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Keith Urban Enters Rehab

10/20/2006 4:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It appeared his life was picture perfect, but now Keith Urban says he's been battling alcohol abuse and has entered a treatment rehabilitation center.

According to a statement issued by Urban's publicist, the country singer checked himself in last night with Nicole Kidman, his wife of four months, by his side.

Urban says, "I deeply regret the hurt this has caused Nicole and the ones that love and support me." He adds, "One can never let one's guard down on recovery and I'm afraid that I have."

Urban's statement ends with this message: "With the strength and unwavering support I am blessed to have from my wife, family and friends, I am determined and resolved to a positive outcome."

This is not Urban's first stint in rehab. The singer sought help in late 1998 for drug and alcohol abuse. Urban, who has admitted to free basing cocaine, once told USA Weekend Magazine "I had this house in Nashville where I used to do drugs. ... I remember one night crawling around on my hands and knees, looking for these little rocks at five in the morning."

All immediate appearances by Urban have been postponed.


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Girls, be fair and stop bitching. Nic's kids hadn't been with her most probably Mr. Cruise wouldn't allow it, most probably using the usual line he wasn't allowing his kids around some drunk/drug abuser. She could've simply walked out on Keith, but she's sensible to see that at this point in time, her husband needs her more; not just her love and support but also her strength. She's not your normal Hollywood celebrity. If you remember that time after her divorce Hollywood did their best to run her off town blackpainting with stories of her alleged affairs with so&so, sometimes she was supposed to be jumping from one affair to another.
In fact, those insecure so-called Hollywood stars were afraid of her. Take Jennifer Aniston, banning her that-time husband Brad from filming Mr&Mrs.Smith because Nic had been given the female lead. Good for Jenny! Some Angie babe got the role and gobbled up Brad as well. That was the best laugh. Throughout all this, Nic carried her head up high and above all that Hollywood gossip (all by her own quiet efforts) and emerged victorious, her dignity very much in tact. That could be classified as some form of abuse from Hollywood. Now, the media boys couldn't stop writing favourably on her, to atone for their past sins. She realised it's very difficult to walk alone, that's why she's standing by her man to help him through. Nic, I admire you tremendously and pray that Keith and you will emerge stronger than ever in your love. Fair&Unbiased

2886 days ago


Recovery is a bitch at times but if you stick with it you will find happiness like you have never imagined. God Bless You.

2870 days ago

Brad Zieman    

Keith,if by some chance of miricle you read my blog, I wish to say I am battling MY little demons and look to your current and future musical inspirations for some kind of R/R break to rehab or vacation to sort out my life and destiny. I do not expect you to counsil every one with a problem but a few uplifting words from a man I would like to musically emulate,you are a true talent and weather the decision to go in rehab was your or others,I still believe it will make you stronger and better such as what I seek.Peace

2868 days ago


I am shocked at the number of posts slamming Nicole, calling her a "bad mother" and "selfish" about her kids. They live in LA because they are in school. That's why Tom and Katie get to attend Bella's soccer matches. How simple it is to be a photojournalist working in LA, and have media-savvy Tom Cruise and his new wife at the soccer matches. Just like any other divorced couple sharing custody, the kids have time with Tom and they have time with Nicole. Nicole has chosen to live in her new husband's town, Nashville. All those kids need to do to spend their time with Nicole is hop on dad's or mom's private jet, sometimes even having dad be the pilot to take them to Nashville for their time with Nicole. They even have their own rooms in Keith's big house. Doh! Is that so strange?

I am a psychiatric nurse and I can tell you that one of you posters casually wrote that "a nurse friend of mine" told you all about how Keith is a patient at Cumberland hospital. I can tell you, that nurse would immediately lose her job, and probably her nursing license, for violating her patient's confidentiality rights. It's the first thing a nurse learns, the legal boundaries of treating people with illness. And addiction IS an illness.

Those of you who wonder if treatment will "work" this time for Keith, or if he "gets it" this time ... there isn't a time when you just "get it". That's why the 12-step theory of addictive disease uses the saying "one day at a time...", because monitoring yourself and your program never stops. One drink is too many and a hundred aren't enough for the alcoholic. Whatever Keith's particular situation, he must have felt himself in dangerous territory since he decided to go back in for treatment and was accepted. There are some medications that are a helpful part of successful treatment for various addictions; he may or may not be on such treatment. I understand he's been in Palm Springs at the Betty Ford Center. I don't know what kind of programs exist there, but it's a popular place for celebrities and others to attend. And no, you don't have to be a celebrity to be accepted / admitted there. Health insurance pays for at least part of the bill, just at it would at another hospital with a rehabilitation program for addictions. A 28-day program has proven to be effective for an addictive process. More time than that would probably never be okayed by therapists / medical doctors / health insurance (even though a wealthy celebrity could pay the bill) -- the time is limited to 28-days because more than that would take away the independence that needs to be combined with the concepts practiced in the 12-step program. No one needs much more than 28-days for a much-needed hospital "bed" (or slot) to practice your program. "Rehab" reinforces the concepts learned, usually in a group situation because people helping people is always a powerful way to learn almost anything.

I never knew about Keith Urban before his marriage to Nicole, but I was very familiar with Nicole from her films. Her mom is a nurse who now teaches student nurses; her dad is a psychologist. Nicole knew very early on that she wanted to be an actor. She was so sure, and her parents had such faith in her decision, that she was allowed to drop out of high school to pursue acting full force. By all accounts it sounded like she had a nurturing upbringing. I read an interview from Vanity Fair when Nicole and the kids spent the day in front of the TV one year following 9/11. Nicole was saying that the kids were worried and wanted to watch TV throughout the day, to be reassured that another terrorist attack wasn't going to happen every year on the anniversary. She was talking about how upsetting it was for them to be children of divorce when there were so many bad things happening in the world.

Just wanted to add my two cents' worth.

2837 days ago


Damn, Who's next in Hollywood?

2922 days ago


I wish him well.

2922 days ago


Let the countdown begin. This marriage won't last much longer.

2922 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Ice?Coke?Booze?,just getin stoned,Paris want some

2922 days ago

blah blah blah    

I am saddened to hear this news. But glad to hear of his admittance and strength to get the help he say's he needs to conquer this addiction. I wish him well and hope he meets his goal of recovery, so he can get back into his music and the music industry in full throttle.

2922 days ago


If I remember correctly, there is a clause in their prenup about his substance abuse. I agree with The One, this marriage is done if he doesn't clean up IMMEDIATELY. I don't believe she'll stick around for another bout with rehab.

It's sad really.

2922 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

I have been watching Nascar for 25 years and never heard of but 1 or 2 drivers getin high,and they are fired that day .You here of hollywood stars and singers getin high just about every day.Every day you here of stars and singers having sex .Just about every star and singer are bad role models.Sports people do drugs all the time,maybe they should take a look around them.It might be a red neck sport but they are great role models

2922 days ago


oh PLEASE! Give me a break! Next he will go on Barbara Walters saying he fought his addiction and how much he loves Nicole Blah, Blah Balh, just more publicity for these stupid stars. They should try my life then they would know what "real life" is about!

2922 days ago


Bless his heart. Stay strong and best wishes.

2922 days ago


Wow, that's really sad. It's always rather discouraging when people are willing to throw their loives away with drugs and booze. It's one thing to party in moderation, but when it affects your work or family like this, it is just taking it to far.

2922 days ago

give me a break    

People shouldn't go in on him for admitting he has a problem.. I'd like to see people admit their flaws publically. I highly doubt that anyone could do it with some degree of candor yet being honest at the same time.

2922 days ago
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