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Madonna to Media: "Shame on You!"

10/25/2006 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna swung back with visible irritation at the media coverage of her controversial adoption this morning on "Oprah," suggesting that the media is "doing a great disservice" to all African orphans by giving her story such intense coverage. In her first interview since taking in 13-month-old David Banda, her message to the people who had taken an interest in her strange adoption saga was, "Shame on you for discouraging other people from doing the same thing."

She also batted aside claims that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had had any influence on her decision to adopt, saying that she'd never even met Angelina. She added that her new baby David had been tested for several diseases and did not appear to have HIV, even though his mother and siblings had contracted the virus.

The Queen of Pop told Oprah that she viewed the interview as an "opportunity to set the record straight." She said that, contrary to the way the story has been told in recent days by David's birth father Yohane Banda, she met Banda in court and got his legal consent to adopt the child. "He was very grateful that I was going to give his child a life," said Madonna, "and that had [David] stayed in the village he would have buried him" due to poor conditions.


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tom boisvert    

i don't think rosie m. should be on the view......

2917 days ago

Sherlock Holmes    

I keep on reading the argument from people posting on these and other message boards asking the question: "Why don't American celebrities adopt American children?" Well...just look at the controversy surrounding Madonna attempting to adopt this African boy David...The point is...the media went out of its way to track down the father and inform him that the woman attempting to adopt his son is rich and famous...thus confusing the issue!!!

BTW, the boy Madonna is attempting to adopt has been in a orphanage for a year and a half and his father never once came to visit him...from the time he was 2 1/2 months old, 'til now!!! Couple that with the fact that the father agreed to the adoption in court and under oath. that certain media people have gone out of their journalistic way to make the father aware of the fact that he can garner large amounts of money off of this situation, perhaps even being paid for interviews, all thanks to Madonna being famous...Well, the father has suspeciously changed his mind about the adoption!!! The media is paying to create a faux controversy that they have authored the script of.
A disturbing new low for the press!!!

This is clearly the reason why the father is making multiple conflicting statements, almost daily at this point. The media and these so called human rights groups have been manipulating him and asking leading questions. In other words...anti-adoption statements aimed at Madonna which are conveniently dressed as questions. Now, the point is...just imagine if you are a famous celebrity...and you attempt to adopt in the United States...The chances of the media interfering in the adoption and contacting the birth parents would go up a thousand fold. The result, many of these birth parents, more than not, would try to insinuate themselves into the adoption process...This would include doing media interviews at nauseam and perhaps suing for custody.

Look what happened to Michael Jackson, he hired Debbie Rowe to act as a surogate mother for his two older children...Now he can't get rid of her...She's always angling for money pay-outs and constantly suing him for money and or custody. And regardless of what you may think of Jackson or his parenting have to looks like its all about the money here...that and being associated with someone who is famous at all costs. Who cares about what is best for the children???!!! it's about all the dead presidents. Jackson's mistake...he contracted with a surogate who knew his identity.

When Madonna went to Africa and met with her would-be adopted child's father, he had no idea who she was. However, once the press got wind of her adoption efforts, they made sure that the father knew that she is vastly wealthy to extremes and massively famous to boot. And you can bet that if Madonna tried to adopt in America or from any other western nations, she would be besieged with publicity for the rest of her, and the child's, life with the media and others attempting to check into the child's birth background, coupled with vile attempts to exposed the identities of, and make contact with the birth parents...Birth parents who would most certainly soon find themselves pursued by ambulance chasing lawyers looking to file a multi-million custody law suit on the parents' behalf. It is for this and other reasons why smart celebrities avoid adopting in the United States whenever possible!!! You are either faced with adopting in a foriegn country, or adopting here and dealing with being stalked by any relatives that the child you plan to adopt might have. It is sad, but true!!! Just ask Michael Jackson!!!

2917 days ago


what is the big deal? yeah, she is a media whore but one less child will starve in the world. everyone needs to stop being so self-righteous. It appears everyone would prefer the child to sit in an orphanage in an impoverished country with other kids without getting a proper education and all of the basics needs we all enjoy in this country. so are all of the naysayers signing up to adopt an african child?

2917 days ago


I do not understand why Angelina is praised for adopting 2 children from other countries, and Madonna is criticized.

2917 days ago


What the @#$% is wrong with you people??? Madonna and any other person can adopt a baby from whatever country they want to. She did not want to adopt the dad, and the dad did give the baby up. David was in an orphanage and correct me if I am wrong but an orphanage is for kids that do not have parents. Yes David has a father but one that cannot care for him. Who cares if Guy or Madonna wanted this baby?? The fact remains they did a wonderful thing and the media is making her a villain. Props to you Madonna and Oprah, F#$k the haters!!!

2917 days ago


Why in the world would you put one kids needs higher then anothers? What difference does it make it the kid is from Africa or America? Adoption is adoption and it's helping a child, no matter where the kid is from. Do you realize a large number of child available for adoption from American agnecy are from other countries? Didn't think so. Get the facts than spew.
Unmarried American mothers are no longer a common source of children for adoption. Although the percentage of births to unmarried women has increased dramatically since the 1970s, and accounted for one-third of all U.S. births in 2000, many unmarried mothers now keep their children or transfer their children's legal custody to relatives rather than put them up for adoption. Young teenage mothers are less likely to keep their babies, but the birth rate for young teens has fallen steadily since 1991, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

Another reason why many parents are looking abroad for children is that adopting within the United States is legally complicated, slow, and costly. Public adoptions through the foster care system are less prone to legal snarls but are much slower, making it difficult to adopt children while they are still infants. Less than 2 percent of children adopted through the foster care system in 1998 were infants, compared with 46 percent of children adopted from abroad.

