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A Fashion Crash Landing at the Airport

10/30/2006 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love, Madonna and Mischa Barton all took to the sky this weekend, but we're not sure how these famous ladies made it past airport security wearing their not-so-stylish digs.

We understand the importance of traveling in comfort, but if you know photographers are going to be following your every move, sometimes a quick glance in the mirror on the way out of the house goes a long way.


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Courney Love looks like such a junkie! Oh wait, she IS a junkie!

2824 days ago


Mischa Barton is so overrated. why do the paprazzi bother with her?? jsut did the O.C. and probably like one movie.

2824 days ago


Oh well, it's not like Courtney was ever a beauty queen to begin with or that make-up is gonna help this chick all that much.

2824 days ago


You know what I say, who cares, let them dress how they want, 86 this business, who cares who gets on and off an airplane, how ridiculous. Go find something better to report, I can just see someone sitting at every single one lol, thats hilarious and stupid.

2824 days ago


I agree, they should be able to look as ugly as the rest of you when flying.

2824 days ago


How chauvinistic and pompous of you guys to imply that these ladies should have to be "done up" 24/7 just because you're stalking them. Quit perpetuating such a misogynistic beauty myth! I wouldn't bother curling my eyelashes for you guys...

2824 days ago


Ummmm, If you look ugly you shouldn't be important to paprazzi's......People literally idle these would think these people can cure cancer...Personally all actors/actresses are totally overrated and overpaid..even the ones I like.....and some of these "celebs" who claim humanitarian values are the most important are rockin' the most hypicritical belief system in the world..Other than that....Keep up the great work "celebs" you really do entertain us!....They're "entertainers"...not celeberities!

2820 days ago


WHO CARES!!!!! People dont have to dress up wherever they go, even if they are celebrities. It just shows sometimes that the media has no life and has to talk about how horribly dressed someone is on a plane????

2820 days ago


who cares is exactly right!! so what...are they obligated to look amazing whenever they show their faces in public just because the poparazzi follows them? puh-leez!!!

2820 days ago


YOu what people do not understand is that celeberties are people to. They are human just like everyone else out there. THeir flaws are like everyone elses. Why do people humiliate them so much for it?

NeSsa G

2820 days ago


psst...Courtney ALWAYS looks like that!

2820 days ago


WOW!! It's amazing that celebrities are REAL PEOPLE TOO!! Big shocker there, huh??

2820 days ago


K, these girls look fine. I mean they're just taking a flight and they can't look perfect 100% of the time. And I want even talk about the sexist comment that Mischa should put on some lipstick.
Whoever made this article needs to be more tasteful next time they're picking a topic. Looks like all you've done is offend your target audience; regular middle class women who go around looking like these "unprimped" stars everday day.
Good job.

2820 days ago


Yes! How dare these people not dress at the height of fashion every waking moment of their lives?! What do they think they are, people? Nay, they be celebrities! Walking gods, and should act as such! To dress as a normal person might, to not wear makeup, is to go against the very ideals that make them better than us!

2820 days ago


who ever wrote this article is so ignorant. I mean is there no such other topic then to have to try to make it out to be that these "stars" arent "real" ppl. WHO says you have to look amazing all the damn time? Acting is their job. If you are a police officer are you going to wear ur uniform even when you're not on duty? I rest my case.

2820 days ago
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