is such crap! Cesar Millan is awesome! He really understands dogs, and he has helped thousands! He doesn't abuse dogs! That is ridiculous! I don't know what dog they were talking about (the one that was being allegedly choked)... maybe it was the Korean Jindo, but that dog was vicious! Cesar was just trying to dominate him. Oy! Dumb ppl!

2925 days ago

Anna Malik-Turyn    

I was taking a loose dog back home today when the neighbor's bulldog attacked. I used Ceasar's "shhhh" and a firm tone, and the dog backed away. The bulldog's owner was amazed, and wanted to know where I learned that. The Dog Whisper. No physical touch, no yelling or screaming. Please, humane society, use the money to stop puppy mills, or to help spay and nueter. Leave Ceasar be.

2925 days ago


I work with a dog rescue organization, and Milan's tips have always been both humane and helpful. This sounds like more petulant PETA B.S. to me, and I would urge NG to ignore it

2925 days ago


That is absurd, this man has worked hard to save animals that would otherwise be put to sleep. I recently got a new puppy after 15 years (I own 2 old dogs) and his advice and tips are excellent. I am glad to hear that the National Geographic Channel is standing behind him. This group of so called Animal Rights activist need to wake up..... what would we do without Cesar for advice and instructions. I watch his program all the time and have found nothing offensive.
Dog Lover...

2925 days ago

The Gotti Boys are trash    

My daughter and her dog (Emily, the Pitbull) were featured on Dog Whisperer. It was the best thing that ever happened for Emily. Ceaser showed my daughter training techniques, and made very helpful suggestions. I don't believe that Emily would be the happy dog she is today had it not been for Mr. Milan.

2925 days ago

We, are not amused.    

What in the name of all that is righteousand holy is this country coming to? First you can't say bad things about certain "sensitive" ethnic groups, you can't tell certain jokes if women around, no more making fun of "mentally challenged" people NOW THIS! Golly Miss Molly: No fun allowed, anywhere. Grabbing a stupid, vicious dog by his neck and holding him down is almost as much fun as tying tin cans to a cats tail, or setting a rat on fire and watching it run in circles. Where does it end, where I ask you??? We love you Ceasar! Support your local "No kill Shelter!"

2925 days ago


I know the Humane Societies do great things for animals, but so does Cesar. They're using Cesar for publicity for their cause, instead of realizing they all have the same agenda. They need to worry more about truly inhumane actions by people.

2925 days ago


I am an avid Cesar Millan fan and have even been to his seminars to hear him speak. This man loves all animals and especially dogs. For anyone to even hint at the fact that he mistreats dogs is absolutely absurd. This man knows what he's doing and case after case we have seen his success. Leave the one man who is actually getting through to people and helping Dogs to get rehabilitaed alone.

2925 days ago


American Humane is NOT the SPCA or animal shelters or the Humane Society or peta

It is one SEPARATE group, and to be honest they havn't done too much for animals

Please, folks, don't gt the different groups confused!!

2925 days ago

Janie Jamestown    

People who have no life always attack someone who is doing good work. I love Cesar and the work he does with our four legged friends. Ignore the unemployables who want to make life miserable for happy people.

2925 days ago


Ceasar is awesome. I have been on the receiving of of some local trainers who bristle at the mention of his name - it is mainly because he is making it a little harder for them to make a living...ah yes, jealousy be thy name.

2925 days ago
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