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Keith Urban Enters Rehab

10/20/2006 4:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It appeared his life was picture perfect, but now Keith Urban says he's been battling alcohol abuse and has entered a treatment rehabilitation center.

According to a statement issued by Urban's publicist, the country singer checked himself in last night with Nicole Kidman, his wife of four months, by his side.

Urban says, "I deeply regret the hurt this has caused Nicole and the ones that love and support me." He adds, "One can never let one's guard down on recovery and I'm afraid that I have."

Urban's statement ends with this message: "With the strength and unwavering support I am blessed to have from my wife, family and friends, I am determined and resolved to a positive outcome."

This is not Urban's first stint in rehab. The singer sought help in late 1998 for drug and alcohol abuse. Urban, who has admitted to free basing cocaine, once told USA Weekend Magazine "I had this house in Nashville where I used to do drugs. ... I remember one night crawling around on my hands and knees, looking for these little rocks at five in the morning."

All immediate appearances by Urban have been postponed.


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I can't beleive what i am reading from some of you people out there. keith may be famous/ rich, all of that, but he is still human. all of you who have this rotten stuff to say, i bet you have some skeletons in your closet also/ carrying some baggage, yeah, you say no, but you know your lying. i wish keith well, good for you Nicole for standing by your man.

2920 days ago

Sue Morales-Finckel    

Wow, Jen Jacoby, you hit the old nail right on the head. Thanks for saying that about silly old ding bat Nicole, pubilicity hound that she is. Have a spiffy day and an even better evening.
Sue Morlaes-Finckel

2920 days ago


its a shame how people want to talk alot about people just cause they are famous. it really doesn't matter if you are rich or poor when it comes to getting high or getting drunk, the point is that they are human beings and everybody makes mistakes. so nicole is sticking by keith, that is her job as a loving wife. i personally applaude them both for having the courage to come out with the truth. they really didn't have to tell anybody about keith's struggle with drugs and alcohol. i'm a big fan of keith and his music so him going into rehab doesn't change how i feel about him or his music. he is great at what he does. good luck in your recovery keith. best wishes a real fan.

2920 days ago


My father was an alcoholic, and it killed him at the young age of 40. God uses our failings as a way to draw closer to him and lean on him, to humble us, to let us know just how mortal and sinful we really are. He doesn't necessarily create them but will use them. I pray, Keith, that you will lean on Him and carry your cross rather than follow the prince of this world...he's a liar and is using your weakness. We all have them, but overcoming them is an AWESOME thing! I've never been one to get all crazy over superstars and famous people, have never even been to a concert in my life, but you are a human being, a sinner (just like the rest of us), and I pray you will overcome this, too.

2920 days ago


I applaud him. There is NO shame in admitting that you have a problem, and then ask for help. Remember that before you are quick to post mean comments.

2920 days ago


First of all, I wish Keith well. Do not talk about Nicole. I think she is a good mother and actress. You can't judge her because you can't see her with her children. There are so many dumb people out there. Tom knows how to make those dumb people think that he is a good father. Who said that Nicole got married to Tom because of her career? Are you talking about stupid Katie? IMO Katie is a golddigger NOT Nicole. When Nicole got married she was young and so was Tom. Tom and Katie's case? DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Katie is enjoying spending Tom's money and being famous. Keith and Nicole look happy together. Hope Keith gets better soon. I think Nicole will stand by her man. Good luck, Keith and Nicole.

2920 days ago


Lee----------------Tom IS a good father! Nicole ISN'T a good mother..Tom spend great time with them! Nicole is NEVER NEVER NEVER with Bella and Connor! They 're living with their daddy in California ...........Nicole : Italy , London , Italy , Kosovo , NASHVILLE !...Plus Nicole and Keith DON'T LOOK HAPPY together ! Keith looked much more happy before Nicole ...Nobodiy could be really happy with that SELFISH ICE WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!Just my opinion

2920 days ago


#100 racer ! omg I am so sorry. You are right . Keith is at Cumberland heights. I went out to the place pretending I wanted a tour and info to check myself in. I saw Keith there and he smiled at me and looked at my chest. As soon as I can make the arrangments I'm checking in and I don't even drink! Hah! I wonder if he will leave Nicole for me or better yet maybe I can get pregnant with his child and get him for support. gosh dog will I be rich then. Wooo-eeee!

2920 days ago

Fern Cantrell    

Good grief! I love Keith but this ain't happening. Poor Nicole, I'm sure she is clueless as they were celebrating their wedding night with a bottle of POP. They probably got drunk that night! Good luck Keith. You have everything a man could ever want, a music career, a trophy wife, a butt load of money, and you go and blow it! Whatever buddy!

2919 days ago


I wish all of the people with negative comments would learn about addictions. Alcoholism and drug addictions are a disease....research it. Without a good program such as AA and the help and support of family and friends, not nearly as many people would enjoy the benefits of recovery. He is a superstar, but he is also a person, just like you and me. As a recovering alcoholic with 21 years of sobriety, I am sincerely grateful to have supportive people in my life who have made it possible. I wish him the best and hopefully this time he will get it.

2916 days ago


Best of luck to both Nicole and Keith

2913 days ago


I wish Keith a speedy and healthy recovery., my thoughts and prayers are with Nicole to always show Keith the love,strenght and compassion as he returns from the gravel road he has stumbled onto. Move forward and stay positve. Wishing you both the best for your future and family dreams. You are an amazing couple.
Nicole he looks an absolute darling. Well done..

2913 days ago


Oh come on people! Why slam someone you don't even know. What if the tables were turned? I wish everyone well.

2913 days ago

lil chicky    

everybody claims to be fans, but when keith needs his fans the most, people abandon him. who are you to judge someone else? when somebody drinks, it's usually because they are trying to forget, just like his song, " you are not alone tonight", only his TRUE fans would understand.!!!!!!!!!

2906 days ago

dee powell    

I am glad that he is admitting to his problem and very happy that he is getting treatment for this. He is my favorite country singer now and I just hope the very best of luck to him and Nichole. Alot of people are saying some horrible things about this and it just makes me mad that just because someone is making it big and is famous that they are not allowed to make mistakes. I guess ya'll just think you can only do those things and get away with it. That's not fair!!! He is only human!!! and just b/c they are both famous people doen't mean they will not last forever. They both seem very very happy with each other and I hope them both happiness for a very long time. Everyone that doubts that, making a big fuss over this or is saying these awful rumors about Keith being "gay" is just not happy with their lives or just jealous!!!!!!! I adore him and just love his music but at the same time very grateful that he's here to entertain us all that love "country music."
dee powell...rowlett, tx

2903 days ago
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