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Mary-Kate Goes Pantless

10/25/2006 12:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently Mary-Kate Olsen lives in some alternate universe where the "homeless lumberjack" look is in.

The less-fashionable of the Olsen Twins was spotted shopping in West Hollywood wearing only a plaid button down shirt -- barely concealing her panties -- and black tights.

Oh Mary-Kate, we get that you have your own "unique" sense of style, but please at least put on some pants before leaving the house next time!


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Am I the only one who seems to think that there is something wrong with the Olsen Twins. I know celebrities are not always going to look happy or be at their best, but ever since the media has been following those two girls. . .I do not think that I've ever seen two girls more sad and down troddened in my life. Every time I see a picture of them they look as though they are two frightened deer about to be shot.

Neither of the girls has looked happy since they were written up about being the wealthiest twins in show business through the products they either endorsed, promoted, or created. They look like they have the world on their shoulders. It gives pause as to how their homelife really is.

2890 days ago


Wow, Mary-Kate looks very sick--her skin is all gray-ish and she's still incredibly tiny. I hope she is taking care of herself, I would hate to see what happened to Karen Carpenter happen to her. As for her hair and makeup, so she doesn't brush her hair or use much makeup, who cares? It should matter more about her health than looking vibrant and "perfect" with the perfect hair and makeup. Give that poor girl a break. She's obviously not healthy, and needs some guidance to get herself together. I like her, but I think she needs a bit of help to get herself back on track to looking and being alot healthier.

As for the no-pants issue, I do agree that going out without pants, and only wearing tights is not such a good idea. At least leggings would be better. I wonder how she didn't freeze to death wearing only those tights.

And about the money issue, sure they have lots of money, but they should be allowed to dress the way they want(and according to the weather too) without people making a face at them or judging them. It is their choice to dress the way they want, and don't have to dress like every other female celebrity out there, so if Mary-Kate wants to go out wearing a feather boa and a plaid skirt, let her.

Neither of the Olsen twins has looked happy in quite a long time; how would you feel if you had no privacy and no single identity? They have been on TV since they were babies; nearly 21 years of being on TV and constant public attention. They have lots of money, but they lost out on a normal childhood and everything, including their personal problems, like Mary-Kate's eating disorder has been made widely public. Wouldn't you be depressed if all your personal problems were broadcasted and you were either ridiculed or constantly gossiped about, and had personal pictures splayed across those gossip newspapers? So she doesn't smile much. Think of how much is on the twins' shoulders and how much they have to deal with.

2885 days ago

Mike O'Connell    

Lay OFF THE TWEAK !!! You look like the bride of frankenstein with your GRAY skin and sunken eyes. METH=DEATH.

2885 days ago


i want to f u c k her so hard

2876 days ago

Allred Tree    

What is in the bag? Her pants, perhaps? Maybe she had an accident of some sort and is on her way to the laundromat.

2869 days ago


Mary Kate
do you need to wear braces on your teeth? Your mouth is looking
more and more like a monkey's mouth. the whole thing looks
as if you are POUTING CONSTANTLY..not a very good look
to go with your less attractive selection in clothing.
Why does your sister always look so much more PUT TOGETHER
than you? you still must be anorexic and hiding that overly
thin body under layers of clothing.
Do you wash your hair daily? Because it sure doesn't look
like it.
Too bad you could not stay in college and get a degree.
What else do you do to improve your life?

2853 days ago


What the HELL.

2928 days ago

yo momma    

my 3 year old neice dresses herself better than this girl...sheesh, what a mess.

2928 days ago


If i was worth $500,000,000.00 i too would not want to have pants on. Go MK

2928 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

Why do these two always look like they need a brush & a bath?! They have more money than I could ever dream of possesing but they always look dirty & unkempt. I would kick my kids butt if she went out looking like that. Their parents must be so embarrassed by their appearances.

2928 days ago


She looks great and whats most important she's doing her own thing and clearly the jerks opinions on here mean nothing to her or her sister. Rock On..MK!!

2928 days ago


I think this girl could buy and sell TMZ (especially with recent events) so good thing she doesn't read this crap. I think she looks like a young girl trying to be noticed by looking different. What a concept. Let her be, at least she not driving drunk, hanging at the Hyde or spewing obscenities at other actors and/or the police.

2928 days ago


Yes she is a young girl who is worth billions but there is no excuse for her dressing like this. I highly doubt if an average person where to walk down the street or go into a store that it would be considered okay. They would probably be arrested. Even hookers where pants.

2928 days ago


OMG Girl - buy yourself a brush!!!!!!!

2928 days ago


But Kate Moss does it and nobody blasts her.. what's up TMZ?

2928 days ago
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