With the current low fertility levels, increase in fertility problems, and dwindling supply of U.S.-born babies available for adoption, international adoptions are likely to continue as long as other countries are willing to place babies with American parents and Americans are willing to pay the fees and comply with the regulations.

2917 days ago

yo momma    

i didn't have an opinion one way or another before today, but after seeing the interview from the look on her face and the way she responds to orkas questions, it apprears that she's loving every second of this.

2917 days ago


All of you people who have put Madonna down or cursed her are really lifeless a**holes! You all are just lacking in education and obviously only care about yourselves. It's not her fault that the brainless media have totally distorted facts which they do in every other story that's in the news. Don't act so jealous and disgusting. The bottom line is none of you truly know the actual person Madonna. None of you are perfect and have no right to judge. Why don't all of you begin by looking in the mirror and thinking about how not perfect you are. This at least is a celebrity that is willing and wanting to do good with her money. It's as simple as that!!!!! Get a life people.

2917 days ago


At least she is able to access the media and do a Clinton vs Chris Wallace on Fox type thingy. She's seting the record straight first person.
Of course the media will whore just to get her (and she them) to do another appearance.
Most of us don't get that opportunity, (except maybe commenting on blogs-which might appear or not, be censored and of course they cull all you personal info. even tho they say they don't, to clutter your email box with more PR crap.)
(oh come on you know they do it!)

2917 days ago


PS-i really agree with the sentiments expressed by T. Archie...I like you have been reading about this adoption controversy for days and have noticed a number of hate speech filled posts commenting on Madonna's adoption. Thus the reason I began calling attention to it in many of my previous posts...and I'm not even a Madonna fan...but what is fair, is fair....and what is right, is right!!! It is clear to me, that certain racists in the media and the general public are angry that Madonna is adopting a black child...and even worse...a child from Africa. These same xenophobic race haters have attacked Ms. Jolie and Brad Pitt for the same reasons...and I suspect this is one component of why Tom Cruise is being attacked so much by the pathetic and morally corrupt American press. They don't like the fact that he has an adopted black son!!! It's called covert racism...and the America press is in full tilt Klan mode in this respect. It is truly sick to see...and it is time that caring people, perhaps Madonna and her friends as well as others, to stand-up and openly call the media on it in a public forum...right to their disgusting faces!!! May they all burn in hell, where they belong!!!

2917 days ago

Big AL    

Oh mighty and vengeful jesus. please let madonna be smacked by one of those big britishs buses. amen. oh, and bless the children blah blah blah...

2917 days ago



She is one unattractive, weathered, irrelevant, desperate old HAG!

2917 days ago


Everyone on here who is saying anything negative about Madonna or the situation is just wrong. First off Madonna does not wear transparent clothing as people suggest. She went through a phase in her life as we all do and is in a different place. For those who call her a whore are just ridiculous. The woman is married for christ sakes and I don't recall hearing a damn thing about her being promiscious. I mean can you people actually come on her and say something nice about someone for a change. What the f**k is wrong with you people. The woman is doing a good thing and in this situation Madonna was and is not seeking media attention. She's trying to do something nice not to mention the fact she wants another child and sure there are other options in the world for having kids, but she chose this way surely because she and Guy would get what they wanted and they would be saving a life. And for you "Adopt a kid in americia", Madonna is not buying the child. She went through all the normal methods to "ADOPT". Stop with your judgments. You don't know her and you have no right to disrespect her in such a manner. If you don't like her, fine but keep your awful opinions to yourself.

Pandi: this is not about her career you jerk. Its about a child and she never asked for this. She's not being blunt or provacative trying to get your attention. She's trying to do something good as many celebrities have done before her. Give the lady a freaking break.

CraigyBoy: Keep dreaming. Madonna will never be in such a place no more than you would have ever expected to see Elizabeth Taylor doing such a thing. She's an icon and no amount of bad media coverage will knock from that position. In fact its doing nothing but keeping people talking about her and keeping her in peoples minds as she has continued to be since the beginning of her career.

shut the f*** up madonna: take your own advice.

Love: why don't you try this on for size. The man is an adult. She's giving money to support the country and its children. It not for her to support one single man. Why don't you go find a homeless man or woman on the street and take them into your home and support them? Get a f**king life. P.S. the man didn't even bother to go and see his child until Madonna came into town.

HLM: Since its so "IMPORTANT" to you why don't you get off your high horse and adopt an american child yourself. Always having people complaining but never doing anything themselves. You all who speak so wrongly should eat s**t and die.
Also, to your second comment. Sounds like alot of hate to me. Gag, go away, whore? Sounds like hate to me.

Get a life you guys instead of spreading your negative thoughts. Get out in the world and do something instead of insulting people who do do something.

P.S. I do give and I do do something to help make the world a better place. You guys should try it instead of coming on here and insulting people about things you know nothing about.

2917 days ago

You have got to be kidding me, should Modonna keep the baby or give it back? This is not a dog it's a child, More people need to adopt in this country and others, the bottom line THIS IS ABOUT MODONNA, THE CHILD, HER OWN CHILDREN, AND HER HUSBAND. IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU!

2917 days ago


Nick: For being so irrelevant she seems to be getting your attention.

2917 days ago
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