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Madonna to Media: "Shame on You!"

10/25/2006 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna swung back with visible irritation at the media coverage of her controversial adoption this morning on "Oprah," suggesting that the media is "doing a great disservice" to all African orphans by giving her story such intense coverage. In her first interview since taking in 13-month-old David Banda, her message to the people who had taken an interest in her strange adoption saga was, "Shame on you for discouraging other people from doing the same thing."

She also batted aside claims that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had had any influence on her decision to adopt, saying that she'd never even met Angelina. She added that her new baby David had been tested for several diseases and did not appear to have HIV, even though his mother and siblings had contracted the virus.

The Queen of Pop told Oprah that she viewed the interview as an "opportunity to set the record straight." She said that, contrary to the way the story has been told in recent days by David's birth father Yohane Banda, she met Banda in court and got his legal consent to adopt the child. "He was very grateful that I was going to give his child a life," said Madonna, "and that had [David] stayed in the village he would have buried him" due to poor conditions.


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Ok, Ok, it's NOT a bad thing that she adopted this child. Every child without a family could use one. But......Madonna is the queen of controversy. There HAD to be an ulterior motive for her doing this. R U trying to tell me there weren't an equal amount of cute needy children in Europe for her to adopt or for that matter in America? See my problem isn't that she adopted the kid, but the fact that she didn't adopt the whole friggin' family, AND, that she overlooked children without homes in the country where she was born. Oh, and one more thing, AIN'T there some white kids in need of adoption in Africa?

2850 days ago


Way to go Madonna ,, You done the right thing your new baby will be better off

2833 days ago


F**k Oprah and Madonna.
Oprah makes me want to gag.
Most celebrities make me want to gag.

2898 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

you blame everybody but you,its called buying a kid,and in americia its against the law,nobody to blame but yourself

2898 days ago

Your Mama    

I wish she would just go away! Everything she does just reeks of publicity seeking desperation. I guess an African child is now THE must have accessory this season. Yuck!

2898 days ago

All American Girl    

As I remember Madonna loved to use the media! Her SEX book her excapades with all men and women lovers. GEEZ damned if you do, damned if you dont!

2898 days ago


Madonna looks good there. I really don't get the big deal Pop Star adopts baby. OK. Next Story!

2898 days ago

Torshion Bar    

Madonna's flagging career, what bandwagon will she jump on next. Let's face it, Oprah wasn't going to have her on her show for crucifying herself on stage, so she has to think of something, and what better than this right. Smooth move Madonna, although it's almost as transparent as half your wardrobe, I still got to give you Kudos, you have staved off the immenent reality show, and game show appearances for yet another year!

2898 days ago

Your Mama    

Oh pleasssse! Stop taking youself so seriously Madonna. I think all that Kabbalah water has gone to your head. Your voice has always sucked and you look more like a tranny every time I see your pie hole yapping. F*** off!

2898 days ago


I'm glad to hear she doesn't watch TV or read the crap in the newspapers. She tried to do something really wonderful for that kid and every one in the media just wants to make it ugly, as usual. What%u2019s wrong with our society that we don't celebrate acts like this, instead we condemn. Very strange. And don%u2019t give that she bought the baby crap we can all read, at least some of us can read. And we can even read real news articles not just those fed to you by TMZ. She did every thing legally, go find the statements made by the Malawi government, she did nothing illegal so stop repeating that lie.

2898 days ago


madonna, fake religion, fake british accent, fake orphan, why not support ing the father, so he is able to raise his own child, why taking it away from him???. this is not an orphan, she adoptet.

2898 days ago


LoL #7 & #9. Madonna thinks way too much of herself. And whatever happened to adopting children here in the US? I don't get it, why is it that "stars" choose to adopt from other countries. Why not help the kids here??? Is it because it's exotic? I guess so...
It's too bad because there are so many children here with f*cked up lives too... They don't have food or money, or people to care about them either, or even a stable roof over their heads.
So sad.

2898 days ago


Madonna did a wonderful thing by adopting baby David. Don't hate Madonna because she's rich and successful; she's a self made woman who deserves all the money she has. I also agree with Madonna that the media is to blame for this uproar. The media, prior to making Madonna to be the bad guy, had no details whatsoever regarding this issue, while coming to an erroneous conclusion. Not to mention the race haters who hate that an African child will live an extraordinary life with Madonna and her husband Guy. Shame on anyone who hates Madonna for falling in love with David and adopting him.

2898 days ago


Guy wanted more children. Why didn't Madonnat get a younger egg implanted and have Guy's biological baby? Or, why not allow a surrogate womb to carry Guy's baby? Madonna's new purchase will have to earn his keep with antoehr series of phony children's books on African babies coming soon from Big M and a whole new project of African inspired children's clothes. This is not about love, but commerce.

2898 days ago


I don't think anyone really said they hated her or were jealous of her... That's just a typical response.

2898 days ago
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