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Madonna: Cross Too Much To Bear

10/20/2006 8:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like Madonna won't be crucified after all. After months of maintaining that she wasn't going to budge on the issue, Madonna yesterday had her controversial crucifixion scene cut by NBC (under pressure from its advertisers) from her concert special set to air next month.

During the song "Live to Tell," Madonna is shown on a mirrored cross wearing a crown of thorns, a visual statement meant, she's maintained, to illustrate a theme of confession. But religious leaders from Missoula to Moscow have objected to the scene, and several church-related groups had threatened to organize a boycott of one of the advertisers on the show. And NBC, with its ratings low and layoffs just announced, decided it didn't need to deal with even more trouble, so it has "revised" the plan for the Nov. 22 broadcast.

Jessica Too Good for Nick -- Just Ask Her

Seems Jessica Simpson has a new "Operation Smile." She explains the demise of her marriage by talking innocently (NOT) about how she does God's work and then trashing ex-husband Nick Lachey. In Jane magazine (via Page Six), Simpson says that on their third wedding anniversary, she went to go save the children while Nick just "stayed at home." And in that one fateful moment, the scales fell from Simpson's formerly deluded eyes. "Everything became so clear," says Jess (cue the violins). "I was in hospitals with all these sick kids ... I just knew I needed to find something more in my life, on my own." Not long after her humanitarian mission, on which she was accompanied by her dad and hair stylist, she and Nick split. No word on why Lachey didn't go with her.

Brody and Lauren Conrad Heat Up

Brody Jenner sure does like some "Laguna Beach" lovin'. The ex-boyfriend of Kristin Cavallari and (for a minute) of Nicole Richie is now hooking up with Cavallari's former nemesis Lauren Conrad, whose life is now documented on MTV's "The Hills." "I don't know what you consider dating, but we're seeing each other, we're having a great time with it," says Jenner to People. "There's nothing bad to say about her." (Way to be enthusiastic about your squeeze, dude!) Conrad, for her part, was more coy: "He's a nice guy."

Elisabeth's On The Clock

Almost very day on "The View," there tends to be at least one moment when you think Elisabeth Hasselbeck is going to completely lose it and just storm off the set – and now a website is trying to figure out when she's going to do that for the very last time. is running a contest, says Page Six, to see when Hasselbeck will be bolting from the show, as has been rumored in some places. "While [Rosie] O'Donnell might be doing wonders for the ratings," says Rick Ellis of, "she's not doing much for young Hasselbeck's blood pressure." One of the prizes given for guessing the right day of Elisabeth's departure is the football trading card of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck – except that her husband is actually Tim Hasselbeck of the New York Giants. There's been no public suggestion from the network or Hasselbeck that she intends to quit.

Party Favors: "Studio 60" Sits Out a Week ... "Fraggle Rock" Comes To Big Screen ... Jermaine Dupri Quits Virgin Records

Amidst all the other woes it faces, NBC has decided to take its critically-lauded but low-rated drama "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" off of next Monday night's schedule and will let similarly critically-lauded but low-rated drama "Friday Night Lights" have its timeslot. A repeat of "Studio 60" had been scheduled already, but the move, as the New York Post points out, isn't exactly a vote of confidence ... Beloved '80s TV show "Fraggle Rock" is finally in development as a feature film, the Jim Henson Company confirmed yesterday. Gobo, Wembley, Mokey, Bobber, and Red will venture outside of Fraggle Rock to interact with strange beings in outer space ... Janet Jackson's boyfriend Jermaine Dupri, according to Rush & Molloy, has in fact left his executive job at Virgin Records; Dupri has been critical of the label's handling of Janet's records.

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No Avatar


...If Evangelicals can stand up on TV and say that all "non-Christians" are going to burn in the pits of hell than what the f*** is wrong with Madonna trying to express her opinion and draw attention to AIDS in Africa?

No offense but Christians can be really close minded and frankly...stupid.

2840 days ago


I do not watch the View , but Elisabeth needs to arm herself with the facts and just come back on dumb-a__ Rosie. And stop letting her get under her skin, That is what liberals do, they do not accomplish anything or have any real solutions for anything they just talk and come up with stupid laws to protect us from ourselves because they think we can't do it. Look at the schools that have banned tag and touch football because it is too dangerous for children. I can't remember how many of my childhood friends got killed or injured severly due to playing tag, can you ? That is just one example of liberal law. Think of what else we have to look forward to if people like Rosie ran this country. And the case of Madonna is a good example how we can stand up for what we believe, hit them in the pocket book. You can't say anyhting about Alah, but you can dis christianity all you want. But that is how Madonna has made a living all these years.

2890 days ago


Oh my goodness! Jessica is as dumb and cracked out as they come. Brody and LC are NOT going to last, she's too needy and he's a playboy.

Elisabeth should quit and get a real job, she's annnoying.

2890 days ago


It's Boober, not Bobber.

2890 days ago


I love Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip but I know like every year as soon as I get into a new intelligent show it will get cancelled!

2890 days ago


awwwwww poor Elisabeth, doesnt get her way, she cannot get along w/other people nor see different views. So stamp her feet, have a tantrum, and whine whine whine. oh life isnt fair, the whole show should be built around me ...

ugh someone needs to bitch slap her

2890 days ago

lady mcbeth    

Omigod - how can anyone be that stupid, but then again, this is same Jessica that had trouble with tuna and "channeled" Grace Kelly 'cause she wore her hair in a flip. god help us.

2890 days ago


I know she is very needed that way kristin cavallori other exboyfriend didn't want lauren he aways what back to kristin cavallori plus she looks better

2890 days ago


That Jessica is a piece of work!! If that is the conclusion she has come up with on why her marrriage failed, she's doomed to make the same mistakes as before. She's gonna have a hard time finding a man who wants to put with her like Nick did.

2890 days ago


Oh puulease Jessica, spare us your virtuous Mother Teresa act. When she came back from Africa and began telling stories about sleeping in tents out in the bush, some reporters started to do some digging. The list of luxury hotels she actually stayed at was staggering.

The only person I feel sorry for is Nick, because he actually thought he was going to marry Jessica, not Jessica & her skeezy dad. Instead he got a spoiled brat who wanted a wedding, not a marriage. Thankfully he's moved on & up and Jessica has moved to mediocrity where she belongs.

2890 days ago


O. K. JESS, The gig's up, You suck as a publicist... Go ahead and hire a new one...and if you think that bashing NICK will get you anywhere YOU ARE DEAD WRONG...We have all taken HIS side,so try use something or someone else to Bash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2890 days ago


i am a pure heterosexual woman but i would go on the view and make mad passionate lesbian love to rosie o'donnell (sp?) if that waste of space elizabeth hasselbeck GETS LOST!! she's a reality tv "star" who must've broken out the golden kneepads to get that job. it certainly wasn't her personality!!

2890 days ago


Time to FIRE yourself as a publicist...and hire yourself a new one!!!!!!!

2890 days ago


OH, O.K. was on your 3rd anniversary that you knew...I thought it was in APRIL, WHEN YOU WERE WITH THAT OTHER GUY.

2890 days ago

Travis Bickle    

Thank god studio 60 is about to get axed. Crackhead Sorkin and the other druggies pricks on the show deserve to get cancelled. And Kevin Reilly should get fired for being a f***ing talentless a**hole of a prick.

2890 days ago
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